Tsunami! The Water Guide

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  1. DeitySupreme Well-Known Player

    Replace depth charge with aqua lance. Use shark clipped with high tide into aqua lance. Not sure what you are doing that gives you higher parsers with shark but aqualance is more damage. Only use aqua lance into shark when you will use a sc. and even than I wouldn’t recommend it. Shark isn’t working as intended since it doesn’t always crit. It is supposed to have a forced crit attached to it but it doesn’t always crit. But you can take the chance and try to force the crit on vacuum if you want.
  2. Mystere Well-Known Player

    With my rotation, using heat vision after shark often results in good crits and adds a dot - vac bubble also crits and adds the eye of gemini buff very often. Also for non-elite content stuff usually dies before the dots from Aqualance have ticked off whereas shark dmg is immediate. I havent tried replacing depth charge with aqualance but will tonight and see if it is better. Thanks for the idea.

  3. DeitySupreme Well-Known Player

    Ok I see, I normally run elite so things usually last a few sextra seconds. For none elite stuff run with depth charge and shark. Only use heat vision on bosses since it is a dps loss every other time. And shark atm is not a guaranteed crit. It is currently bugged.
  4. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Ok after many more Elite runs last night, the following is hands down the best loadout I have found (I have 160 soul cloak and 160 eye of gemini).

    The rotation is depth charge ->high tide -> bubble ->shark -> Vacuum Bubble (or gale if skimming) -> tsunami strikes (2 rotations) -> Repeat.

    If you are running with a healer that also uses eye of gemini you can use Vac bubble at the end of each rotation. If not, you won't be able to use each time, but A LOT!. Make sure you are standing near 1 (preferrably) 2 DPS so that they are inside the red circle from eye of the gemini and watch the extra damage constantly flow in! The damage from eye of gemini will show as WHITE dmg numbers.

    If you are not flight or skimming you can likely swap in your movement 2500 costs damaging super and do the same thing.

  5. DeitySupreme Well-Known Player

    If you are going to do elite than replace depth charge for aqua lance. During the rotation that you can’t use vacuum bubble use shark clipped with high tide into aqua lance. During the rotations that you can use vacuum bubble do aqua lance into high tide into shark.

    Keep in mind that shark is currently bugged and will not crit. This means that you won’t always get the forced crit either on vacuum.
  6. Mystere Well-Known Player

    I tried that but was doing better with depth charge.

  7. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Have they even acknowledged shark frenzy not working? It never even worked on test and was reported multiple times. It seems like a decently easy fix and has been an issue for a very long time in my opinion.
  8. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    I think it’s the tool tip that’s incorrect, not the ability.

    A High Tide Shark Frenzy makes the next power Crit if it’s immediately after. Best for Call of the Deep lol
  9. L T Loyal Player

    I think if you have drown going the dot tick can "steal" the crit
  10. AquamantheKing New Player

    For Water DPS is it better to go with Might or Precision? I was thinking the weapon buff with riptide might make the buff stack but I'm not sure. I also don't know if precision is the better choice or what loadout to use for it. Anyone have any Intel on this?
  11. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Ok but even so it only increases the chance then as I have plenty of times the next power doesn’t crit either. Just saying as it stands water is low tier and doesn’t even work right XD
  12. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Nope I don’t use drown and it or have anything else going and call of the deep still won’t crit for sure, it’s not guaranteed just increased chance
  13. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    It’s posible you aren’t timing it right. I’ve never had it not Crit.

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