Up-Votes Needed Unable to Complete "Make Them Mad" Mission (PC, Villain)

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  1. Lunar Ronin New Player

    I reached combat rating 70+ for the first time (on a villain), and I was given the mission to go to the Arkham Asylum area of Gotham City. I did the daily there with T.O. Morrow. I was confused that there was only one daily in the area, so I did some research and discovered that there are ten random daily missions from the same contact, but you can only get one a day. So I used 48 replay badges to run the daily mission four more times, for a total of five times. Then I received the mission "Make Them Mad." I entered Arkham Asylum, ran into Nightwing, and kicked his butt. I then turned in the mission and got some rewards.

    However, the mission is still showing on my journal under "Completed." I tried to complete it, but I either get nothing, or I get the error message: "Could not complete task" I've tried logging out and logging back on, nada. I waited for today's daily maintenance, and tried again after. Nada. If it makes any difference, this is on the PC.


    Any help with this issue would be appreciated.
  2. Stranger Well-Known Player

    I guess you have to choose the reward on the right window first. (Helmet, Shoulder, etc.) Click on any of these items.
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  3. Unknown1 Level 30

    You will need to choose a reward at the right each time. Steelworks is the same.
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  4. Lunar Ronin New Player

    Yep, I figured it out Saturday night. Thank you for the assistance. Not a bug at all, it just works differently compared to the Dakota City weeklies. When I finished the "Make Them Mad" mission, I received an unattuned hammer (that I can't use), and assumed that that was the reward.

    Thanks again!
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