Um.... Is the game broken now?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Alba Eclipta, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Almost nothing useful about DCuo. And where your OP Rage's loadout with 4 DoTs, huh?
    Rage not OP. It is that should be. Even more, healing abilities is more weaker now, so increased melee damage is good reward for risk being killed.
  2. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Me too except the the T2 duos are not giving end loot. I can confirm this. The other Earth toons that I have run with and the one that I have seem to be doing fine.
  3. Maxwill Committed Player

    Don't start that nonsense please.Many people told me that they have found usefull loadouts and rotations and tips about dcuo.And I didn't post the loadout with 4 dots because I wanted to make the other one.And guess what will happen next time you quote me and write nonsense...
  4. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Oh yeah... May be newbies likes your videos, but not other players. You didn't post because you know - you wrong and your wailing "rage is OP because he has 4 DoTs" is absurd. Nothing special. You will continue to cry and leave when it comes to proving your words.
  5. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    No. Rage is actually a tad Overpowered atm. This isnt false. Its not inline damage wise. Yes melee should be strong i agree. But there healing was buffed not nerfed. I have an end game rage toon. It just needs to be adjusted a bit more is all.
  6. TheCMS Well-Known Player

    I actually out DPSed two higher CR people in tank role during AoD with earth. Just jackhammer spam til my bars 35% and gemstone shield, then weapon combos to get my bar up and rinse and repeat basically. Hybrid tree. CR 130. I think earths damage is pretty good compared to everything that isnt beach ball.
  7. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Not nerfed, truly? Now healing back from Severe Punishment not 100%, Remorseless Recovery have only 6 tick now and healing less than before. If you don't know something - better be silent. Melee abilities stronger and it is intended. Want more damage - use melee(if you sure about you can survive), range rotation even bit weaker then have other powers.
  8. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Every power can produce good damage if player is good.
    #stat and "skill" matter
  9. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Thats all relative to the new stats my friend. Use some perspective.

    Love that movie tho! Gone in 60 seconds!
  10. SixSigma Well-Known Player

    Well yes and no... HL took a hard hit when it shifted heavily to the "do you know how to clip" side. Those people who liked running combo chains don't even have the option to DPS on with HL unless they shift over to only clipping. Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with clipping, I'm just saying that the power isn't as customizable as the devs said all powers would be.

    Instead of giving HL players the ability to go either combo or clip they said you can clip if you want to be useful and combo if you want to just have fun. There would have been more skill involved in knowing the possible combo chains to move into pending on the situation.

    The devs basically traded Combo Cookie Cutter for Clippy Cookie Cutter.
  11. Xibo Loyal Player

    Let me help you....

    Use my loadout: Fortify Golem-Debris Field-Localized Tremor-Jackhammer-Crystal-Earthquake SC.

    Use the Superpowers playstyle mode.
    Buy Critical Reinforce III white mod.
    Buy Supercharged Earthquake III white mod
    Use Extended Supercharge white mod or Max Damage white mod.
    Use One Handed weapon.
    Change your movement mode for Super-Speed if you're not.
    Create a Crushing applicator on R&D and put it in your Utility Belt.

    Rotation: Within the Debris Field cooldown, apply Localized Tremor and spam Jackhammer until ends the Debris Field cooldown.

    Tip 1: Between groups of enemies, active your Fortify Golem.

    Tip 2: Get more feats as much as possible. Try to get at least 1 feat everytime you play.
  12. Maxwill Committed Player

    I'll prove it , on my youtube channel and you'll see it.I hope you're ready for an apology.
  13. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    It's been quite a while, but there is still no evidence... So, like was said before: you just useless crybaby.
  14. Maxwill Committed Player

    I was waiting for you to say something like: Yes I'm ready for an apology...
  15. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    then thats why, everything is might based. Only thing that benefits from prec is weapons.