Unreal3/Binaries/Win32/OptionsLaunch.exe - 14001, Well Ok

Discussion in 'Game Support' started by AmigoBarto, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. AmigoBarto New Player

    I Have downloaded DCUO to play with my friends, but i seem to have this issue every time i load it. I tried downloading the Microsoft Framework 3.5, Cause people said this might fix it. It will not finish the installation.
    Anyways, here is the error "Unable to launch Unreal3/Binaries/Win32/OptionsLaunch.exe - 14001: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.". If someone could please help me admin/moderator/player that would be great. Just a couple of my computer specs I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 or 1545r dosen't really matter. I have Windows XP currently Installed. I have an intel mobile chip 4 for graphics card, not the best but it can handle. I also have a intel pentium Proccesor. Thanks For Reading and thanks for future feedback. o_O
  2. OnceUponATime New Player

    Well I searched but I pretty much just came up with the same results as what you already had. I'm assuming your XP install is fully updated (all three service packs etc). It's getting to the point where it really is a bit of an old operating system - you only have a few months left before it becomes a completely unsupported operating system

    Visual C++ redistributable package can be found here:
    .NET framework here:
    You may also want to check the system requirements here:
  3. AmigoBarto New Player

    Thank You for your Feedback. I have the requirements, and am downloading what you have given. I know Windows XP is becoming unsupported, it will actually not be supported by microsoft anymore starting April of this year. I will probably switch to windows 7 In the future but right now i'm just using Windows XP instead of ubuntu Linux. <---Don't know if you know what that is, but i'm thinking you do, and if you don't its just another operating system. I will post feedback if it works :0

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