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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Captain Liberty, Jan 8, 2014.

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  1. Azrael New Player

    you can send it to different characters
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  2. lukelucky Devoted Player

    ok I see a lot of people still complaining about the price. you may think its whinning or to much after they made a compermise already. I say 21 armories are needed to fully use the armory system if you are legendary and fully utalizeing both legendary and armory perks. perk of legendary is simply 16 toons and premium is 6 toons. 7 toons to fully use armories requires one for main role, alt role, and yes, pvp role. 14 to use the armory feature as intended. has anyone besides the large spenders thought some players literally have over $1000 in on this game? if you gave up all other games and a decent amount of mmo guys have and you add in a ps4 to improve gameplay some people may have upward of $1500 invested.
    ok lets downgrade and go with the guys whom have a year or two or have played legendary since day one. a one year legendary guy has paid between $100 and $150 a year. how many pemium guys have that much in on the game? yes we need premium guys and micro transactions. thing is we for sure need the legendary guys. the guys who paid $100 or lets go more realistic and say $500 need to be considered when you make a decision about the game. if you paid to play fo any real duration you feel I should included you in this and believe me I sure do.
    you can debate you don't need these you don't need 7 toons or the price is cheaper but at the end of the day the one request almost every if not every player asked for who have played for any duration was the ability to save skill points and loadouts. to fully use this armory and do everything you do in the game you can argue you need three maybe four. some die hard pvp guys run both roles I imagine. I don't know any but it has to happen I guess. the way I view the armory system is useless unless you have two. I do understand the value people pointed out of one. and they have valued points but clearly these main feature is to switch from role to role. just to use the feature as most feel the real use of it is now cost how much money. keep in mind three builds are needed atleast to fully play the game.
    you may not see the problem with t5 but a system set up as he who pays the most gets to be strong enough to do the raids first is clearly a problem. to follow that up with a you must pay and a kinda steep price at that to fully use a function pretty much everyone wanted and suffered without. the stories of inconvenice over respecting or raids on hold while people respec are endless. this boils down to the fact it will cost over $20 for a feature of the game. it comes down to me that they take the "loyal customer" and charge them north of twenty dollars for a feature. you can debate how many u "need" again semantics. just playing a villain and a hero is two toons and that's 6 armories needed. yes you get two free so 4 to buy. thing is long time players often get over say 100 skill points and fully geared and then say well maybe I will build an alt. alts give people something to do as they top out. alts give you something to do when you and your main burns out and boredom sets in. not for all some stop paying some simply just stop playing.
    my concern again is how things like this effects the long time player and the pay to play guys. if you just upgraded last month for your first legendary and the first release is not a perk of legendary it may be a turn of to keep legendary.
    everyone has their opinion and cool. you may not agree and just might see it differently which is fine. thing is there is no secret that a lot of legendary guys feel dcuo does not care about the customer and only worry about business. with that being so overwhelming in the game I think the best profit would be earned by advoiding moves like this. back to back decisions were made for short term gaain at the expese of pay to play customers. that is no good
  3. Mick Nugget New Player

    My major sticking point was *having* to spend 60 bucks to get a decent deal compared to the price of 1. Funny thing is, I'll be buying 16 right off the bat and more at my leisure... (i know... call it human hature, I dont like being forced to do stuff and i naturally resist even when I would prob have done it otherwise lol) the only difference is, as im playing in the future say I create a new alt for the fun of it, i can outfit it with a starter armory that I just scroll over to the mp and impulse buy for a decent individual price.

    Sry, ill stop talking im still pretty much shocked anything changed at all :p
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  4. TheGoodGuy New Player

    My take on the pricing: Legendary players should get every major feature the game offers for free. If I'm gonna be asked to pay for new features everyone wants like Armories, that reduces the value of being Legendary. Which, with all the unplanned downtime and lag, is already hard to justify. FTPers laugh at Legendary customers for whining we don't get what we pay for. And they're right. They're also not helping solve the problem of keeping this game afloat, and the more people who go free, the greater that problem becomes.

    Realize the MMO model is a little different from Unreal Tournament or whatever, but being Legendary over two years, I've already paid way more for DCUO than any other game I've ever played.

    Know you guys have families to feed and you should be compensated for your work ... but hey, I got one too. This is getting really close to the line for me.
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  5. KidSuperBoy Well-Known Player

    Very well, notwithstanding the fact that they can be placed from one character to another.:)
  6. JoeyRoco New Player

    Again...Maybe I missed something... the armor is aren't a consumable so why would I need 16... 4 at best... PVE Role, PVE DPS, PVP Role and PVP DPS. Why would anyone need 16?

