Um I've played the Alert every day since the DLC was made available to Legendary...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Circe, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Circe New Player

    ...and I still haven't received a controller trinket for my controller, or Handblasters weapon for my healer.

    Funny thing is, my healer keeps getting the controller trinket, that I need on my controller that's just not dropping for her.

    As for the Handblasters, I haven't got them on either toon. It would be nice for me to get Handblasters on my healer - it just feels like impossible for me to get Handblasters.

    I also have yet to get the controller face for my controller.

    Meanwhile, I keep getting DPS and Tank gear and trinkets on my characters. Also, my controller keeps getting the healer trinket. What help is that?
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  2. Larfleeze New Player

    If you only got what you wanted from runs then there would be very little reason to run then more than a handful of times.

    Welcome to the MMO genre.
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  3. MetalMario Loyal Player

    It's random, but if you're impatient you can buy the trinket you want from the vendor. I did this and then immediately got duplicates.
  4. Circe New Player

    My controller just feels cursed, because on my healer I got the healer face and trinket pretty quickly. My controller just can't get a controller face or trinket. And I've played the instance every day on both toons.
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  5. The Hornet New Player

    My DPS with two pairs of Traces tank legs, who spent two months running around with a shield because he couldn't get a decent rifle drop, who's rocking three pieces of precision DPS 87 gear, has thismuch sympathy for you right now.
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  6. Little Sister New Player

    Buy the Trinket for 30 Marks
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  7. Azrael New Player

    to Op it happens to me. To fix this problem for a whole week just run the alert as your controller ONLY. The more alts you run on the same instance changes the loot distribution. I ran with 3 alts a day and everyone got off role loots more often. I did a week of just my controller and got all i needed (weapons included) expect for the controller face.
  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    It's amazing to me how few actually grasp this rather simple concept.
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  9. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    I would just buy it if I were you with that kind of luck.
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  10. hudapak Well-Known Player

    I keep getting tank drops on my troller and DPS/troller drops on my healer. It was frustrating every time I get a loot that I can not use. So I just bought the ones I need from the wasteland vendor.
  11. Enat Active Player

    Pray harder to the Random Number Gods.
  12. Teldon New Player

    4+ months of playing the t5 alerts, solos and raids and have yet to get any MA weapons.
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  13. GreenDrakkon New Player

    I've yet to see a troller trinket fall either. I've seen three healers, two tanks, and one dps trinket. I'm happy I got the dps one as it's my main role but I still want a troller one for my alt role.
  14. JayJay2515 New Player

    My dps alt has the clown nose trinket while my troller main doesn't....
  15. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    hmmm sounds like you need new mods....maybe you should farm more exos?
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  16. petvpets New Player

    Righty o, Circe you need to take a break and regroup and plan it out next time.

  17. Spector Knight New Player

    I'm a primary dps/secondary controller and I've had trinkets for both my roles drop, and for the tank and healer (salvaged those), and full 84 armor drops for both, with the exception of a belt for my controller. I've had two unattuned 167 rifles drop, and 167 hand blasters, staff, brawler, one handed, dual wield, and MA weapons. And I didn't use replay badges. Some folks are just unlucky.
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  18. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I got one today from the Trigon Alert :) After the Wayne Family boss fight. Exactly the same stats as the purchasable one, and when either one is activated, the other goes on a cool-down, too... so it's pretty pointless if you've already purchased it.

    Does anyone know if that's intended, by the way? Whenever I activate any of the T5 trinkets, they set the cooldown off on all of my trinkets. Yet if I have the FOS trinkets and the Summertime event trinket in my utility belt, I can rotate them. Even today.
  19. Mint Stiletto Loyal Player

    I ran the TP alert every day since early release and I burned up 300 replays and didn't get a staff till 2 days ago.But hey that's how it goes sometimes.In a week or so I'll be reading your thread about how you are getting to many trinkets and want something else;)
    You are always good for a laugh Circe. I'm so glad I only read your posts tho, cause irl you have to be.....omg LOL
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  20. Coconuts Well-Known Player

    Best way I've found to deal with this problem is the following.

    -at the character select screen, press triangle
    -type in your characters name
    - press enter

    This usually resolves most people's issues with the game. Either this, or quit complaining so damn much.
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