US PS What happen to all the materials?

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by NotaSpammer, May 17, 2018.

  1. NotaSpammer Active Player

    No void, phoneix, or Negative speed force mat. Did demand finally overcome supply?!
  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Or people are getting smart and not opening capsules as much anymore
  3. NotaSpammer Active Player

    lmfao, your probably right. am looking to buy a nsf mat and void mat. Of around 200mill max. But am not spending real life money for caps "anymore"
  4. HungGunThibodo New Player

    I myself am looking to complete the ecroF deepS Collection, I need just one more (The Flash Biography). I do have some extra from that collection if you are needing any to complete your collection. Let me know. And if you have what I need I'll be willing to trade. Thanks.
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  5. TankIsLoveTankisLife Level 30

    then goodluck, i dont see anyone selling void mat for 200mill. You got Wings of Sin & Forcefield mat selling for around that price, and they are fairly new & not as rare yet as void mat

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