US Server Maintenance - January 13, 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 13, 2021.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The US worlds will be offline for extended maintenance this morning. Downtime may last an additional two hours, to around 9AM PT. This is to mitigate some of the latency incidents occurring recently.
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  2. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Glad you're taking down those lag spikes! Get em!
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  3. Vyiel New Player

    Hopefully the golden exobytes gets fixed too
  4. Darkness611 New Player

    No wonder I couldn't get on.
  5. SalviMex Active Player

    Me and some friends haven't played in months and we literally decided to play today and we saw the worlds were undergoing maintenence so we thought it would take a hour so we waited hour and worlds are still down and i come onto the forums and man i saw that its down for estimated 2 hours
    Possibly the worst time to come back but we will get on whenever its back up
  6. LadyMelodyPaige New Player

    Horray!! Squash dem bugs!
  7. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    i've played mmos since there were mmos...Ultima online, Lineage, C.O.H., guild wars. E.Q., D.A.O.C., W.o.W., SWTOR....
    None of them ever had daily maintenance...i'm not trying to be critical, i'm trying to understand why you need daily downtime, and how this kind of thing can keep happening when you have daily downtime, whereas other games make do with weekly downtime.
    i'm interested what you do in that daily downtime. there have been things as simple to fix as typos in instances that have gone uncorrected since they were released. the Spectre/green lantern/green arrow instance has so many it makes me laugh when i run have to have compassioM....right now, Cosmic boy says "magnetic powers aren't that big a deal" but the text says "that a big deal" it really that difficult to go back into a file and change the position of one letter in a sentence of subtitles?
    Again, this isn't me calling you lazy bastards, it's me asking you what it is you're doing that keeps you from getting to these errors that have existed for entirely too long.
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  8. Ryll Level 30

    Any word on whether or not the issue with the golden exobytes from the CR290 boost will be fixed? When I go to fortify the augments on the character I used it on they aren't identified as usable in the fortify tab.
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  9. thedemonocus Loyal Player

  10. GameBugTV New Player

    I hope not all the bugs, I really enjoy playing this game. :rolleyes:

    They are just getting their playing time in while there is no other players in game for a couple hours. :cool:
  11. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    I hope it's to get rid of internet trolls.
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  12. KingNova New Player

    When are we getting some new powersets? I've been hoping to see a blue lantern powerset or maybe Metal manipulation or something along those lines. Or maybe a color coating for powers that changes the way powers look maybe blue fire... green atomic... idk something different that gives us along those lines of creativity when making a character.
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  13. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    Your not gonna see and new power sets any time soon, as Mepps already covered that in a post a few months ago. No word on on being able to change colors of powers either.

    Besides this post is about the world being down, not what you want done to the game. This isn't the thread this needs to be posted in.
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  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All worlds are up.
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