Validated USPS league opening it's doors

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Chosen One, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. EP Ice Loyal Player

    Soon to be Validated!!! XD
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  2. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    A great stress free "get things done" league. I'm glad to be aboard!
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  3. Chosen One New Player

    Thank you Locksley for the kind words. I really appreciate the support and hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
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  4. TheKent Well-Known Player

    I would just like to say thank you for everyone who has showed interest in joining. We are truly thrilled with the way things are going and it's awesome to bring new faces into the mix.

    If you're looking for a league with a bunch of good people that will make your gaming experience better than ever, then join Validated today.

    Message Chosen One, Liquor Box or myself (The Kent) in game or here on the forums.
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  5. LisaLoeb New Player

    Good luck guys!
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  6. Chosen One New Player

    Thank you Lisa!
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  7. LisaLoeb New Player

    No problem, Chosen! Hope you guys kick butt and all that stuff. I love you guys (minus one obviously) and wish you all nothing but the best. :) If you ever need a healer in a pinch for a quick run, I'm yours!
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  8. TheKent Well-Known Player

    Happy Saturday DC Universe. If you are looking for a league full of awesome people who are willing to help all members, who are active, and are willing to work with you regardless of CR and skill points, then look no further.

    Validated is a mix of players with experience from Beta and players who just started. It doesn't matter what level you are at, we can still all have fun together!

    All we ask is that you are level 30, at least 18 years of age, and a mic is preferred but not required.
    You can message Chosen One, Liquor Box, or myself (The Kent) in game for more info.

    And remember.... Validated wants you!

  9. Karmen Frost New Player

    I didn't realize you had to be lvl 30. I will lvl quick then contact you again when I meet the requirements. Sorry to bug you!
  10. TheKent Well-Known Player

    No worries at all. Let me talk to the guys I'm sure we can get ya in anyway :)
  11. Karmen Frost New Player

    If I have to wait, its ok. I am leveling as fast as I can :)
  12. TheKent Well-Known Player

    Awesome! I tried messaging you several times in game. Do you know how to type in game? I never knew when I first started so it's not a big deal :p
  13. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Player

    If your looking for a league to join, then come get Validated and be as cool as Mister Feeny [IMG]
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  14. Moods New Player

    What is your stance on Europeans in the league ?
  15. Chosen One New Player

    Everyone is welcome to join. We only ask that you be level 30, mature, and drama free.
  16. Karmen Frost New Player

    @ TheKentt, which character did you msg and I may have missed it because of all the Trade and LFG stuff that scrolls all the time, But I think I figured out how to make a new tab with just tells/group/league/say in it.
  17. Karmen Frost New Player

    I am playing Karmen right now if you are on and want to throw me a tell. I am not sure if I have set up the chat tabs correct or not lol :)
  18. Karmen Frost New Player

    I am on my character named Ayla Spark. send me a tell on her please, hopefully I can see it. or maybe a mail? ... I am so confused lol
  19. TheKent Well-Known Player

    I will add you to group when i log on and I'll chat with you there.
  20. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    Just out of curiosity, why should it make a difference? Has there been a problem before? IMHO, this is the friendliest league I've ever seen.
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