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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Jul 27, 2014.

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  1. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    For what it is worth, you can currently purchase "Imperial Insect" style pieces from the Mark of Fury bot vendor on Test. Each piece costs 70 Mark of Fury.

    That is subject to change, but it'd be nice if they kept it that way.
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  2. Damashi The Kaotic Well-Known Player

    There are no words, in any dictionary, that would adequately describe my fury (pun intended) towards this change. I would much rather have an increase in HOP1's gear costs than make dlc10 even more irrelevant. All this change does is ensure I never play amazon fury content ever again, and accelerate the rate everyone gets sick of dlc11.
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  3. hoaxone Committed Player

    I don't have a problem with this setup.
    Seen a lot of marks die out and the Devs made everything MoT to help the lower tiered/casual player base.
    If u kept spending replays to try and buy new pieces...that is on you.
    I'm capped on fury but I'm not gonna be upset about another mark change.
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  4. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Sometimes the simple solution is the best do the pve gear the same way the pvp gear is that way everyone can gets a set of gear and then when more content is added for that tier the next set of gear would have an increased cost because there's more stuff to run and more ways to get marks .
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  5. TheLoneLantern New Player

    I had this idea a loooong time ago and never actually posted it, but it seems like this is best time:

    Make Marks of Fury the new Marks of Triumph
    (MoT is used for T1-T5, MoF is used for T6-T10)

    Marks of Triumph are tier 1 currency. Tiers 2-5 marks have been consolidated into the tier 1 currency after no longer becoming end game content. Make MoF be the next currency to consolidate future currencies.

    -Leave Tier 6 as Marks of Fury
    -Tier 7 will be released as a new currency (Marks of Love, since I still prefer DLC12 being a new tier)
    -Marks of Fury do NOT get consolidated to Marks of Triumph
    -Tier 8 will be released as a new currency (Marks of Darkseid or w/e)
    -Tier 7's currency gets consolidated to Marks of Fury
    -Tier 9 will be released as a new currency (Marks of Atlantis :p)
    -Tier 8's currency gets consolidated to Marks of Fury
    -Repeat this process for Tiers 9 and 10.
    -Tier 11 will be the start of the third incarnation of consolidation.

    This will also solve 65500 cap on currencies. Tiers 7-10 can only be converted into Marks of Fury, which could then be converted into Marks of Triumph. So, it is impossible to convert 1 Mark of T8 into 78,125 MoT. You could only convert it into 25 MoF. The MoF cap would get raised the same way the MoT cap was when a new tier was released, up to 65,500.
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  6. SrRhavin New Player

    No problem about the idea of new dlc new mark.

    However I'm strongly against the update of the rare style vendor.

    They started with mark of reality and changed to fury. I was saving marks and then you changed to fury.

    I hope you lock the rare style vendor sells with triumph or fury marks. Stop updating it and punish the players seeking it.
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  7. Ebon Angel New Player

    Even this makes more sense.
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  8. Moneybags118 New Player

    Well for one it's not about being jealous because others will not grid as much as me. In all honesty if they allow players to skip AF altogether I will probably skip it with my alts. Why play more Themyscira when I can just go straight to the cool raids? Despite having a free pass to HoP, here's why I think the CR should be changed.

    With T5 everything unlocks at 84 (if I am not mistaken). You can play everything from Nexus, to Trigon's Prision, to A&B. When it was the highest Tier you got all the same mark, Marks of Reality. All the T5 gear could be purchased with MoR. The major difference though is that each DLC had better gear than the last. With Origin Crisis gear starting at 85 and WotL gear ending at 90. Of course with WotL out now, anyone wanting the best T5 gear doesn't need to bother at all with the OC or SoT gear. All they really need is the 90 gear.

    While the above is not ideal in my opinion, here is why the current T6 plan is worse. Not only is AF's gear outdated but so is the entire DLC. You can run Nexus and Paradox to help get your WotL gear. You can run the Gotham Wasteland Solos to get your WotL gear. But the only thing you can get by running AF is outdated 92 gear. Not only this but now there are no solos for HoP. While I enjoy running raids more there are those who like to play Duos and Solos. AF was for them and now you're taking that away. And I do not think that is exactly fair.

    Right now it really feels like you are half-***ing the whole mark thing. Either you need to go all the way and make it 1 Mark per Tier (meaning HoP is T7. Just say it.) Or you go back and allow AF contribute to HoP. I personally would hate to see AF fall to the wayside and wouldn't mind it being a prerequisite for HoP as said above. However this doesn't solve the problem of the players you designed the entire DLC around. They now are being forced to run Alerts and Raids to get the best gear instead of sticking to the Solos and Duos they are comfortable with. Even if you made the ratio 2 Marks of Fury to 1 Marks of Power that would be moderately effective.

