USPC Beach Party Pics/Videos!

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Mermaid, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Dametria Loyal Player

    it's not FDA approved. :rolleyes:
    that's what Arwen is for. you're a JG now? friggin' shweet!
    Dametria has an ebil cousin in JGD so you'll have someone to worship at your feet in the HoD. :p
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  2. Mont New Player

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  3. Dametria Loyal Player

    yep...EBIL!!!! muhahaha
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  4. Mont New Player

    u eb
    u ebil laby
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  5. Mont New Player

    ok, game is dl, got controller for ps3 hooked to pc, had to tweek the buttons, barley got toon made, world ended lol
    my ps3 main is WiLLdThing ......... on pc i tried wildthing .. taken, tried my WiLLdThing ..accepted lol , i think, world ended, find out in 20 min:rolleyes:
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  6. Tracmar Well-Known Player

    was a wild party there :)

    totally forgot about pics :( was too busy running around like a kid in candy store among the celebrities :p
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  7. Remander Steadfast Player

    Looked like tons of fun! Sorry I missed it!
  8. Feenicks New Player

    Mont defected!!!!

    Queen Carnage is almost ready to defect!!!!

    The party was a success!!!!
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  9. KrimsonScourge New Player

    I'm defecting part time. I mean I still need to get my character to level 30 and complete my "real" costume. And stuff...

    Yea I'm also addicted to the better draw distance and lack of pop in. :p

    Notes for Mont and other who may decide to "defect" (even if it is only part time)

    The PC players have their own strange dialect, for example no one shouts for OBot, they call it SBot. Silly PC players. And in some circles Trolls are called Bunnies. I'm sure there are other ones I haven't run across yet.
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  10. TheDark Devoted Player

    what emblem is that????
  11. KrimsonScourge New Player

    Could you be a bit more specific? Like which toon in which picture?
  12. Dametria Loyal Player

    The Great PS to PC Migration of 2014...
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  13. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    LOL!!! Eeeeebil! I shall rule the PC with an iron fiery fist!!! Wahahahahahaha!!!!!! :p
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  14. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    It is the PC Heman!
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  15. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Once you take him, he is your problem friend from now on! :p
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  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Sorry, I guess I processed it all in my head too fast and forgot to specify.
    Zenith's emblem. His/her toon is in all those pictures and it's his/her post I quoted. I couldn't find that emblem at the vendor. I'm a bat related costume fan and i assume he/she is too judging by the costume. The emblem looks like the emblem from the Dark Knight Returns 'graphic novel' because its wide. I want it.
  17. DCFanatical Dedicated Player

    That's because PC > PS. :D
  18. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Why does it have to be "<" or ">"? Why can't it be "="? I mean all my cool stuff is on PS.
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  19. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Looks like a great time guys!

    Reminds me of the old Xmen card i had with the whole team on the beach!


    or this one

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  20. Minx New Player

    I forgot what I was doing but dropped everything when I saw your name pop up in my /versus!!! It was nice to finally meet the infamous CarlynnCarnage and the extra goodies you brought with...Bumbling and Sore! :D
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