Unequal Advantage

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  1. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That's 1 combo and 1 cross combo out of how many possible combos? During the revamp, weapon damage was intentionally set at a disadvantage to superpower. To "balance" this every Controller powerset has a group weapon buff that is also the power heal. All of this was before people discovered DW/Flurry and MA/Smoke AoE.

    Then they introduced broken VWD and paired with other artifacts made specific weapon combos stand out. There was a weapons balance pass and VWD was nerfed. This didn't correct the issue that weapons overall are behind compared to superpowers. DW/Flurry is still the go to for single target and MA/Smoke took a backseat to Doomspin. Take away jump cancelling and DW/Flurry will cease to be popular.

    And Might is not lacking in boss damage. What powersets lack in single target can easily be corrected with Amplified Heat Vision.
  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    I really wish folks like yourself would be able to distinguish that difference, because when you say it's precision that's unbalanced; It's not precision.

    You use Dual Wield Flurry, and Doom Spin as your reasoning that Precision is out of balance with the artifact... Fair enough, but the flaw in the argument lies here:

    If It's truly Precision as a whole that dominates, then why aren't we seeing more weapon combo variations dominate the meta? Oh right, because those two are the meta.

    So the question is "Is precision getting more than might?" the question should be: "Are powers and weapons going to Match that of Dual Flurry Shot/Doom Spin?"

    When you frame as "precision being the issue" Your already going to make the overwhelming majority of weapon combos be even worse off than they are now, a lot of them suck and don't compare to Dual Flurry/Doom Spin.

    But if you frame as the meta needing a long overdue nerf or powers getting to match it's damage output, then it's a fair comparison.
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  3. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    So everyone knows that Doomspin is more than likely getting a major nerf right? Mepps posted a little while ago that it was ' performing higher than it should.' Not sure if they're doing anything with Flurry.

    So it's not really precision being OP so much that Doomspin is apparently doing too much.
  4. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    The thread is about might having a disadvantage to prec. Point is prec needs to be looked at and not given even more buffs. And I use those combos as an example bc those are the strongest moves in game for multi and single target. Heat vision is a bandaid which forces players to lvl up an artifact that’s only beneficial for 1 move. And no matter if you have a 200 solar amp with a great rotation it still won’t do more single target dmg then a good prec user.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Which it doesn't.

    It was looked at quite recently, there was a weapon's balance pass. It was not given a proper amount of time or attention due to additional content that needed testing. I have serious lack of faith in another balance pass. You've been here since beta, so I assume you already knew that...

    DW/Flurry is a bandaid for weapon damage. Take away jump canceling and it does about as well as similar combos. Doomspin is just broken. Periodt. The only real advantage that weapon DPS have over Superpower is better power management.

    LOL whatever you say.
  6. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    This is why full might players like myself loved Tetrahedron when it first came out.
  7. hoaxone Committed Player

    I'm just gonna say...
    Precision for a majority of dcuo's life has been the go to in terms of damage. Hardlight was king for a long time, then berserk I mean rage. Awesome mechanics was the only real time that powers outshined precision on a consistent basis. Now with all the artifacts, its just gonna be what weapon combo will be next. Precision has and always will hit hard. To say anything different is delusional. The stat points are made more to a precision dps as well because they use powers as well, where as a might dps dosent use weapons really.
    Granted I havent been back for that long, but I've seen those jump canceling ( which i thought was abolished) flurry shot rage dps putting up those cartoon inflated numbers. It definitely a trend is all.
  8. Yette New Player

    I’m not gonna lie, switching from might with solar amplifier to precision, there’s a huge difference in damage. It was easy to beat Might players with 200 artifacts when I have some 120s. Even if they are “scaled” evenly, it’s a general consensus precision will still beat Might.
  9. Yette New Player

    I agree! Even if might and precision players are evenly getting the same buff, there are still so many ways might players are heavily disadvantaged such as the skill point trees.
  10. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    At 160 the power dump effect from claw effects affects everyone
  11. Xibo Loyal Player

    There is no unequal advantage between Might and Precision.

    There is a HUGE unequal advantage between Doom Spin non-WM, Flurry Shot WM and another precision moves.

    Doom Spin non-WM and WM Flurry Shot (being jump-cancelled ) are hitting higher than it should and both need to be balanced.
  12. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    From a lore aspect, precision should probably do more damage. If you’re hitting something in the right spot, you’re probably going to take it down quicker than just pounding on it with brute strength. Work smarter; not harder.

    That’s why characters like Val Armorr (Karate Kid) can hold their own against and even outmatch Superman. They’re not super strong; they’re super precise.

  13. Xibo Loyal Player

    Using Tetra level 200 you gain 4% more Might against Precision DPS. You still can get beat but it can helps.
  14. TurbulenceDCUO Well-Known Player

    The players defending flurry shot and doom spin are the same players who said mental wasnt broken with the WM exploit. They're the same ones who switched to gorilla when it was broken. Subpar players will always latch onto fotm because it's the only thing that keeps them relevant.
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  15. Yette New Player

    You're still buffing the powers precision players are using, but if precision players use Cog, the precision might players get is useless.

    Lmao absolutely, majority of the players in DC do have a competitive nature which is fine, which is why I mainly run with league as our artifacts are based off of the synergy and buffing each other :)
  16. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    when i said this about lfg and prec dps a few weeks back on another thread; they said i was crazy and nobody else ever saw this! It’s practically screamed for all elite now! Thanks for showing that im not crazy!
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