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Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by JEEBIE, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    So this last valentines they didn't bring back the event for a second year in a row for whatever licencing reasons. Instead they just granted everyone the feats.

    Well a friend of mine never got that auto grant.

    My question is, is the auto grant only during february then turned off? Or should he have these feats?

    After a long frustrating attempt at dealing with it through a support ticket he was told to wait for the event next year and to stop replying to the ticket. Well... that event no longer exists, so how is this set of feats dealt with?

    Also, I'm not sure if the people answering questions in this area have any link to the people handling support tickets, but whatever the answer is here it might be good to give that to the people handling support tickets. My friend supplied them with a link to the forum discussion explaining that the feats would be auto granted and that the event no longer exists but he was still told to wait for the event, so they don't seem to understand the situation.

    So again, is the automatic granting of those feats only done in February or should everyone be auto granted these feats?

    Thanks in advance for any clarification.
  2. Redhot Well-Known Player

    I think you have a point its not very clear if you will get these next year round or not it seems for the last little while they have been putting short time frames on the granted quests not only for valentines, as this even no longer exists and support has no clue all you can do is wait I guess and deal with it next year if you don't get it then
  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    well you were only able to get those feets given to you during the time of the event this last year after event was over you were no longer granted them automatticaly as it should be as it is no longer that season your friend in less he created his character then or loged into it then does not get them and will have to wait until next year or never get them if they dont bring it back out. no one is intitled to them especially if they werent playing at the time on that toon
  4. denisqr New Player

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  5. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    See that's the problem "the time of the event' doesn't exist because there was no event. There was only the event one time, then it was shut down for whatever reasons, this last february they said they would auto grant the feats because of them not being able to bring the event back. Is he entitled to it, naw, but it's become pretty standard that the seasonal events allow you to complete the previous feats that were available, I don't see why they wouldn't continue.

    Either way I just want a green name to explain what's going on.

    I assume it's just a function they put in during february to grant the feats, then it's turned off after that season. I just want to see a green name confirm that.

    When he put in a support ticket the people were less than helpfull and seemed to have no clue what they were talking about, so much so that I'm confused now.

    So I made this post in hopes that someone can confirm that he just has to wait till next february to get them automatically, and hopefully they can let their CS department know about the valentines thing because they have no clue currently.
  6. denisqr New Player

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  7. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    they will probably creat a new one for valentines day next year as they wanted to this time and werent able hence why they gave us all the feats automaticaly..

    but the time limit for the automatic feats was the time frame the event would have lasted I would asume it will all be new next year but who knows they may just give them out again for it
  8. Physique Dedicated Player

    The auto grant was only live during the actual event when the other Valentines collections are made available. While it has not been made clear, the next auto-grant should occur for characters when the Valentine's holiday event rolls around next February. Aside from the collection the auto-grant should happen for any characters who log in around that time period.
  9. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    :D You're all using the same words I am, which are the words I want to eliminate. Assume and Should.
  10. Physique Dedicated Player

    The official answer is that he'll have to wait until next February however, since the feats are part of the initial game, the assumption is that when the Valentines Day collections are re-posted, the auto-grant will also go live for each character that logs in that that time which doesn't already have it. While it could simply be a one-time deal, that would also mean that the collections and styles would have to be pulled out of the game which is far more work than granting them when the cycle rolls around.
  11. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    :D I see that word again...

    I'm simply looking for some green name confirmation that he missed out this year and will have to wait for next year. I assumed the same thing that you're saying.
  12. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    Both t the PC and Ps3 versions of the game are handled by two separate company. They are on two entirely different servers and pretty much two different games. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    As for the ops feat issue, I recommend submitting in a support ticket to see if the in game support team can do anything to help.
  13. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    :( THat's why I posted. My buddy did put in a support ticket and was told that he would have to wait and do the event because they can't just grant feats.

    Well... thing is There is no more event now. They did just automatically grant the feats.

    So is it that the automatic grant is turned off for now and he will just have to wait for the next season? Is he bugged and should have the auto grant?

    As the other posters have assumed, I'd imagine it's just something they have to flip the switch on during that season and then you automatically get it upon logging on. BUT, since the in game support ticket people seemed so confused about what was going on I wanted to get some clarification.
  14. QuantifiedICE Active Player

    wow so much talking just for one set of feats...the events come around every year...just wait and it will be available again. the V-Day feats don't give much for points and only 1 or 2 sp so its not worth getting that worried about