[UPDATED] Flash Appreciation Week - Extended!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 10, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    UPDATE - Everyone is enjoying celebrating Flash so much, we decided to extend the appreciation all the way through Monday, February 20, 2017! Haven't made it in to game yet? Still need to enter the sweepstakes? There's still time!

    (New end dates have been updated in the original article below).


    The people of Central City have declared February 11 to be a special day of celebration – Flash Appreciation Day – in honor of the Scarlet Speedster himself, and we’re going to celebrate too!

    This week (Friday, February 10 through Sunday, February 12, Monday, February 20, 2017), we’re giving away FREE GIFTS in honor of the Flash!

    Members - log in during Flash Appreciation Weekend between February 10 and February 12 20, 2017, and you’ll receive the Flash Cowl for free!

    Not a member yet? If you become one this week, you too will get the Flash Cowl for free!

    If you’re not a member and don’t purchase membership this week, the Flash Cowl is also available in the Marketplace for 1500 Daybreak/Marketplace Cash.


    Plus – EVERYONE who logs in during the Flash Appreciation Week will receive the Flash Base Item Pack, stock full of Flash-themed base items, for free.

    But that’s not all! This weekend, you can enter our Flash Selfie Sweepstakes for a chance at Daybreak Cash (PC) or Loyalty Points (PSN/Xbox)! Here’s how to enter:

    Take an in-game screenshot of your character with any of the versions of The Flash found inside DCUO, and submit it by either following and tweeting to @DCUO using the hashtag #FlashSelfieSweeps or uploading it to our sweepstakes site, and you could be one of up to 10 (ten) winners to receive 1000 Daybreak Cash / Loyalty Points! For full rules, click here.

    Remember: You must log in to DCUO by February 20, 2017 in order to get these items for free. After you’ve logged in during the Flash Appreciation Weekend, the items will be available to you in the Redeem/Claim window. So hurry! This weekend will go by in a Flash.
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    As a follow up note, we recognize we have been experiencing some connection-related issues this week. We are hopeful these issues are resolved, but in the event that we do continue to experience problems, we want to state up front that we will extend the weekend's gifts as necessary so that everyone can claim their gifts. We will update this thread as needed with that additional information.

    Happy Flash Appreciation Weekend!

    Update: We did not experience any major service interruptions this weekend, but we also did not turn off the gifts this morning, so everyone can still claim the cowl and base item pack. We will update everyone with the new end date for the gifts when it has been set.
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  3. ChillCat Loyal Player

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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    That's it, I'm killing off the Super Great Era.

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  5. Korvyne Committed Player

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  6. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Thank you for this.

    Question: Is the base item pack 1 per account or per character. Only showing on 1 of my characters.
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  7. spack2k Steadfast Player

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  8. Abel Well-Known Player

    All I can say is that The Flash Appreciation Weekend is definitely APPRECIATED!!!
    Thank you so much DCUO for the Flash Cowl and the Base Items gifts!
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  9. light FX Steadfast Player

    This is awesome. U guys did a great thing here. Thank you very much. Already donated mine to our hall cause i bought the base pack b4. And already decorated it. Thanks again :D
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  10. ChillCat Loyal Player

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  11. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Thanks for the great gift. The colors can be changed and it's compatible with the face slot too!

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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    One per account, yes, for the pack. The cowl can be claimed on all characters, and can be claimed by all your characters and future characters - forever! - just as if you had purchased the style item.

    What you must do this weekend is log into the game on your account.
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  13. Chicken Well-Known Player

    Thank You DCUO!!!
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  14. Revafall Well-Known Player

    Mepps I renewed my membership this morning but didn't get the flash cowl for free, it said I still had to buy it so I did so, without knowing I was supposed to get it for free, because my league told me they got theirs for free. Is there a chance I can get back my stationcash? I'm on EUPC Hero with the character Revafall
  15. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Did you restart the game after renewing your membership? You most likely would have had to restart it so that it could do a check when you logged back in after renewing.
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  16. Alberto77 New Player

    Entonces si he sido miembro o he adquirido un pack, sólo recibo las molestias por los problemas con los inicios de sesión? MUCHAS GRACIAS
  17. Revafall Well-Known Player

    No I did actually not do that, but you're probaly right. That might have worked, but I still feel ripped of lol.
  18. Davenport Committed Player

    Thanks for the free stuff! :D

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the bulk of the Flash base items, as I already bought the pack on my main character before, but the Cosmic Treadmill makes for a good addition to the hoarder's paradise that is my Larfleeze base.
  19. ShadoRaven Well-Known Player

    Very cool thing by the devs, and a nice gesture of good will after the recent issues. Good job Mepps and team, well done and much appreciated.
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  20. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    You've outdone yourselves this time DCUO. Not only one of the most requested items, but free for members too. Outstanding! :D
    I was speaking to some very excited Flash fans in game earlier, the cowl was creating positive buzz even before it went live.

    Thanks very much, I've been NEEDING this for a very long time and I'll wear it with pride. :)
    Currently my most popular DCUO video is Arrow Meets Flash, with 177,425 views.
    I can't guarantee I'll be able to top that number, but I wonder if I can make a better video...
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