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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TrainWreckzz, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. TrainWreckzz Active Player

    Please change up the vault drops... if I get another demonic or jah'kir style I will go crazy. Maybe add a new style via gu-36 ?
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  2. thenewkidd New Player

    No need..and not enough time...

    THOUGH.. I would like to have an "auto delete" feature in the vault and if it is something I already collected.. I don't want it even to hit my inventory.. it's getting deleted anyway.. OR make the styles Tradeable... or at least account bound.. that would be nice too.
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  3. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    I beg to differ. The Vault has been needing a tweak for a long time now. It´s such a chore going in there for such a low chance of something actually useful... it´s ok when you have a lowbie char, but after T4 having to go in there just for a style is horrible.
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  4. BigAl Devoted Player

    Check my sig and feel free to add your ideas there. ;)
  5. AlwaysFumbles Well-Known Player

    Everyone who gets all the stuff in the vault then posts saying the vault needs changed. But all the just starting characters still need that stuff. So really, the vault doesn't need tweaked, you just don't need to run it any longer. Their tweaking the first time caused people to not be able to complete styles that no longer dropped in the vault.
  6. WorldsDown New Player

    I'm adding this to my Christmas wish list for this year! lol
  7. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    The change I'd like to see made: Have separate vaults. Have one vault for pre-level 30 characters and one vault for post-level 30. Keep the rare styles in both, i.e. Sharpshooter, Checkmate Informant/Operative, but let players get other rare styles in the post-level 30 vault instead of getting the styles that you are meant to get while leveling a character.
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  8. thenewkidd New Player

    I agree... but here is the thing...
    Do you have the Sharpshooter Style complete? if not.... there is a Vault Ticket for you.
    Do you have all the Trinkets out of the vault that you care about? If not... there is a Vault Ticket for you.

    I could go on about the Vault.. but to add another Style to the vault that will likely leave you with 1 or 2 style pieces to complete it would DRIVE ME NUTS... because that is what adding another style would do... the Devs would make either the Chest or the Legs or some piece rare to keep you going in.... and I don't know how many people go in to STILL try and get those Sharpshooter Legs or Back...

    That is why I say "no need".... just make the vault stuff Tradeable or Account Bound that way if you get a repeat rare style, you can give it to a toon that actually NEEDS it..
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  9. VariableFire Loyal Player

    I'd like it if they changed the styles into Level 1 armors that you could salvage for the R&D feat. At least then I'd get some utility out of all the redundant styles.
  10. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    The vault is of no use to high tier players.

    This makes it of no use to high tier players who are legendary and receive 1 vault run per day as part of their legendary "perks" (lol)

    Ive had everything from the vault for a few months now so not sure what im supposed to do with my "perk" now.

    As it stands my legendary "perk" should be changed to "Receive the chance of 5-25 Marks of Triumph a day! Even though this will not benefit your T5 toon in anyway!!"
  11. Greenman New Player

    I always have a "damnit!" moment when I get something that would look so cool... on one of my other characters.
  12. Rox New Player

    ATLEAST you got more than 1 drop! I ran the vault yesterday and the only style I got was Hellspawn Wings and money.
  13. Rasta Committed Player

    Not only that but something that would allow someone to delete multiple items in their inventory at a time. Having to drag each and every piece to the garbage when we get junk loot or green drops is so annoying
  14. BlackSuperGirl Committed Player

    after of 3 years playin and doing vault: i never get some thing new drop in :/
  15. VariableFire Loyal Player

    Over the course of two years (including the time I was premium) I've gotten a few decent rings; however, these have long since been irrelevant for my main. That's about the most use I've gotten out of it.

    You think 5 Marks is bad, it's almost infuriating to still be getting 1 MoT in the Vault after reaching CR 102 (I could be 103 but not worth modding the rings with anything higher). The mark rewards need to scale to CR similar to the Promethium Boxes. No, I'm not expecting a Mark of Reality every time I go in the vault but it needs to be something usable. The mark rewards should scale and have a high and low reward.

    MoT Reward Scaling
    Tier: Low Reward/High Reward
    T5: 125-625
    T4: 25-125
    T3: 10-25
    T2: 5-10
    T1: 1-5

    Keep in mind that this is with the current apparent rates.
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  16. TrainWreckzz Active Player

    That is true I still don't have the sharpshooter back lol
  17. TrainWreckzz Active Player

    But I thought all the styles demonic, biomech, etc all drop as low level gear based on youtr mentor
  18. stl4now Well-Known Player

    I've done vault runs recently where all I've got was cash and 1 MOT. Ugh....I know I pays your money you takes your chances.