US PS3 Client Hotfix - January 30, 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    A client hotfix will be deployed to US PS3 players today at 10:30AM PST. No downtime will be required, and players will automatically download the new client the next time they log in. Players may notice the following changes:

    UI – PDA
    ·We have significantly reduced the delay players would experience when their PDA menus or HUD would attempt to display on-screen.
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  2. MrMigraine New Player

    PS3 Only? No PS4?
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  3. Shotgunshaun New Player

    anything going on with eu ps4? we cant connect to servers ?
  4. XxAngelxOfxDestinyxX New Player

    I'm on the US PS4 and I can't connect to the servers either. Its either during the loading screen I get error code CE-348878-0 or I get the message " failed to connect".
  5. LonelyGiants New Player

    My man, Mepps. That lag was killing me.
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  6. BlackStar Luffy New Player

    can't connect to game servers with US PS4 as well
  7. Super red New Player

    I can't connect either. Maybe I'll be able to around 8pm tonight. Fail. Ps4
  8. 500ty0w1 New Player

    I dunno why PS4 - as far as my experience, there's been no delay, lag, or anything like that in WotL on my PS4. Playing on my PS3, on the other hand, was brutal! (I got a PS4 just this weekend)
  9. cravex15 New Player

    What about the rendering of adds and teammates in open world?
    Is this part of the fix as well?
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  10. CouRAGE New Player

    On PS4 and I'm getting the "Failed to connect" error.
  11. Super red New Player

    So Any idea of when we might be able to log in???
  12. LastSonOfEarth New Player

    Doh. U got the dreaded error code of doom. That's been bricking ps4's like crazy and corrupting data, leaving people losing hours of gameplay. I have it a lot lately, but luckily I only play this mmo on my ps4 so far, and the files aren't at risk.
  13. XxAngelxOfxDestinyxX New Player

    I'm getting really tired of all the error codes and failed to connect servers with the PS4 and this game.
  14. Shotgunshaun New Player

    regretting coming back to dcuo now on my ps4, after quitting playing on my ps3 since the beta i came back december on my ps4 ran faster looked pretty i loved it...for two days then remembered all the bugs the blocking,then voice chat,the glitches and expliots and now the open world alerts and ops and all the disconnects :( the more that gets added the more it seems to break. pretty sure this will be my last month subscribing.

    the capes getting put away.
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  15. XxAngelxOfxDestinyxX New Player

    How can I tell if my data is truly corrupted?
  16. Derio 10000 Post Club

    Lot of us not being able to connect on ps4 right now.
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  17. Jumpman New Player

    What's the good word Mepps?
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  18. Super red New Player

    Hey devs. A little feedback would be nice , about how long the downtime is I mean... Pretty pretty please....
  19. Fightingbudha New Player

    Add me to list of unable to connect on ps4
  20. deniseunholy New Player

    Can't connect to the servers on ps4 either. :/

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