Unplanned Server Maintenance - January 5, 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All DCUO servers will undergo maintenance today beginning at 7:45 AM PT. The maintenance is expected to last around 2 hours.

    During this maintenance, players will be unable to log in but can continue to play if already logged in. The end of this maintenance may require server restarts, meaning server downtime for everyone for around 45 minutes.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Update: All worlds are back up.
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  2. Cordelia Active Player

    Oh thank goodness. I thought my internet had crapped out again. Whew.
  3. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    Aw I wanted to log in. It's okay, at least it will fix whatever issue is going on so we can play again. Thanks for letting us know!
  4. Kanniu Well-Known Player

    Did the initial maintenance mess up or something?
  5. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Time to play Hitman
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  6. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Thanks for the heads up ;)
  7. Ding New Player

    well...it kicked me out while playing and did not let me continue playing. bad timing when you took a day off for this. :/
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  8. Mahd New Player

    Please tell me that they will fix Top bugs - In progress by the end of this server maintenance.
  9. Starlight New Player

    I would like to see sorcery get a dps heal like
    lighting soul well is a good idea please add one ty new player to dcuo
  10. Starlight New Player

    Oh also see raven as a legendary character ty
  11. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    I was already logged in dcuo , running quests then randomly it started everyone freezing in place awhile i could move my character then there other playerers were moving jerkly around and then disconnect me from game. I try to relogged. This was 20 minutes ago. Then i check forums oh, ok.
  12. BUDOKAI101 Well-Known Player

    Man I was on my alt 327 running hqr with 3 other dps who were maxed cr and arts. I was killing it they couldn't keep up with my burn. We ran that in 9min and 30sec but I dced when the boss was at 2%. Lol definitely would have been nice to see some red writing from mepps in game to let us know. But I'll take 150 free replays for the unexpected downtime. thank you for understanding aswell :)
  13. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    I hope it doesn't break anything ... for example doesn't end the winter event prematurely .... right?
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All worlds are up. Please do let us know if you continue to see anything strange.
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  15. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    This is DCUO, I think you might need to be more specific. :)
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  16. Fwames Well-Known Player

    I hope this fixes those teleporter crashes
  17. Mahd New Player

    What about Super-Speed Movement Trail bug and Armory Mastery Weapon Style bug?
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  18. rimvader Well-Known Player

  19. Zamara Committed Player

    You mean strange as in the giant metal bat from the metal bounty going missing causing the small bats to go out for a walk around gotham killing everyone who was doing their dailies?
    Or like the students in the legion area leaving their terminals? i found a few of them standing away from their terminals yesterday while doing that mission where you have to disguise, when i interacted with them the demons spawned where the terminal was as the student was walking back there
  20. LavaSpitter_json New Player

    whatever happened to the test servers?

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