US Server Restart - April 27, 2016

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    And, of course, we paying customers are *** out, right?
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  2. Runixx Level 30

    I'm only complaining as I pay to not be able to play... every time I sit down after work/college to play, there's something going wrong lol. Driving me bananas!!!
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  3. tiberiusblood New Player

    I wish they had a name tester on website. Also some titles like (lacky of) , (beast of) , (Droid of) or something like that. Just trying to take subject off the fact it's down now
  4. Apollodarkblade21 Well-Known Player

    I'm half expecting the servers to be down all weekend that would really show their appreciation.
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  5. Demanial Level 30

    lmao that's Funny duck i don't call that compensation tho i call that a fix for their more then apparent lack of money this month and upcoming months from angry players
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  6. Runixx Level 30

    yaaaaaaaaaay i can't wait to line daybreaks pockets with my hard earned cash to buy resets so I can get said rare items lol
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  7. Jacob Adjani Active Player

    Hey Lolly, did you have a particular genre/setting in mind?... it appears you are PC based, so the list of potentials is vast!
  8. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    How are we lucky? We pay for a service and that fee is supposed to provide upkeep for the game including maintenance. My guess is that you're a premium player at best meaning you're only out $5 at most while we subscribers pay $15 a month. If you went to McDonalds, paid for your food, and didn't receive it. Would you then just gas up and say, "well, so be it"? No, you'd demand to get what you paid for. This is the same.
  9. XxSharpclawxX New Player

    We all need to take our own advice at times btw :)
  10. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    omg i love ren and stimpy.

    netflix should bring that show back!
  11. XxSharpclawxX New Player

    Actually...... I do pay monthly for my membership so yea :)
  12. Apollodarkblade21 Well-Known Player

    At what point should we start demanding a refund?
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  13. TheEnforcer1 New Player

    We should be able to build omnipotence (gold) gear. I mean not let it be easy but it should cost 5000 or more scraps of that episode. A lot of m my friends left this game because it can favor newbies more than people that put in hard work in this game.
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  14. Demanial Level 30

    id say its more of a killing joke with their bank dying more everyday
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  15. Runixx Level 30

    3 weeks ago :p
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  16. whitetiger2695 New Player

    /checks watch
    "hey i want an ETA"
  17. Phill Committed Player

    get a bigger hammer... :D
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  18. Jacob Adjani Active Player

    When did DBG acquire the property from SOE? Umm... that would be the point we should have started demanding... ;-P
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  19. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Season 7 with Clara and The Doctor!
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  20. Unida Dedicated Player

    "potential" issue....

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