Validated USPS league opening it's doors

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Chosen One, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Chosen One New Player

    Will be on tonight after 6pm central time if I see you on will shoot you an invite.
  2. Chosen One New Player

    Will be on tonight after 6pm central time if I see you on then will shoot you an invite.
  3. Chosen One New Player

    Looking for a league free of drama and stress? Looking for a league that can clear all content? Then look no further then Validated. If interested send Chosen One, Liquor Box, or The Kent a tell or in game message.
  4. filatron Active Player

    Hiiii - I'm pretty new to the game and I'm looking for some people to play with. I'm usually on everyday. I have an Electricity Healer/DPS (btw armories are awesome) with a cr75. My skill points are really lacking and I hear thats pretty important so I'd like some help getting a lot of those feats done. My tag is GengisTRON...
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  5. Chosen One New Player

    Hello, I'll look for you in game and the skill points will come in bunches running with us.
  6. ParticleFire Active Player

    Joined Validated few days ago, and they are Nice, Polite, and Skilled.
    If you are searching for a League, let me give you a Solid point to consider. Look at other threads, and if they are just typing the word "Bump" to keep their name at top of the list, then that is all the effort you are going to see out of them in game.
    These leaders have microphones that work and sound clear, free of background noise. (This is very important to me)
    So, not a shameless bump, actually doing it right and commenting positively about a good group.
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  7. Shikyo New Player

    Do you guys run older raids and alerts to help improve members CR?
    I'm freshly returning and my main sorc healer is only 46 CR.
    I'm most interested in PVE but need to relearn the game.

    My play times are rather late tho: after 12am EST on Sun, Mon, and Fri. All other times are random.

    I'm also lvling a troller.
    Would I be a good fit for your league?
  8. Chosen One New Player

    Hello, we do run all content throughout the week. We normally run anything t4 and below Monday-Wednesday. We have people on at all times of the day. If interested send Chosen One, Liquor Box, or The Kent a tell or in game message.
  9. Bruherd New Player

    Is this a Hero league?
  10. Chosen One New Player

    Yup. If interested in joining or have questions contact Chosen One, Liquor Box, or The Kent.
  11. TheKent Well-Known Player

    Just wanted to share how awesome of a group of peeps we got.
    Friday raiding I've done in a while. We went into Nexus, cleared in 25 minutes....paradox was next. One boss up, clear in 45 minutes. Then on to A&B.....even though we're all still learning the tricks, clear in 75 minutes. You guys and gals all rock! Keep up the awesome work!

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  12. filatron Active Player

    Will any of you be on today? Also.. I'm a healer right now but I've noticed a really big need for trolls. Would it be better if I switched over? I know how to troll with my other toon but I just don't want to grind through all the cr's again. So I'd just pay to switch my power
  13. Bruherd New Player

    I added all of you this morning but no one was on. What are the best times and days?
  14. Chosen One New Player

    I will be on within the next hour and play the power you want. With that said we do have an abundance of trolls and we are short on healers.
  15. Chosen One New Player

    I'm normally on after 6pm on weekdays and it depends on real life stuff when I'm on during the weekend.
  16. Bruherd New Player

    Ok weekends are usually tough for me anyway. What do I need to do to join?
  17. Chosen One New Player

    Be drama free, respectful of others and be level 30. If you are those three things contact Chosen One, Liquor Box, or The Kent.
  18. Bruherd New Player

    YeaI think I answered that in a conversation between you and I. I added everyone today hopefully I'll catch someone online soon.
  19. TheKent Well-Known Player

    Hey man. If your not on already. I'll be on around 6pm pacific tomorrow.

    Have a good night!
  20. The Saiyan New Player

    Looking for a league with a power level over 9000, look no further. Join Validated today.
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