[USPS] Aristocrats: Under New Management

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Doc Holliday, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. somerandombats New Player

    So a question for those who plan on decorating the hall. Will you need pool tables?
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  2. Last Dancer New Player

    Yay pool tables~ ^-^~ lol
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  3. HandClappinGawd New Player

    +1 Good luck from me!!! BTW I love "Flight" movement mode and Super"boy" is OP!!! ;)
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  4. Vixen Well-Known Player

    I remember like 2 years ago I attempted to join the leaders where nothing but rude and dismissive. I truly wish the best for the aristocratics moving forward.

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  5. somerandombats New Player

    ill take that as a yes how many do you need? i plan on farming for em tonight.
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  6. Last Dancer New Player

    Every post-trial Aristocrats member can decorate the league hall, we don't really have a set theme, and to be honest I just want everyone to have a chance to participate and have fun. Especially since some of us are horrible at decor...(me). ^~^
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  7. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    We have recently revamped our ranking system, making non-leadership ranks based on earning prestige to celebrate our most valuable members. There is no more skill point based promotion system! Now, your rank directly reflects your contribution to the league! Get started and join today!
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  8. LordStrongsword New Player

    I love being in the Aristocrats they really do help with CR and SP, especially SP. I joined about 2 months ago, and with their help I've gained a lot of SP and great advice. The guys and gals here are friendly and honest, and IMHO it is one of the best leagues in the game. There isn't any disrespect or drama here.
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  9. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    If you would like to use our unique league signature block, just click on it in my signature, then click the chainlink icon in the photobucket, and copy the IMG code at the bottom. Now, just paste the code into your signature box and save the changes!
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  10. iTzKCO Well-Known Player

    Id like to join.
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  11. LordStrongsword New Player

    Thanks I really appreciated that.
  12. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    If u guys are looking for me to join I'm down....but I'm 80 percent on the villian side....I've been playing dcuo since day one....my villian charecter all are over 180 sp but my hero is prob about 160 now....gotta purchase some more feats....but yea like I said I'm mainly on the villian side but looking for a good hero league....super laid back....chill....and always down to help....let me know....

    Oh yea my hero is 4mary2jane0.....ill hit y'all up when I'm on....
  13. xThailone New Player

    I recently played with a few members from this league yesterday, really funny and laid back group, even learned some french along the way (I think lol). Keep up the great work!
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  14. BlueLionSven Well-Known Player

    An end game content league that actually helps its' members with SP?

    My goodness, some people I know just threw up in their mouth.
  15. Gargamond Dedicated Player

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  16. Doc Holliday New Player

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Please contact any of the following Leaders in game or via this message board:
    Doc Holliday
    Astraea MkII
    Kosmos Angel
    Last Dancer
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  17. Last Dancer New Player

    Thank you everyone for contributing your valuable time and effort in order to help gain our league hall earler today. Have fun with the decorations, and functions~!
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  18. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    That was then. Trust me, with Doc manning the ship that garbage won't happen again. The guy who used to run this league is truly a vile human being.
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  19. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Have you heard the way he talks?
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  20. TheHeartbreakkid New Player

    He never used mic from what I remember. When under the name that started ionically like irony or something. My typing must be off tonight.

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