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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Mr U, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Mr U New Player

    Hello folks,

    Saviour Justice league is now openly recruiting new members. We have been around since May 2012 and still growing. We do have decent players who already playing at Tier 4 stage and our focus now is getting as much members as we could and helping them to reach end contents. It doesn't mean you would be carried through at all as key to success in this game mainly depends on how strong your determination, be able to learn and always trying to be better in terms of level, combat rating and skill points as well. Most importantly, its just a game and as long as you get fun playing its enough to improve yourself. Up until now, we are not using any third party communication not meaning our league isn't a serious one we do communicate generally through keyboard and manage to maintain a good atmosphere between leaguemates LOL.

    Who we are looking for :

    * Active players, level doesn't matter
    * Highly recommended premium and legendary players so we could get along together in more contents but we do accept F2P too
    * Willing to be helpful
    * Must have fun while playing LOL


    If you do think this league is gonna suit you pls contact me here or via mail in game and i'll shoot you with an invitation. Look for any Saviour Justice member and ask to be recruited as well. Dont forget to mention your in game character name.

    Our Officers :

    - Tazmania1313 (Leader)
    - Super U/Lantern U (Co-Leader)
    - Splinnter
    - Reel Lightning
    - Shield X
    - Homeless Jackal
    - Jasna Strona

  2. Mr U New Player

    I forgot to mention, we usually come to play during night EST and PST with various hours but some of mates would play overnight. We are currently recruiting dps, healer and troller for PvE content they must be at least having 53 combat rating.

    Contact me in game if you are interested...;)
  3. thecopyninja New Player

    ice/tank hero CR72 looking for a league