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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kuno, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Shazam Well-Known Player

    Should minus the cost of all the ghost town dlcs and content that can't be ran because you know no players...
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  2. Brit Loyal Player

    Don't forget that with Wonderverse, they eliminated the Legendary Member boxes for content completion, and migrated the Enhanced Style suit over to the Aethyr vendor. That was a very effective away to remove more stuff from subscribers and offer it to other players equally. No more extra style piece, base item, or random source mark. Instead, we get something else that we have to waste our Episode Currency on that would have previously come free as a subscriber perk.
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  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I love this game, even with all the issues I experience, but they do need to adjust the perks for legendary. The bang for buck isn't what it used to be. Especially after the creation of time capsules.

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  4. Shazam Well-Known Player

    Cough cough remember the players want time capsules!
  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Not to be a pedan... well actually, yeah why not.. to be a pedan your summary is actually not entirely accurate and a little misleading, the reason I say that, is because it ignores player progress and assumes a static value remains intact regardless, when that isn't true at all.

    Obviously the vault is effectively worthless once everything's obtained, with open episodes the value of even renting DLC is diminished and arguably not worth the value you attribute to it.

    The functions like utility belts, lair systems etc are one off purchases, i think attempting to act like they're a $5 cost within membership is deceptive, if you already own that access what value does it really have.

    Again, just being pedantic, but it's not quite as black and white as you'd like to attest ;)

    In summary I'd like to see a massive overhaul of membership perks to encourage people to almost feel forced to sub.
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  6. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Man do i agree.. but sadly theres been 110 post ab this, there will be 120 more....i just wish we could see charts or the data that makes them think things like new powers or membership updates arent worth it
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  7. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    Hope you get the change you want, meanwhile us pvp pla.....(regurgitated pvp rant)
    I honestly don't see a change on the horizon though, especially when they have money to develop a new game but not develop this game to greatness
    Anywho if you want a marketplace change convince the community to stop dumping 100s into lott....I mean stabilizers just to receive a fat L from rng.
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  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    They want feats. Most people would ignore it if it didn't have feats attached. :(
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  9. Shazam Well-Known Player

    Yep I hate that feats are attached to them. It is a p2w. Feats never should be tied real money. Feats are a must in this game. Skill points are way to important...but you know the whole stat revamp seems a way to sell those feats.
  10. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I think a membership perk overhaul is long over due.

    But first I think open episodes should just be a standard for the game, they should also create a log in bonus reward system and a re-roll system. The log in bonus could be like source marks and cap off at five tiers. The re-roll system would be for members.

    And while controversial, remove the cash cap completely.

    With that being said, membership perks should reflect those changes.

    Keep everything, but add the following:

    - No Source Mark Relevancy Window.
    - A Free Seal of Preservation pack a month.
    - A Free Seal of Completion a month.
    (Those two or just increase the MC/LP to 1,000 per month)
    - 250 quarks a month.
    - The Vault, make vault gear/styles/trinkets account bound, keep the 1 free source mark, but also give 1 latest episode mark and 1 seasonal mark for the duration of whatever seasonal is current.
    - With a log in bonus and re-roll system in place, members get to re-roll their content reward boxes once if at tier 3 and twice if at tier 5.
    - Promethium Boxes, remove basic styles(demonic, etc), make all styles tradeable, add a Seal of Preservation as a ultra rare and heck for members add the option to re-roll their prom boxes, same as content reward box tiers.

    I think that would be enough to cover episodes staying open and the removal of the cash cap.
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  11. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    First of all before we talk about updating membership perks. How about we get back a legendary perk that we are paying for but hasn’t been fixed yet?

    Mailing $$$$$$.
  12. Brit Loyal Player

    Currently, the Legendary Membership is paying money for the following perks:

    - Access to all Episodes (despite the fact that Open Episodes have been running for six months. Legendary pays money for something that is given to everyone else for free).
    - Ability to Mail Money (despite the fact that it has been turned off for nine months. Legendary pays money for something that they aren't actually being given).
    - Content Completion Boxes (despite the fact that Wonderverse doesn't have them. Legendary pays money for a benefit that was not included in the only CR Relevant Episode).

