Ultimate Soldier Aggro Mechanics

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    This thread to hopefully clarify a concern regarding Ultimate Soldier Aggro Mechanics. Something I figured wasn't even an issue.

    Mainly tanking this SM I've grown a bit bored and jumped into a R19 SM group where I'd finally get to DPS in a set up consisting of DPS, Controller, Healer, and Tank. The tank would kite Ultimate Soldier in the outermost part of the map in a circle, avoiding Flamethrower and lunging Mortars. However there were multiple instances where Ultimate Soldier lunged out to me in the center of the room all the way from the outer areas of the map, attacking me with melee rifle combos and getting me killed.

    According to the tank it was my fault I died because of where I was standing(mind you, I was in the center with the Controller where my Targeting Reticle was just a step away from being grey.) So somehow the DPS standing at possibly the most reasonable location to do damage results in Ultimate Soldier dropping aggro from the tank?

    As a Tank/DPS main of years that's tanked Ultimate Soldier in the raids as well as Survival Mode, its to the best of my knowledge that Ultimate Soldier does not randomly drop aggro from the tank nor is there some sort of "scripted mechanic" for him to lunge out at the DPS/group. The only reason he would lunge out to the group as mentioned above is due to an aggro loss. Once the Tank loses aggro, the next person on the Aggro List is DPS which would explain the lunging and killing.

    After pointing out to the tank he had lost aggro, there was quite a bit of toxic behavior where he felt it smart to let the adds of R20 Wave 1 wipe the entire group and proceed to send me tells blaming me for my deaths where Ultimate Soldier lunged out to kill me. :rolleyes:

    Hopefully anyone else with experience running Ultimate Soldier(Regular/Elite), or Survival Mode: R9/19/29 can provide some insight or at least upvote if you agree that:
    • Ultimate Soldier does not randomly drop aggro from the tank.
    • Ultimate Soldier does not have scripted mechanics to lunge out at the DPS of the group.
    I've tanked him multiple times and not once have had an occasion where he's dropped aggro to then lunge and kill the DPS.
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