Update announcements are useless

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  1. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    Brother you just proved my point in your 2nd part… lol
  2. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    And my point was just because people say they don't owe anyone anything doesn't mean they are cheerleading.
  3. TheeOwlsTalon Level 30

    Let’s see, saying the devs don’t have to communicate, that they don’t have to do anything if they don’t want is also known as?
  4. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Being at least mildly cognizant of the realities of a capitalist system and then trying to explain it to someone?

    If I say "Look, Steve just hit Jerry" that doesn't mean that I LIKE that Steve hit Jerry, only that the instance occurred. They don't owe us communication. You don't owe them money. If they'd like to keep getting money, it's a good idea for them to provide what the customers want, and in this case, it's communication...but you aren't OWED anything.
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  5. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Don't recall myself ever saying that at all... I was talking specifically about bonus weeks, in which where that argument is mostly brought up, and that I assumed this thread I was about.
  6. Oltron New Player

    Well said dawg
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  7. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    So, once again, the mindset is "If it doesn't directly benefit ME, it needs to go away, and screw anybody that does benefit from it, because I'm the only player who matters."
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  8. KidKretz Committed Player

    yeah, only a tiny fraction of the playerbase is here...even less when they pretend to be the new community manager :p
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  9. Kikumod Daybreak Games

    I posted this in the Announcements thread about this week's bonus drops, but wanted to share it here too for y'all.

    Thanks for the continued feedback on the timing of these bonus week posts. I definitely understand it's helpful to have that news available to the community prior to server resets, and I get the frustration when they get posted later than expected.

    A million different big and small reasons have caused a lot of changes to the way posts get made and news gets shared to the community, the biggest reason being that I'm not Mepps and I'm still figuring out the community. I know it's frustrating, but I appreciate everyone's patience while I guide the ship until we get a new Community Manager in to get things back to smooth sailing.

    Anyways, when it comes to bonus week announcements, I've had to do them on Thursdays for a while, and they might still happen on Thursdays sometimes, but I'll do my best to make sure that info is shared on Wednesdays when it's possible from now on.
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  10. zNot Loyal Player

    Good to see the communication, the reality is that the more communication that happens from dev side the less angry people and more understanding the community will be.

    Out of interest So you will be not here anymore then after the new community manager is here?
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  11. Kikumod Daybreak Games

    The goal is to find someone to be as much of a dedicated and passionate full-time Community Manager as Mepps! I'm just here temporarily until we can find that person, but I might continue to help out in some ways after the new community manager is here.
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  12. zNot Loyal Player

    Thank you for letting us know,we didnt know that and thought the replacement was already there this is definetly good news!
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  13. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    This is really all we're asking for, on the communication front. Some of us realize that it's not always possible to tell us everything that's going on, but an occasional "Hey, just wanted to let you know we're still here" goes a long way towards helping us not feel like we've been abandoned.

    I know some people want to know every little detail of what's being worked on, but really, it's enough to know something is being worked on.
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  14. Roocck Committed Player

    When we finally do get updates it’s been late! This is unacceptable.
  15. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    You know, continuing to yell at someone after they say they're trying to do better could be seen as counter-productive.
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  16. Icon Well-Known Player

    Thank you for the update. I think most of the community understands that changes are inevitable once a new leadership comes into power and a new status quo will be established however it would be nice to be made aware of pending changes in advance rather than going silent for a prolonged period of time. I'm sure you've been made aware of how passionate and dedicated this community is to DCUO and we would very much like to see it continue with some much need and overdue updates and fixes (FIX VOICE CHAT and the Ally window PLEASE!! o.0).
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  17. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Thank you for the communication that we the community have just been hungry for. I like to believe I understand what is happening to the gaming community, just by following the news. What is actually happening at DB/DI, I have no idea, only that any information that you or the people above you could share with the community would be greatly appreciated.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  18. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Is it just me or is MEPPS not looking for a job as a community manager? I thought for sure he got laid off and didn't leave willingly lol why not contact him since he was so passionate. I knew it he asked for more money and got shut down so he walked away
  19. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    And what are we doing with ourselves? There's always college and go for gaming development. I'm sorry to say but all the talk ppl do and no action. The action is the devs got their career and making money and making a living while we been doing nothing but complain. Why constantly complain for years on a game where we can become a game developer.
    Ppl gotta get out there, get yourselves to college and find something you all can do for gaming developer.
    I'm not being mean, I'm telling like it is. We hit the agree of tos and policy. And also by playing the game, we agree. They can do what ever they want with their game.
    What we can do is give ideas for devs to make improvements. And it's not obvious to ppl? Why devs won't add what we ask. It's because the arguments we do with ppl and so devs not going to add "arguments" to the game. Id pps can't agree 100% on something. devs can decide to not make it happen.
    The only thing that most players agree on is adding old episode base items to vendors and marketplace.

    I'm a make a bet, if 1 thread can make it to 30 pages of no one arguing with other ppl. And ppl can post their ideas and suggestions.
    Such as making Omnibus cr clamp only omnibus que. The feedback on omnibus has not been 100% agreed on players. How about we all work together here and be positive with ppl and they increases the chances of devs seeing that majority of players agrees.

    Devs has said this many times, if it's not constructive and players not all agreeing. They won't add it to priority.

    Ppl talk negative about the devs and we ourselves being negative with each other. More so, maybe it's money, sure.
    And maybe we not paying attention to what they have said many times.

    And I'm betting that if a thread can make it to 30 pages of peace. The devs will likely respond in that thread and it's been adding to their priority.
    Id players don't agree, don't say anything.
    Here's to it.
    A thread on the top 3 things of highest demand.
    Seems so omnibus, episode base items to be more accessible, and PvP. Kidding.
    Booster bundles can be better. Or I don't know. Something if not booster bundles.

    Can only post your positive only feedback once. This is for analytics. Majority player base active or agreeing.

    Let's give it a try and see. I won't make the thread. Someone can try it.
    If ppl can see that any negatively on each other on what we want in the game. The devs will completely ignore and they can.
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  20. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    when your loved one gets sick and gets worse because of an incompetent doctor, will you also start talking all that nonsense about becoming doctors yourself? or when a policeman, due to a disregard for attitude, lets go of a thief who has stolen your savings for the last few years? or when the chef over-salts a basic scrambled egg, will you also start talking about how everyone who didn’t like the mediocrity of the cook should become a chef himself?
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