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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Captain Liberty, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. Tule New Player

    It is free.
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  2. Nemisor Committed Player

    the first one is free
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  3. Tule New Player

    Okay. I'm buying 8. For 32 dollars. If I wanted 8 before this it would have cost me 40 dollars. So I am saving 8 dollars. And according to everyone 8 dollars is sooo much money. Ironic that 8 dollars is now defending the price, but it's true. I don't think anyone had a problem with the original 15 for 60 price, because that was 4 dollars each (like now). People just didn't want to have to buy THAT MANY and ALL AT ONCE to get a good deal. Now we get the deal much easier.
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  4. Kato99 New Player

    Why do we not get two armories ? to make it Viable instead of "forcing" us to make viable by having to purchase a second one, sure sell additional ones after a given two, You will still make $$$ as people will want over and beyond two spec's but as it stands anyone who wants to make use of them has to buy at least one to make it work , without the second one its useless having the first.
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  5. Radium Devoted Player

    Generally when someone improves something with constructive criticism it should recieve praise for the improvement.

    Whats a problem for you is not for others.
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  6. SuperiorMouse New Player

    we went from outrageous and extortion to... "hey, give me back my wallet you silly guy."

    shrug. still not aggressive or future minded to appeal to me. sorry. i'm buying at most 4... instead of 3 or 4 per character. kudos for listening though. sincerely. :)
  7. Sartara New Player

    The first one is free but 6 bucks to buy one is still kind of a bit much it really shouldnt cost more then 4 or 5 dollars i mean all it is you are buying is pixels and code they would make more money and ppl would buy more if they brought the price down to about 4 or 5
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  8. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Curious Chick, what exactly were you looking for? Not trying to start an argument or anything (heck I think this is something that should have been implemented at launch), but curious what you thought would happen.
  9. cassi Well-Known Player

    I agree, as a person paying for 2 ledgendaries, what is the point anymore? This should have been included in my monthly sub. I am floored!
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  10. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    blah blah blah you will never be happy no matter what, you'd find something to criticize regardless. Well you say you aint spending anymore money on this game well with their price reduction they gain more then enough to replace you.
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  11. dcuo gamer Committed Player

    What about buying all 15 at once? How much will that cost?
  12. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    you guys do realize that armories do save your style look right?
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  13. Kato99 New Player

    Correct, This is why i said we should be given two from the start!
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  14. cdicke2 Well-Known Player

    I does cost more to buy the 16 than it does the originally announced 15, but it cost less if you only planned on getting a few. There's a trade off there. Not an unreasonable one either.
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  15. GrumpySnot New Player

    "In my opinion." Most will only really "need" two. Sale-Fail.... You get one, greedy.
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  16. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    yeah if they did that they lose so much revenue it be stupid. the fact is it took time and money to make armories for the game regardless of whether you believe they should have been included from the start. They need to recoup the costs, plus make profit so the game goes on. what don't ppl get about this. For this game to survive and thrive it needs money. Resting on Subs and the Premiums that spend money sometimes isn't going to keep this game a float. They need constant flow of revenue. So they add stuff to the game. I was furious at the price point of 8 dollars I thought 5 was the price they should've been but I can live with 6 its a compromise. How many other companies do this? I have worked in retail for 15 yrs at various different places. No where have I ever seen a company lower the prices of stuff because ppl bitched about the price. Its been literally two days and they already changed it. Kudos to Dc for listening. Now it might not be perfect but its damn sure better then before.
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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We will not offer the 15 pack.
  18. JustSome_Chick New Player

    By all means, be happy with being handed a token. It's your right.

    Just as it's my right to call "BOGUS" on their ploy, and to call "SHEEPLE" on the people gushing praise for being made into sheeple.
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  19. DamsonX New Player

    you assume too much in my opinion and maybe im not assuming enough but i for one figured t5 gear was hard to get and didnt spend much on replays in doing it and still had lots of fun with it. yes they could have had done the gear tons better instead of being in flux majority of the time but honestly why bother grinding out gear that will be out done by a few alerts or duos etc in a few months time.

    the fun of the game is accomplishing the raids etc and feeling like you get something for doing it (which you did when you bought the vendor gear (not necessarily true if you were trying to get top gear in the whole game))

    I get that people use the best gear as bragging rights but in reality gear comes and goes fast. soon there will be a person who just started the game 3 months ago and will reach top gear on the next dlc before you. If its about having prestige then start hunting feats and get all the skill points you can get. That's the true grind in the game and is the ultimate bragging rights.

    so just because you spent lots of money on the T5 gear doesn't mean everyone else did or that others ignorantly gave their money. Lots of people i know replayed a lot to get their gear but they knew early on that drop rates for best gear was BS but they were willing to keep spending to get the best and im sure lots of people were ok with that (otherwise why keep paying.. no one is holding a gun to your head).

    I for one am okay with the pricing and am just glad they listen to the forums (although i dont have tons of alts like some of the people that have gripes with it and i understand their plight but the people who have 10 + alts that they play often is not the majority).

    The devs deserve something for their time too and ill let them milk the price every now and then if it keeps production going.
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  20. Burnt New Player

    Well done DCUO, well done.
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