    Members start to get upset when they get charged money for things that are free, or things that are not delivered. The Price of the Membership was not reduced, but the benefits of the Membership HAVE been reduced over the past year.

    Additionally, the Membership includes the RENTING of many features that are available as a la carte, one time purchases.

    - Inventory Slots
    - Bank Slots
    - Auction Slots
    - Character Slots
    - Powersets
    - Utility Belt Access
    - Lair Access
    - Episode Access (except for, apparently that now seems to be free for everyone who chooses not to be Legendary)

    And so on. The vast majority of the Legendary Benefits are great... if this is your first month playing the game. $15 gets you a lot. But if you're been playing for a year, then the $180 you've dropped over the course of those 12 months could have purchased PERMANENT access to all that stuff and then some. And if you ever un-sub, all those Legendary Benefits that they just rented you, you lose them. Even if you've been paying for 10 years.

    Or how about the Time Capsules? Legendary Members get extra Time Capsules! They get TWO whole extra fragments, every single day. That adds up to be FOUR whole Time Capsules per month. That adds up to a $4 benefit.

    Or they could pay $5 one time, and make a second Premium Account, and just run two accounts through the Stabilizers every month, getting an extra EIGHT Stabilizers per month, for a one time purchase that is only a fraction of the cost, with all the contents being freely tradable back to the main account.

    You see the problem? The game is designed to reward the players who make a la carte purchases and give them more than what the Subscriber bundle provides. Spend less, but get more. That's what needs to change.

    The Legendary Membership needs to either be revised so that it includes benefits that are unavailable for non-subscribers, or it needs to dramatically dial up the value of the infinitely-useful things. Like 3 Fragments for FTP, 4 Fragments for Premium, and a full Stabilizer for Legendary. Like having the Vault drop a piece of CR Relevant currency, instead of a Source Mark. Like getting to KEEP the DLC that gets released while you're subscribed, instead of just renting it.
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  13. spikeat Well-Known Player

    It's a great value if you are a new player starting out, but it diminishes quickly the longer you've been playing. If a player been paying a subscription for 10 years, that's $1800 spent. With that amount I can buy all the DLCs and probably max out all the inventories. If I'm missing anything from your list, I can sub in from time to time. I'm too lazy right now to do the math, but there should be a substantial amount left from the $1800 subtracting everything you've listed. And it's even less expensive during a sale.

    The only perks to subscription now for long time players are:
    • No money cap
    • Trade/mail money (mail broken)
    • Honorable mentions: [Technically you can buy these without a subscription]
    • Stabilizers Frag (I'd like to get this increased to 1 Stabilizer/day)
    • 150 Replay Badges (I have too many toons so I rarely reset a raid, mainly used to unlock styles and feats)
    • 500 Loyalty points (I own almost all the styles so it mainly go towards supplies/artifact seals)
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  14. Realist617 Active Player

    Why are yall even asking for seals? the seal system is a complete shakedown and nothing more than a way for DB to **** its player base a little more, they need to be removed. Having high artifacts is a MUST in the games current state of design. The devs. are FORCING people to spend money to be able to compete at higher levels, and endgame is all people care about. Those that simply dont have the money are severely punished by costly and excessive breakthrough failures. Stabilizers? Ok, thanks for a couple for free. WRONG, the drop rate on the average rare collection is .01 percent.... that 1000 caps i gotta open to get one. Replays? Handy but its 87 badges to unlock a raid, which is a bit overpriced. !0 dollars to replay 4 raids is outrageous. The reason the currencies in the game is worth what they are is because we have all shown we are willing to pay the price. Every other member perk is a given on other games. We all buy memberships so they have no incentive to do anything for us, even if that something has minimal cost to the teams budget. I love this game with every bit of fire inside me but as MMO memberships go, this games benefits are lacking. Come correct and show some love for the ones who line your pockets.
  15. gemii Dedicated Player

