Uhh I think I broke DC.. lol

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    TL;DR at the bottom, read the full text for context/breakdown.

    So I found this really interesting glitch accidentally and I thought I’d share it with you guys cus it’s pretty cool. I seriously doubt that anyone else has found this glitch tbh, so much so that part of me didn’t want to share it since I know now it’ll inevitably be fixed but oh well (but who knows maybe others have found it and just chose not to share it or someone has already posted about this and I’m an idiot; those are possible as well lol).

    But anyways, long preface out of the way, this glitch in question basically allows you to change your movement mode to any one you’d like, yes seriously. And no this isn’t some elaborate joke where I say “it’s actually a respec token” lol, you legitimately can change your movement without using one, “permanently.” The video below shows it. I didnt record how to do it in the video, but when I realized it was happening I recorded the evidence of it (excuse if it’s a little all over the place, I was kinda just messing around n didn’t realize it’d be almost 4 minutes lol).

    To do the glitch you need to have either the journeyman’s boots, the monitor propulsion pack, or the gloves of clinging. You see these items allow you to change movement (so from now on I’ll refer to them as movement pieces), but they force you to wear the piece so it drastically lowers your CR. Make sure you have either of these on (which ever movement you want to become “permanent”) and then head to on duty. Que into any pve instance where you play as an iconic (haven’t tested it in legends content but I’d think it’d work just the same) like The Hunt, Aegis of truth, etc, and then leave the instance. After this, go to your inventory and take off the piece changing your movement mode, you’ll notice that you’re STILL in the mode you were changed too even tho the piece is now unequipped! (So in my case flight). Cool right? This means you can be super speed to maximize damage, but fly around if you want to.

    Now to the reason why I say it’s “permanent.” The only ways to use your normal movement mode are to either
    A. Equip the piece corresponding to your actually movement mode (so in my case equipping the journey man boots “gave” me super speed again).
    B. Relogging.
    Thats it. And relogging is the only solution that fixes it permantly, not superficially like equipping one of the 3 movement pieces.

    If you choose not to relog then literally nothing else works (which is great). All of the following will not undo this glitch:
    • Warping
    • Going into an instance/leaving an instance
    • Switching roles
    • Switching armories
    • Dying
    • Going through portals
    • Respeccing

    So yeah, pretty cool glitch, go have some fun with it while it’s here. And to the guy reading this that already knew about it and now will be upset that the devs know about it, sorry bro lmao. As far as any practical uses for this tho I’m pretty sure you guys can figure it out. I’ll give you one to start with: the alert for Save The Universe right now is TD. There’s a bunch (pretty much all of them) of skipable adds in this alert and the easiest way to get by them undetected is to fly over em, so much so that I remember ppl using the little Dino trinket that turns you into a pterodactyl just to do so back in the day lol. What I’ve been doing now is doing this little trick before I go into TD, that way when it’s time to skip the adds I don’t have to swap on the movement piece to fly over (which lowers my cr) I’m just already flight.

    So yeah, that’s all I got. TL;DR if you put on a movement piece (journeyman’s boots, monitor propulsion pack, or gloves of clinging), que into an iconic solo, and then leave, that movement mode will stick to you “permanently” (until you relog) even once you’ve unequipped the piece.

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  2. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    I think it's actually working as intended.
    When the Legion Flight Ring and the Speed Force Ring came out earlier this year, they granted the same abilities as the Joker pack and he journeyman boots and to top it off, they could be equipped to different armories and you could go from a flying mode to a speedster mode without having the "cannot activate while transformed" message come up! (Great improvement!)

    When they eliminated the Vault in favor of the Doctor Fate Vendor, the old items (joker Pack, Journeyman boots and Gloves of Clinging were updated so they no longer were so restrictive and you had a freer hand in choosing how you moved and in what form.

    So that if Your a JSA fan with armories dedicated to Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Wildcat. You could have your character go from Speed to Flight to acrobatics without skipping a beat or having to pause so much too change your movement styles.

    I think if you got the original items in the Vault you should delete them in favor of the newer versions and just enjoy it! (and DEVS? When you get a chance, If you could throw in Mister miracle's Discs of skimming? That would really be a great addition to the selection

    (I'm an old school Justice League international Fan (wanna Make something of it?) and I have a character with armories dedicated to Batman, Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Wally West Flash (justice League Europe) and Mister Miracle!)
  3. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    The switching while transformed thing was updated as you stated but the point I was making in this thread is that by doing the steps I outlined, you can get the effects of whichever movement piece you want WITHOUT having it equipped lol. I doubt that’s working as intended, especially since you have to go through all this to get it to work.
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    Oh don't worry DC was broken long before you got your hands on it, you're the coroner not the murderer...to use an older analogy.
  5. merrygoblin Well-Known Player

    I have the some of the original vault movement items - like the joker jetpack - and it lets me do the same without deleting and rebuying. Tested it both ways, putting the item in the armoury and checking that applying the armoury gives me the flight movement, and the other way making sure the armoury doesn't have it in and applying an armoury build while having the item equipped. Worked both ways. I haven't tested that with them all, but works for the original joker jetpack. It's expensive to buy them again at 300 fate tokens each, if they work with armories now without doing that - especially so as a premium player getting less fate tokens than members do.
  6. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Ok back when I first got them from the vault you couldn’t import them into armories. If you had flight as a natural power and you tried to imprint an armory while having them equipped it would say, “can’t imprint build while transformed.

    When I discovered that Speed Force Ring and Legion Flight Ring could be imprinted on the build, I tried the old gloves of clinging and got the same message.

    When the Doctor Fate vendor was introduced, The newer ones didn’t have that problem so I just phased out the old gloves boots and pack for the newer versions. (I never bothered to check the old ones out and see if they had been retrofitted to be allowed as well)
  7. Harlequin Devoted Player

    No, this guy broke DC.