Update: Xbox One Server Capacity and Login Queue

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Mepps, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Hello Heroes and Villains!

    We are working to increase server capacity for everyone to improve login queue times.

    We have also just now improved how the login queue works, so that players with Membership correctly have priority over paying non-members, who have priority over free players, when logging into the game.

    Previously, new players were bumped into the Member queue (fastest queue) so that they could get into the game quickly on their first day. This makes sense generally, but doesn't work well on launch day with this kind of interest, because everyone is a new player. This has been disabled for now.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Please note, players who were already in the member queue when we made this change will remain in that queue until they enter the game or log out. Average times will look appropriate when this empties in a few minutes.
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  2. ication03 Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the update mepps appreciate it
  3. kent2009 New Player

    yep thank you
  4. Kai El Well-Known Player

    My dude!
  5. Killerdwarf88 New Player

    Yep I Had this game on PS3 and My PC bought them on day one. Had a Joker :confused: of a time getting in to play. Not to mention the down time and lag issues on the PS3 version which you had to pay for $15 a month. So I gave it a try on my pc couple years go by and now its on Xbox one maybe one day they will fix the server issues. OR better yet cross platform if they get the good hardware in. Come-on guys also just saying fix the issues with the login I by accident hit the B button on my controller after waiting 2 and 1/2 hours to log in and now must wait to log in again. I even bought currency to help log in faster and wouldn't you know you have to wait to spend that to. To become a member. Really don't wanna Spend another $15 to play a new character. JUST BRING UP SOME MORE SERVERS. Call Activision Blizzard They got some old ones from WOW days not being Used anymore....:D catch my drift. ANYWAY GOOD JOB DEVS LOVE THE GAME. Waiting another 2 hours to play while I type this.
  6. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Ah.... sweet memories. ;)

    It reminds me why I waited 3 weeks to play DCUO when the game went F2P.

    And even then..... 3 weeks later..... there still was plenty of growing pains left. ;)

    So everyone needs to be patient. The next few weeks will be a bumpy ride. ;)
  7. ErnieB Loyal Player

    The sad thing is, we've had the same issues for 5 years, and still going.
  8. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    Touche. ;)
  9. DarthJafo Committed Player

    I suppose I can understand wanting to get everyone in quick, however its like a Walmart on black Friday. If dozens of obese woman are stuck in the door ain't no on going nowhere
  10. Orinshi New Player

    For some reason I was getting put in the premium queue prior to the recent downtime. Now I'm in the 3 hour queue with everyone else, still a great F2P game
  11. Scaleback New Player

    over the last few years I have spent a fair amount on F2P games(100+ on warframe, way too much on WOTs, etc), there are things in a game I will pay some real world money for, however, queue time is never going to be one.
    there are far too many other good F2P games out there that in no way try to extort you just to play. this will kill this game for me, any queue over 2 to 5 mins is too much, I can fire up another game and be playing it in that time. even if I did pay, I have friends who might not, so I would have to wait on them to get through the queue.

    charge for extra fluff or cool new items, or even for the chance to have access to an area ahead of the main player base, but this queue time thing just seems like a strong arm tactic and can always be tampered with to try and force players into spending to play...

    even if the server space was plenty for the number of players, they can always add time to the free queue just to try and squeeze some cash out of people. its a drug dealers trick, give it to em for free, and when they get hooked we start charging them, if they don't pay we wont let them have it.

    I will leave it installed for now, but if in a month the free queue is not under 5 mins then it will be gone. too many other options to play for me to spend long watching a queue, and why would I give any money to a F2P game if I can't even play it enough to tell if I like it.

  12. BenzeHeart New Player

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