Unplanned Server Downtime - January 9, 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 9, 2021.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The US PS/PC server is offline currently as we complete this morning's daily restart. We do not have a downtime estimate.
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  2. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Thank you for being communicative.
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  3. Corsair X Well-Known Player

    Thanks. Maybe it will fix that weird lag. I know it's been said its not related but my household has been fine except for dcuo. I'll check it out later today once server returns. Oh, and can you fix the issue with the armories please. Switch your armory and it makes you continuously run. lol
  4. KingNova New Player

    When will you upload new powersets? maybe add a coloring to certain powers maybe green fire for fire powers... something different... if you add new powersets maybe a Blue Lantern Powerset?
  5. Dark Nyghtwyng New Player

    With the anniversary event going on, many people are going to want some sort of compensation for not being able to play during this unfortunate update. Im sure it is warranted but the community as a whole doesnt seem overly appreciative of this... thanks for the update. Hope to be back on soon.
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  6. KneelBeforeZodd Well-Known Player

    It's just 2 hours lol.
    I wouldn't mind getting some extra seasonal currency as a anniversary gift though :p
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  7. mouseymouse1976 Active Player

    People can be so ungreatful in this game sometimes. Like zod said it is just 2 hours.
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  8. Dark Nyghtwyng New Player

    We are going on hour 4 of this since server reset started at 0900 est. Just saying lots of people are not particularly liking this- especially with a new event going on. At least with the Christmas event we were still able to play with the delay of that event.
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  9. Strictly Commercial New Player

    How do you know it's just two hours? Just hoping you're right and that your source is good. Also, I wouldn't say no to an aniversary gift like that, though I wouldn't expect it.
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  10. rimvader Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the info, I guest its cayo perico heist perp time.;)
  11. ReedSpacer New Player

    this "event" has been a complete clusterf**k.. if this keeps up i WILL be cancelling my membership. Nothing but bugs, crashes, disco and lag... AND a six day loot lock on the events!?! wtf?
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  12. mouseymouse1976 Active Player

    I was just commenting on what was said. I hope it's back up soon also, but it is not the end of the world.:)
  13. Staggiie New Player

    I mean, we pay $10-$15 a month, we expect a working game.
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  14. Elceetu New Player

    It’s so frustrating that EVERY SINGLE TIME you have an update or game addition we go through this and we never get any courtesy gifts. I mean I understand that this will happen been playing since Beta. Please give us extra currency, marks or even bring back something like Superman anniversary emblem. Or a SUPER RARE MATERIAL AND AURA. Better yet maybe 1/2 off MARKETPLACE CASH..Like I said earlier I understand
    I’m just asking for a suitable reparations. I’m an adult working male who rarely gets time and when I do it seems like this what happens. Again GOOD JOB with this game, but you can do better.
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  15. DscwcFolly New Player

    ps i am sure DCUO is doing what they can to fix it dont like it then dont play game
  16. Copilotbob New Player

    Where did the 2 hour estimation come from? Just curious as if it came from an official source or not? If not and someone does hear of a targeted window of time for the server to come back online please post it in this thread. Thanks
  17. Tracmar Well-Known Player

    Sometimes stuff happens.... the recent anni event has caused a lot of players to login causing queue delays etc ..plus the lags / queue disruptions...better to have a working game after a few hours of downtime than have a running game with glitches
  18. Dark Nyghtwyng New Player

    Right. We pay monthly, its a saturday (a day most ppl can only play on or a day at the very least has the most ppl on) its a major seasonal event, the game has overall been laggy af since the seasonal dropped. Sure its not "the end of the world" but as a consumer, when i pay for something, i expect a working product that if something does go wrong the devs doesnt just throw their hands up and shrug their shoulders. Like i said im sure they are working diligently but i feel like we the consumers should get SOMETHING when our game is down for 4 hours for a typical 30 mim reset.
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  19. Copilotbob New Player

    Server status is showing up in support so we might be in business shortly.... hopefully
  20. mouseymouse1976 Active Player

    omg people I'm just saying it's just a game. What do want them to do let it run badlyo_O. I would rather it be fixed.
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