Valentine's Day Seasonal Event!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Love Conquers All - Valentine's Day Seasonal Event

    Enter the Tunnel of Love in 2020 with new Base Items, Feats and Styles!

    The Star Sapphires are again making an effort to rekindle the love lost in Gotham City. Mister Freeze knows what the Zamaron crystals are capable of and has hatched a plan to bring his wife Nora back by integrating their crystals into his cryogenic technology. This misuse of the crystals is extremely dangerous and could cause an exothermic reaction that would destroy the entire city! Check the Events tab in the On Duty menu for “Love’s Battlefield” to aid the Star Sapphires (Heroes) or Mister Freeze (Villains).
    • New Feats!
      • Crazy In Love
      • Seemed Like a Good Idea
      • Queen of Hearts
    Open your map and choose the Love is in the Air destination. Speak to Hal Jordan in the Gotham East End Police Station Safehouse (Heroes) or Mister Freeze in the Gotham North Burnley Nightclub Safehouse (Villains). While in the Safehouse, visit the terminal next to Hal Jordan or Mister Freeze to pick up a Daily Valentine’s Race mission “Get Your Heart Racing”. This mission can also be picked up at a terminal in Northeast Metropolis near Union Station.

    The seasonal missions can be completed daily during the event and reset with replay badges. Also make sure to speak with Mera, who is spending Valentine’s Day on dryland apart from her dearest love. Open your Mission Journal and track “Sea of Love” to find her!

    And don’t forget to visit the Valentine’s Vendor to get seasonal clothing, candies, and base items! A Valentine’s Vendor is located in the East End Safehouse (Heroes)/North Burnley Nightclub (Villains) and inside Mister Freeze’s Laboratory.


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  2. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    You know the great thing about the Anti-versary event? You get a lot of event currency from the event raid & bounty. All these Seasonals now have a ton of stuff on the vendor to buy in order to get Feats. So much so that now there's no way a new player could get all the Feats, even if they ran multiple toons every day of the event. So, there should be a raid & a bounty for every Seasonal Event. Especially the St. Pats event (and get rid of the tour - that gets real old, real quick). I know, I know, you want to sell episode currency on the marketplace. But have a heart, that just costs way too much. Alternate ideas: triple the currency awarded for event missions/instances. Or just get rid of seasonal currency & use Source Marks for all events.
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  3. Wildcat Committed Player

    We need more pink crystals and mobs to spawn, there are too many players doing the event at the same time.
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  4. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    Don't worry. It will slow down dramatically tomorrow and henceforth.
  5. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    Switch to PvP phase it's always dead.
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  6. hero turner Well-Known Player

    perhaps we can get items for styles and base items in up coming events , seasonal, hollidays ect ect, like Indian/apache styles for the November Thanks giving event for example, bowling alley, arcade game , built in swimming pools for base items in summer or spring, Uncle Sam, Patriotic, Military style gear for summer or even 4th of july , walls like the stone walls dark stone walls insulated walls that we can walk through you know like it looks like a wall but you can walk through like your a ghost or something lol
  7. ApocalypticMan New Player

    Any new vendor stuff on the way ?
  8. Doc.Doom15 Committed Player

    The accessory is not account bound? Isn't that usually the case?
  9. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    What he said. The reward to marks ratio is absurd on this one, given the limited rewards AND limited content it offers. Time to up the rewards to compensate.
  10. hero turner Well-Known Player

    How about selling the content we get in the seasonal events in the the market place and or Skeets vendor just like we get when they switch to a new capsule, you know every time we get a new capsule the base and styles from the previous year gets put in the skeets vendor, so why not do that for the seasonal event base and styles also, you can put the previous stuff in the skeets vendor and in the marketplace to purchase so we can finish collecting the loot put the base items in the base section of the market place, sell them separate or as a bundle example like the pub items from the st.pats,or the Halloween stuff,so that we don't have to wait a full year to get the stuff we wasnt able to get on time
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  11. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    This is false. I started in the Summer of 2018, and caught up to all the event feats as each of the events came along starting with the Christmas 2018 event (I was too busy experiencing and learning the game during the summer event, and was on vacation during most of the Halloween event). Just use the 15 alternates you get with Membership to get the currency for the style feats you don't care to have on your main, and to buy up the base items for the base item feats.