    Legendary perks are ok

    Lock boxes / vault are terrible drops

    Lockbox additions: rare drop chance of seal of preservation

    Vault additions: rare drop “chance” of Artifact catalyst with the paradox energy being the rarest drop.
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  16. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I am quite happy with the membership perks but i will not complain if more perks are added. The more the merrier.
  17. Reinheld Devoted Player

    How about adding a 'member' box to the Vault that has different styles. Works the same as the episode treasure boxes where only members can open them. Put the 'newer' styles or whatever shiny items they want to add in there and leave the old Vault loot the same. +1 member benefit with 0 loss of revenue. Seals in the membership sound great and we'd all be down for that, but it's a revenue loss. Additional replays, or additional monthly stipend all hit the bottom line and WON'T be happening no matter how many times we request it.

    Promethium boxes could have quarks or fragments as a loot choice too. Not a pile of them, but something so that the choices aren't styles you don't need, a 100th repair bot or 1,000th Omega in our inventories.

    And add a 'shared' cash access in the bank as a member perk only. I'm tired of having to find some mule when I need to move cash (one of my member benefits....well, used to be) between toons.

    And a higher tier of membership? No thanks. Likely they'd seed it with nice stuff, that will either A) become obsolete or B) get deminished later when they take them away or give them to F2P/Premiums in some way. The biggest incentive for most members is likely still the no cash cap...so would 'super' membership have MORE no cash cap? No, I'd predict a 'Super' membership would have the no cap, and regular membership would then get a hard cap...at 1 bil or something....thus forcing most people to go 'super'. Again...no thanks.
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  18. MrWon Committed Player

    I too believe that open episodes should be a permanent thing since it helps with queueing and keeping new players around, which in turn, could lead to them subbing or supporting the game in some form. Now, in order to make sure players sub or buy Episodes, make it that those who don't own the DLC can only earn marks. No feats, gears, styles, collections, etc. until they Sub or buy the episode. This is also in addition to the extra long reset timer and not being able to buy from the Episode vendors. Also I'm all for the removal of the cash cap at this point as well. The cash limit is one of the things hindering the game from holding onto new players. Being forced to buy stacks of Soder as a play-around for the system is inadequate and tiresome, especially if your inventory space is extremely limited already. Cash is also needed for critical things such as repairing, buying from vendors, and using the broker (to buy ACTUAL IMPORTANT things). In addition, limiting trade has to go too. Trading with other players is one of the most basic fundamental in an MMO/RPG. Want to keep new players around? Don't make their playthrough so miserable just because they're account status is "free." That's how you lose people instead of retaining them. Before anyone attacks me about their edgy "sub up or shut up" attitude, I have a lifetime sub on three accounts and would rather be able to play with a stable population than have it be a ghost town.

    Overall, great post PsySomatic and everyone else that's posting their suggestion for sub rework. I wholeheartedly agree and believe it's long overdue. I wouldn't be surprise though if Daybreak completely ignores all this and copy-paste DCUO on the new platforms like they did with Switch and Xbox. But hopefully not this time. Hopefully they learned from the last two that major changes are needed if they want to keep a strong pool of players.
  19. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    Thanks, and I mostly agree. But I think forcing players to buy an episode or sub up for feats, gear, styles, etc would be pretty extreme. As it currently is with open episodes they just have a longer loot lock timer and can't buy vendor gear from the latest episode. That should remain in place if it becomes a standard part of the game.

    But yeah, I did what I could do make the game/perks better for members and free/premium players. And hopefully Dimensional Ink/Daybreak staff do something about it, as I'd love to see the game succeed and IMO making it more friendly to newer, free and premium players and increases the happiness of members would be a huge step forward on that.
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  20. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Yeah things have definitely changed overtime.

    One thing that used to always be an obvious perk was that legendary players had access to all the new content as soon as it came out. Now everybody does. But the one thing that holds the highest amount of weight for making people go legendary, is the same thing that always has, since year one.....the cash cap.

    For as long as I can remember, and apparently still today, this is the single largest contributor to pushing people into a legendary membership.
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