Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by OnlyNomad, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. OnlyNomad Active Player

    Hey guys looking to buy the Void Material. I'm offering 200mil but open to negotiation.

    US PS4 Hero.

    Contact: Nomad Opus or Atomic Betty.

  2. TankIsLoveTankisLife Level 30

    FWIW, a league mate of mine purchased one 2 days-ish ago for 340mill... so not sure if anyone might be willing to sell for 200mill esp since you got other fairly new recent materials going for 200mill easy...
  3. OnlyNomad Active Player

    Someone was selling it for 200m a day ago in the Watchtower. Unfortunately I didn't have the full amount on me at the time.
  4. TankIsLoveTankisLife Level 30

    Yeah, it happens when you can catch someone that doesn't charge much. I bought a NSF mat for 60mill recently, quite cheap considering..
  5. TheLantern Hal New Player

    Wow at that price it almost makes you want to turn around and sell it even if you haven't collected it already. Quite tempting.

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