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Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Discussion)' started by Jack T. Chance, Jan 13, 2018 at 1:49 PM.

  1. Jack T. Chance Dedicated Player

    This has been going on for at least the last 2 nights (but probably longer.) I play on a current Windows 10 64-bit gaming laptop that is totally up-to-date in regards to both Windows updates, and DCUO updates.

    On both of the last 2 nights, I attempted to go on the Marketplace and buy the Lex Luthor Starter Pack for a new character I created this week. (What can I say? Giving him a jump start with some better armor and that Luthor Drone appeals to me.)

    When it came to the payment screen, I selected my card, put in the 3-digit CVV Code, and the system hung-up. The progress bar never completed, and the button you click on to process the payment never became active.

    I WAS able to claim my Monthly Membership Reward, claim/redeem the free Dark Specter Batsuit Anniversary Gift, AND purchase/add DayBreak Cash to my account. But the purchase of the Lex Luthor Starter Pack will not complete, and since it's sold for real money, not DBC, I couldn't even use the money in my account to buy it.

    I neither know what the problem is here, nor do I care. Fix it. Get this item back to being purchasable again immediately, if not sooner. If you have to, switch the price over to Daybreak Cash, as it should've been all along. Just make it work!
  2. Luthor31 Level 30

    I haven't tried to get it yet, but if there is a persistent issue with Non-DBC items, I will hold off until the issue is fixed. I had a similar problem when I wanted to buy Earth 3; I got logged in to make the purchase, but mysteriously, the site would not let me navigate to the episodes. I have since been able to navigate to the right page of the website's Marketplace, but at the time it was forcing me to buy DBC. It would not let me go anywhere but the DBC selection page, which both confused and annoyed me. This was probably a separate glitch; or not. I did not code the architecture of the web-based marketplace, so I can't say.
    From they way the site was behaving, made me think this was the only way to add money to my account & make the purchase.
    That's right; the site railroaded me into having to buy $10 DBC or nothing.
    In the in-game Marketplace, having the $10 of DBC, and not being allowed to get Earth 3, made me furious.
    For the record, customer service did a BIG FAT FAIL on that one.
    So, Bottom Line, we have a couple issues with the website's Marketplace. This discourages making purchases for DLC that is not sold by DBC but by real world cash, as a separate transaction.

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