USPS3 Guide To Find Exobits

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  1. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    We all know finding exobits can be a pain, without the right items. So today I'm going to give you a quick guide on how to find them quicker. First off the best thing to have for exobit farming (looking for exobits) is R&D Scanners. It shows you the locations of exobits an I've filled my whole inventory with stacks just using about 3 of those which last 15 minutes long each. They are 99Cents off the market place or 100 loyalty points out of Skeet's Legendary Emporium. If you do not plan on spending any money for them, I advise finding a nice route in Gotham (best city for looking for exobits) that you can always go back to. When using the R&D Scanner try to also find a good route, try to stay away from high buildings and construction areas it waste to much time just to fly high up. Sticking with a route with R&D Scanners can also get you use to the exobit's spawn locations giving you the edge on finding them!
  2. NexGen New Player

    If this is a guide, it belongs with the rest of the guides. This isn't's a plug to buy scanners.

    I'm not trying to be glib here, but this is almost as helpful as a "guide" to playing dcuo where the only instruction is to load up the disc or game.
  3. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    Placed this here because most exobit farming takes place in Gotham, I'm not trying to say buy R&D scanners, but they do help.
  4. NexGen New Player

    Gotham City here is the place for general discussion, not Gotham specific concerns. Metropolis, for example, is for trading, not Metropolis concerns.
  5. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    I didn't think this needed a "Guide"...
  6. Dump Truck New Player

    Wow. Can we get a guide on turning the PS3 on too?
  7. OMAAR New Player

    OP a map or two would be sufficient to make this into an excellent guide.
  8. TrueMarvel New Player

    Thanks for the info

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  10. Spoofer New Player

    I think you should add a picture of the exobit so we'll all know what we need to look for

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