Unequal Advantage

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Yette, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. Yette New Player


    I've noticed recently the difference between the buffs might players and precision players get. For example, using the artifact Claw gives might players 7% buff, yet precision players get 20%. Furthermore, looking at adaptive head mods for the current Thanagarian ones, precision players get 5% boost yet might get 3%.

    Is there a particular reason why this is so?
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Precision needs more help than Might to be viable.
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  3. Yette New Player

    In what aspect exactly?
    I'm sure precision already beats might in any boss damage. Yet even with multiple adds, precision still hits hard. For example, two handed weapons are hitting pretty hard right now

    And also with the adaptive head mods, I meant the adaptive augments haha!
  4. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    I have no idea what game your playing if you think prec needs more of a handicap. You must be really bad at prec. There’s a reason why you constantly see lfg lf prec dps. Doom spin on ads and dw flurry shot are and have been the meta for a while
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  5. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    Might damage and Precision damage have different base numbers, and use different formulas if you select the stat detail thingy on the second tab of the inventory menu. So it's likely that a 7% buff to the Might number is equivalent to a 20% buff to the Precision number.
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  6. TheEnquirer Active Player

    Yeah I can’t remember the ratio but might has always been like a 1.5 higher percentage than precision, so I am confused as to why the adaptive augments gave more to precision this DLC. Has that been fixed in the new Birds Of Prey DLC? Regardless, might players are not remaining as competitive as precision players. The controller claw artifact has helped a lot with increasing buffs to the group, but as was stated by Yeete, precision players seem to be benefiting from the weapon adapter mod, controller power recharge buff, and increased adaptive augment stats more so than might users. I too am curious why this is.
  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    As stated above. The scaling is what causes them to buff differently.
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  8. Yette New Player

    Completely understandable.
    It's a matter of question of whether the problem itself is just precision attacks being too high or might attacks are being too low.

    It's also a concern that if you're precision, you can take advantage of the might buff from claw, as well as the precision buff. However, if you're might, the precision buff is practically useless.
  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    The issue isn’t that might abilities being to low or prec being to high. It’s that the might abilities should scale a little more with might. If they adjust the base numbers of abilities than prec dps would get a buff too. However if might abilities were to scale a little better than the buff prec gets in return is lessened.
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  10. Yette New Player

    Why hasn’t this happened yet? The solution seems so simple..
  11. Trexlight Devoted Player

    There's no such thing as a "simple solution" with game coding and balancing
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  12. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    We're you'll here before they introduced artifacts? Precision damage, with the exception of two combos, was garbage. Still is actually. Precision and Might do not scale the same. Why do you think every powerset has a weapon buff but no might buff?
  13. xm3n3hun3 Well-Known Player

    not to go off on a tangent.... (all above is true, prec really does need more help than might).

    I had suggestion a while ago (I can't remember when) that prec isn't easy to play due to the button combos being used for the advance mechanics - it's the ease of learning to do the dual wield into bow flurry which makes it the dominant move (along with it hitting hard and stunning and multiple hits)

    IF the devs - could change all prec advanced mechanics buttons combos to the same easy button combos - you might see more players use all weapons for prec advanced mechanics, but until then only those button moves that are easy to learn and hit as hard (as might powers do) will be useful for players.

    Right now - there are might based powers (w/artifacts) which easily dominate(out hit) any precision moves.

    several month ago - prec took a nerf (I really noticed the nerf on my prec healer) -I think too many might based players were "crying", I don't cry - I just keep playing - the devs have shown a pattern of nerfing powers and moves as they see fit - as well as buffing powers and moves - so this is part of this game....

    and yes I still stick with prec even after yrs of nerfs/buffs - I just find it easier - when building an alt to stick with a typical loadout and prec based is the easiest to stick to - vs might based where today's buff could be tomorrows nerf - and it's maddening to change loadouts - every month of so for multiple alts.....
  14. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    Did anybody test and see if this made prec players over powered, or did you see a big number and go yep unbalanced

    So about the claw its, not giving a 20% buff the group power heal itself gives the 20% buff. Thing is you'll need to be a controller for this buff to actually happen so right off the bat a prec player really wouldn't be using this. But on to unequal advantage, might players have advantages over prec players mainly being that you don't have to put sp into the powers you want to use but for a prec player we're dumping between 10 or 20 sp (didn't do an accurate count) into weapon skills. A might player right off the bat can just start dumping sp into crits and where ever.
  15. AMDRyzen Level 30

    Your setup to the premise is wrong, the 20% prec buff comes from the power dump ability itself with or without the claw and it only goes to the troll himself and the 3 other people with the highest power pool percentage. As for the disparity that you cite, it has to do with scaling of the stats. Precision has always scaled a bit worse in the stats than might which is why precision player have always need more precision than might players need might to be just as effective.
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  16. Gromm865s Active Player

    I take it these people saying might and prec are equal have never actually run anything with a prec and might player. Might has a cap to a point, prec does not. So many clipable moves with a prec dps, it's ridiculous. Just last night, running MOMe, the gadgets prec dps by the end of the Mister freeze fight, was only behind the player with the sunblade by 2-3 mill. 20 million in damage and the next player was at 8. Two handed doomspin is so op on a prec gadgets dps.
  17. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    I’ve been here since beta and regardless of what was before, this is what’s going on now. During am electric and nature sucked, does that mean they should be op now. Every power has a finisher but are they all the same? It doesn’t change the fact that dw/flurry shot and doom spin need to be looked at regardless of your feelings.

    I’ve said before n I’ll say it again. It’s hilarious that people that post the dumbest things never post an in game name. They really don’t want us to see how bad they are.
  18. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    The point of this thread isn't about Doom Spin or DW/Flurry, nor is it about my feelings. I suggest you reread this thread slowly.
  19. Yette New Player

    And I agree with you! That's extremely disadvantaging precision players, yet you can easily overcome it by having high skill points.
    However, let's not forget after you finish the 255 Precision skill, you can put the rest into might and power and continue to strengthen your superpowered abilities and unlike that, once might players finish putting all the skill points into might and power, the rest are almost useless. Yes you can argue we can put the rest into precision or health, but how useful and beneficial is that really?
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  20. Yette New Player

    Doom Spin and DW Flurry shots provides an example of how hard Precision hits. It shows that they dominate the game whether it's boss damage or multiple adds damage. Might however, heavily lacks boss damage. You can argue some might powers are strong when it comes to both, but that alienates the rest with alternative powers.