    22 days = 220 hearts for each character.
    220 x 16 = 3,520 hearts... not counting the 32 hearts you get for doing the Stormy Path of Love one-time mission for each character.

    3,520 hearts is way more than enough to get all the currency related feats, so you won't have to do 16 characters a day every day.

    Yeah, it takes time, but catching up on feats/SP takes time for every new player. If I was able to do it throughout 2019, I have faith that you can too! ^_^

    (EDIT: I want to make it clear that I didn't do 16 characters a day every day for Valentine's 2019. I was able to clear all the feats with maybe 6-8 characters and spread out the days for a total of maybe only half the event. Don't look at the big list of feats, just knock them out as you go, and it'll be all done a lot sooner than you think.)
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  12. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    You're confusing two different vendors. The Skeets Legendary Vendor in the various safehouses is a separate version of the marketplace for console players to spend Legendary currency. The Booster Gold vendor in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom is where retired capsule rewards go. Booster Gold vendor is only updated every Resurgence event not every time a new capsule comes out.
  13. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    I always thought these holiday events were supposed to be fun little treats between dlc's where u could get some nifty base items, trinkets and a cpl sp's along the way.

    I dont know if its due to the amount of marks we get, the low drop rate on the good collection pieces that force people to run multiple toons every day, the sheer redundancy of running the same event missions year after year, or a combination of it all.

    Between going to the watchtower/police stations, gotham, metropolis, swapping loot in shared bank and switching toons i feel like i spend more time in the loading screen than i do playing tha actual holiday event.

    What i do know, is these holiday events are feeling more and more like a chore instead of a fun treat.

    I personally dont mind grinding, but for limited time events that if u miss a cpl days u have to wait a year to come back, it seems a bit much.
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  14. Malivic01 Active Player

    What the devs should do, which I feel would be a huge QoL, is set up specific area in the WT/HoD where the seasonal vendors are available to sell the seasonal merchandise all year round. And sell the currency all year round in the marketplace also.
    Think about it though. A player can buy seasonal currency from the marketplace, but then have a limited time to actually spend the currency.

    Could you imagine if someone were to purchase gift cards or movies passes that were only available to be used for one week, and if the gift cards purchased were not used in that week, then the consumer would have to wait another entire year to use their purchased currency?

    I think the limited window of time to use purchased seasonal currency actually deters players from buying seasonal currency from the marketplace
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  15. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I'd love to be able to just rock up & grab me bits when I feel like it, but if you remove the sense of urgency behind the event, players will spend less on replay badges. like as not, the seasonals are working exactly as intended.
  16. Brit Loyal Player

    This is a really small, stupid Quality of Life matter.

    Would it be possible to have the Valentine's Day Flight Race mission grant its reward automatically upon completion, the way the crystal defense portion does.

    At least twice a week I run the instance, and then when I hop over to Hal Jordan to pick up the dailies, I see the lack of an exclamation point on the console and open my journal to discover that, yet again, I failed to click Complete after the race and so I missed out of the lootlock.

    I'm afraid I just don't understand why some missions complete upon meeting all criteria, and some require clicking the button to formally complete them.
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  17. Dorn Cresh Active Player

    Yes!!! The exact same thing happened to me today. I too was wondering why some missions need us to click "complete" and some don't. I love this game but it sure could do with more consistency.
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  18. Nodens Dedicated Player

    Oh yeah. Gotta love when somebody insists that, since they have so much free time, that means everyone else does, too! :rolleyes:
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  19. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    Is the seasonal accessory account bound?
  20. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    Yeah... NO!

    I barely have enough time to run it with one toon, let alone 16. Some of us have lives you know?
    Anyways... carry on.

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