    All I am asking is that AF is not phased out entirely. Do something that requries people to play it. I enjoy it enough to the point that when my alts get to CR 100 I will feel the need to play AF again. But if HoP will have the best gear and AF will not help me progress towards that gear then in all honestly I will take the shorter route. If TD gave me Marks of Power would I play it? Sure! But if all I will get from TD is outdated gear then I can't say I will play it, or anything else from AF, ever again.

    /end wall of text
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  9. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I'm not one of the players you mention, but I still question how this is the fault of the player when the precedent was set in past DLCs and tiers. Additionally, the DCUO team told players via video streams that tier 6 would be no different. If you're blaming the players for following previous trends and believing erroneous statements by the DCUO team, you've got some 'splaining to do.
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  10. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    Also not a bad idea. Besides Sore's there's at least 3 other really good suggestions like yours in this thread. I know devs are not bad/evil guys and they'll end up listening to us.

    However, they could have avoided so much animosity if Mepps had made this a W.I.P. thread, told us about their dilema with fast progression, the options they were considering and then ask for our opinion. We all understand excesively fast progression is bad for the players and bad for business. I don't think anyone is against the basic premise behind the change, just the solution is not with the solution proposed.

    It'll be the same end result (I hope) but with much less angry posts. Even if they have to read through 12 or more pages for just a few good suggestions, there are definitely some that are as good or better than their current proposal.

    I have been burned in the past for not believing in the devs, I wont make the same mistake now. I know they'll listen to the constructive suggestions that have been given here.
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  11. Arcpope New Player

    Trust me if there was an MMO on ps4 that played like COH , COV , champions and dcuo.

    No one would play this game anymore.

    Me personally I am very bored with this game, new content and all.
    21/2 years is long enough.
  12. Sore Steadfast Player

    I may have said it first but it's not my idea to own. There's a lot to consider and I'd like to hear the variety of interpretation. Maybe you still escalate mark costs. Maybe each pairing is considered its own tier. Maybe you start each pairing with large group first. It's worth thinking divergently now and convergently later.
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  13. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

    Just make AF1 count toward HOP1. Simple as that. It would be better to raise the price of the gear instead of making two dlc's of the same tier have different marks. Do you even logic.
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  14. AzurenDCUO New Player

    I don't know how I feel about this. I think I would rather one currency for the tier, but I've also never run an MMO.

    I'll give the devs the benefit of the doubt and give criticism after it has been put into motion.
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  15. TheLoneLantern New Player

    By then it's too late.
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  16. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I'm more than willing to get the Devs the benefit of the doubt going forward. It is the present that I am unsatisfied with. This was a pretty major change to tell us after the fact. If they want to have different currencies going forward, that is fine, but they need some way to bridge the gap between DLC 10 and DLC 11 for players who were expecting business to continue as usual. Completely separate currencies for DLC 12 and up would be expected now, but 10 to 11 blind sided a portion of the players who are used to tiers maintaining their own currency.
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  17. Helios Xenon New Player

    I feel like we were robbed out of content since the new t6 alert came out and I hope there is PLENTY of new things to come out in the future. It was said a while back by DCUO that they wanted the content earned from raiding to be the best content you could achieve in game. I think it was lame that the t6 alert came out and you had to farm gear WITH A VERY LOW MARKS CAP. in the future i would like to see at least two alerts come out. you forced it to take twice as long to reach a full gear set compared to if a raid wouldve come out that gave 10 marks per run. I feel like it is kind of a cash grab to take advantage of all the players who use replay badges.
  18. rival exe New Player

    Pretty much this, and then people say don't criticize until things hit live?
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  19. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    The best solution would be the way it's done in pvp but we would start out with the fist set would cost as much as it does now and as more dlc's are added with more content each new set would be unlocked after the previous set was completed but with an increased cost because there's more content in the tier to get marks from .
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  20. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    yeah there are definitely a lot of possibilities and variations of that initial suggestion you made. Hopefully the discussion can come back down to civil levels and discuss them.

    My personal preference is to have 2 dlcs use the same mark and combine that with a moderate increase in gear mark cost. If the second dlc in the set is going to have stronger gear, it makes sense that such gear would cost slightly more. I would always change marks starting with a small group dlc with solos and duos so that the second one containing raids would justify the stronger gear and higher gear cost.

    I also would prefer to have 4 dlcs in one tier and 2 types of marks per tier for 3 reasons:
    1. This would be beneficial in maintaining accesability to top consumables and other items.
    2. I think it could potentially be too much work for devs if they had to redo all the tier items every 6 months.
    3. The longevity of those items would also remain 1 year and we could avoid having to farm for new top plans every 6 months.
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