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    Hello all,

    If you're a villain finding yourself bored with the game lately, pugging groups with no success, feeling lonely, or just stuck in a league that isn't giving you an R.O.I. then Solstice may be the League you're looking for.
    We are also comprised of feat hunters and theory crafters. We're looking for more active members with no comedic boundaries and a good sense of humor is a must.
    Currently recruiting everything and anything.
    For any interested parties, please message me or any of my league mates in game or through this thread.
    In the event that what server/morality we are is unclear in the thread title, it is is Villains on PC server.

    Come check us out on our new site


    Viktorin - 113 Sorcery Healer
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  2. Teezax New Player

    Please also note that we are not restricted to only raiding, we run Alerts/Legends/PvP/Duos etc as well.
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    would love to join
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  10. Sigran New Player

    Hey man, I interested in your league. But I'm looking for active players, as Im in the process of being active as well. That's pretty much it. My in game name is Sigran Light
    I might also re roll as a tank since theres barely any of that. Right now I'm 56 equipped CR
  11. Teezax New Player

    Hello Sigran, I'll send you a tell in game to discuss.
  12. Teezax New Player

    Adding pieces everyday, still got room for more.
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    need a league to call my own name is the spaceman

    My psn name is imsospace
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    Solstice still recruiting, all shapes and sizes
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