Unmodded, green, off-role gear

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. RSL New Player

    and you wonder why you can't finish nexus or paradox?

    i had a fellow healer in paradox last night that i was trying to privately [tells] give advice as to why my heals were those of a solo healer and his were 1/4th that number [yes i had the "luxury" of a second healer, who did so little it made me regret it every second]. i told him for this top tier content it's really better if he wore his healer rings instead of dps ones even if the dps ones have a higher cr. that the restoration stat they had was important. and that he should look at modding them either with synthetic or farmed mods.

    instead i was told it was okay for him to wear this unmodded off-role ring and his other green gear because "it's temporary". i bit my tongue for a while. really irritated though. but once the raid clearly fell apart [we had similar trouble with the burn due to lack of gear but that dps listened and made you WANT to help him instead of arguing he was doing fine], i brought up what he'd said. that it was okay to wear unmodded, green, off-role gear because it was temporary and tried explaining that it wasn't "temporary" to any of us who were in the content with him currently. this was our permanent state with him in this raid.

    he proceeded to argue that MY heals [which were 4x his] were the problem. the problem actually was that where normally there's been a solo healer and 4 strong to decent dps we had 2 healers [only one of them really doing his job] and 3 dps [one of which was doing a lot less damage than the top dps [or the second]]. then he walked out the door.

    i know this is going to fall on deaf ears. and people are going to insist that i'm not letting someone "play their own way". but please for the love of any god you might believe in. for the love of your teammates and your respect for not wasting your OWN time... please come to the top tier content prepared.

    flame away.
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  2. ADG New Player

    :eek: It's only temporary? How is that even a response? What? Young or asleep.

    This has been every run for me in DOX this week since reset. What the heck is up with our gaming community? I feel like it's been "Invaders From Planet Derp" week.
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  3. DarkSyde79 Loyal Player

    Is there such a thing as temp gear? Yes.
    Should you be using it in the hardest content in the game? No.

    But this is the nature of the beast in DCUO these days.

    Especially with people clamoring to get geared up before the DLC9 drops, although most are nowhere near prepared to run it.
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  4. RSL New Player

    you kinda have a point with some gear as you level up being temporary. but it shouldn't ever be off-role [unless you're a unique and beautiful snowflake intending to do it all your way as a hybrid or whatever nonsense they want to call it] and honestly... no matter how temporary it is, slap a beta in there for the affinities and the stats boost. you can turn right around when the next "temporary" piece comes and get back yr exobyte and re-beta the new gear as well for very little in game cash.
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  5. ADG New Player

    You nailed it. Since reset I have seen it. The environment has changed. Folks are clamoring the pvp and the least geared/modded players are out en mass. Every dox this week has involved even the tanks being under-modded or not modded at all in a mad dash for marks. But aint gonna be marks when we keep wiping. Everyone's hoping to get lucky enough to pug into a team that will carry them, but only 2 or 3 decent players in those teams.

    Fools are rushing in and it's wasting our time.
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  6. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    If your healing is 400 % his, 30 restoration from a ring is going to make zero difference. And, if his alternate ring is low enough you have have to factor in defense etc.

    Remember up until full t5 gear, t2, t3, t4 you are working at around the 1500-2000 resto, so a few hundred resto per tier and then the next step up is BAM 4000 resto.

    The jump from initiation to completion on that specific tier is gigantic.

    It's going to look crazy because it is.

    That said I do agree you should throw everything but the kitchen sink at restoration when you going into a fight at or above your level.
  7. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    I would of left:) I hate wasting my time with people who don't come prepared.
  8. RSL New Player

    i started to reply to mary bliss' comment but i remembered you can't argue with the thought process that it's okay to miss stats here and there as if the math of stat improvement isn't one of accumulating small numbers as well as big ones. i've had this argument too many times. a small improvement is the same as no improvement. you can't talk sense to that.

    i wonder if i'll see replies to ignored content now.
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  9. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    LOL seems like she's still running Prime and Gates:)
  10. Ice Lantern New Player

    Pfft you guys are oppressive elitists. You guys just want to deny this guy his fun and were probably just jealous that he is playing his way. I'm sure he was onto the next big thing and you guys were too closed-minded to see it. And your "time", really? You mean you didn't log onto the game to be a servant of others? You should logging onto the game for the sole purpose of helping the community, not using people like they are pieces of meat. And why should he come prepared? He's in the raid to get prepared. What, do you think he should go through the trouble of running other content first? That's just silly. And mods? Do you have any idea how much time and effort it takes to get mods since GU33? It's almost impossible. Like I said, you guys are simply being elitists.
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  11. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    Nah I agree you should bring all the restoration you can at the top tier.

    Just saying 1 ring isn't going to close the 200 % stats gap between t4 and t5 gear.

    And depending on the ring he could easily be better off with more defense.
  12. The Aerovenger Dedicated Player

    So, someone who mods their CR86-88 gear with expert mods is an elitist?
    I have the best gear available to me so far in this game (based on lucky drops). I do not run T5 raids with anyone who is below CR85 gear modded. Why? Because I have a life and I haven't the time to spend failing Nexus & Dox with guys who are not prepared to gear up via the other T5 content like I did when the content first came out. Certainly CR99/100 players can fail the raids sometimes, but players with CR83 unmodded gear will fail!
    I have no problem helping guys who are slightly undergeared with the raids - provided they have been putting work in themselves to gear up and not just be carried.
    So, if that makes me elitist, so be it.
    But....look at the OP's example of this CR83 unmodded healer.....he could not run the raids successfully with similarly geared people....
    So...if he wants to succeed with that gear, he will need some 'elitists' in his team!!!!
  13. RSL New Player

    fwiw ice lantern was being facetious. it was obvious to me but sarcasm can be hard to discern on the internet.
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  14. Ice Lantern New Player

    And it's even harder when so many people here would say that stuff and actually mean it. I thought my post was so unreasonable and ridiculous that it would have easily been seen as sarcasm. That's my fault for not minding my surroundings.
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  15. RSL New Player

    it's like satire posts about things pat robertson would say. you can't tell crazy true from crazy fiction.
  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Whoah he said only temporary, that was the red flag to kick immediately. If he is doing highly substandard heals, below the tank and trolls in damage. WTF is he even doing in there. I like to solo, but I also like it when there are two healers, but when there are two healers everyone contributes to the burn and there is no question with heals, but this guy you speak of probably was walked into gates 3 days ago. Sorry for your terrible pug situation.

    Fake-Hybrid-Healer: A healer who mixes up dps gear and healer gear, has a small range of skill points and doesnt reach maximum potential. (guy who was in pug group with RSL)

    Hybrid-Healer: A healer who wears full healer gear while modding dual mods with core strength and has a high range of skill points while maximizing healing and damage potential. Average Hybrid healer has 4400+ resto and 130sp.
  17. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    All gear is temporary. That is no reason not to be as stacked as you can be in the highest difficulty content in the entire game. That is a ******** reason for why it is ok to run with gear kike that in dox. Even if you are full 88, your gear is still temporary.
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  18. Gunny New Player

    I am glad I read further down....I spent the better half of a night in another thread with 2-3 knuckleheads that were making honest posts just like your sarcasm.

    I was even coming up with a reply in my head until it was brought up you were kidding.
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  19. Ice Lantern New Player

    Yeah, lol. That was my fault. I forgot where I was and incorrectly assumed that something so ridiculous and asinine would be automatically taken as sarcasm.
  20. ADG New Player

    This is a reality on almost every thread now for me. And I am much happier!

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