Not A Bug Vendor error/bugs?!

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    The new bikini bottoms for females are the casual beachwear leg style, and it’s grouped right under the rash guard top, and the casual top right at the beginning of the list. There are no other bikini bottoms styles from the summer event from any other past year, all the women’s styles are little shorts. If you want any other kind of bikini bottoms you need to use the basic briefs, the one piece bottoms or reverse slimline bottoms.
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    I know to 100% there is people that have bikini underwear and i know to 100% i have see that too.
    It's up to someone tell me how to get it. Few days ago i played with someone as have it.
    Sadly i didn't ask where to get it because of i was sure to 100% it was Tides of War/summer event vendor as have that.
    If developers banned/deleted bikini underwear from game please add that back.
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    Nope, you are mistaken.

    This is everything that has ever been offered, and the only "bikini underwear" is the basic briefs. Maybe you are confusing it with the "Tidewaker" style? That has extra scales and bits hanging off of the sides though.
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    Not good and not nice to mark this post as not a bug.
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    It’s not a bug though. I gave you a link that clearly shows that there has never been any swimsuit bottom style like that, and told you that if you see any female characters in game with an outfit like that, they’re just using the basic briefs and that’s it. You can add materials to the briefs as well to make them different colors and patterns. There isn’t anything thing else.