    If your not a fan of the price DONT BUY IT... it's not mandatory we have gone almost two years before it even came out so why do you feel as if it's something that you must have now
  7. Swamarian Committed Player

    That's one developer, for less than 2 weeks. If they could pull that off, we'd have a new (bug free) DLC every month, and legendary would start looking really good.
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  8. Jamie New Player

    Sorry, but how do you need 21 armories to fully use the armory system? I could not follow your thinking. I could think of where the aurgument could be made for having to purchase 48 under your constraints. That would be 4 per toon (both roles for PVE and PVP) but since we get 1 free that means 3 per toon. 16 toons are included so 16 x 3 = 48. I'm not saying you are wrong but rather I am not sure of how you are coming to your conclusion.
  9. Swamarian Committed Player

    There are PSN cards available. I doubt that you get Walmart's $20 worth of card for $15 promotion, though. I think that's a SOE/Walmart thing, and PSN runs its own promotions.
  10. TheGoodGuy New Player

    Agree that's what anyone who has a problem with the pricing should do. But you know how this game is -- once everyone else can start instantly deploying a new character build right before a raid, the guy who says "Give me 5 minutes to respec" is probably gonna be kicked from the group. :)
  11. Enzan Committed Player

    While this appears all fine and dandy, I'd much prefer it, like most others, the $5 each approach. I don't see why you wouldn't want to make a full $20 on one payment for Legendary + One Armory, over $15 for Legendary only, until their next go around where they'd just get it "free" with SC/LP.

    Oh, and for everyone planning to buy the bulk packages, don't buy anything over the initial 8, or else you'd be spending more than the previous offer they had. Just a heads up. (15 used to be $60; so if you buy 8x2 - $64 in all would be the cheapest.) But it is your money, so spend it however.

    I won't be purchasing anything, because I don't see the point in spending money on something that should of been in from the start. I would of if it were $5, where I would just buy it with the extra $5 left over from the PSN card, but that will just be used for more Rock Band songs or something.

    Remember guys, vote with your wallets, not your angry posts.
  12. Jamie New Player

    He used bad numbers in his example to make his point but I highly doubt he actually thought that it only cost $2,000. I'm sure SOE values their programmers at somewhere between $150 and $200 an hour. This is not what they get paid (if I'm wrong please let me know where to send my resume to ;) ) but rather what the company uses for an estiamte of their cost.

    But the fact remains that digital products do not cost any money to produce. All of their costs are up to the point that they finish the first 1.
  13. Zernam New Player

    There are some who might go overboard and have multiple skill/stat sets for DPS (Prec/Might) or the other roles. Additionally there are many who will have several sets with the same spec but totally different outfits and colors.
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  14. Merci New Player

    I think this about pricing of the Armories,

    Armories are a luxury item that is being placed into the game that is adding a ease to those players that like to run multiple role without respecing. But as stated that these are luxuries and they are not essential to the game itself or to be successful in the game of DCUO. Now I know a lot of people are responding saying "OMG 8$ or now 6$ a piece?!" This is absolutely crying about basically getting something practically for free. $6.00 is hardly anything to complain about in the gain of a duel/quad role character. It is absolutely ridiculous that people are complaining about paying for LUXURIES. Nevertheless, DCUO players should be accepting of this benefit of actually having the ability to be able to have Armories and be able to purchase them at there free will, rather than not having them at all.
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  15. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    I for one think this initial price change is good enough. Thanks for taking the time to read our feedback and adjust accordingly,
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  16. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    If someone chooses not to buy any armories, it simply means that they won't change a thing from what they've been doing for 3 years. Someone feeling strongly enough about the 6 dollars can express that opposition by doing absolutely nothing. The respec stations will still be in the watchtower or in your lair.
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  17. GrumpySnot New Player

    Im at work, working on my setups, atvm.

    One dps armory could be a simple, utility trinkets swap out.

    Or those speacial 35% killers

    Or lets dump my super charges, asap, then swap to my main loadout.
  18. Caged Electronic New Player

    the same could be said for hometurf items. things won't change much if someone doesn't buy armories, but from a pug perspective the person who can drop a supply drop and have tactical mods will have an advantage of getting picked over someone who doesn't like wise the person who can switch to the needed role will take a spot of someone who needs to spend the 5 minutes needed to respec.
  19. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    That's a community problem. Besides, I've never been asked if I have supply drop, or tactical mods. To be honest, I can't see a lot of people getting turned away from pugs because they don't have an armory.
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  20. TheGoodGuy New Player

    Yeah they're luxuries compared to the way things currently work -- but given the huge number of really monotonous tasks this game already throws at you (cleaning out trash loot for example) ... would be nice to get something that improves the player experience as part of the Legendary sub. To show the value of that sub.

    This shows a trend toward milking Legendary players for more instead of aggressively converting FTPers to paid subs -- which should be done by increasing the value of Legendary, rather than decreasing it with moves like this. It's like I'm paying $15 a month to play a game that's purposely designed to waste time, with the option of paying more for the privilege of wasting slightly less.

    If this were the only game on the planet that plan might work, but it's not. It's great that the dev team listened to the community on the pricing, but still think this should be free to Legendary subscribers.
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