Trying to run a league

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  1. krytine Loyal Player

    We only look for like minded people once you hit the friends list for a while then we ask if you want to see if we fit you and you us. If that happens we normally keep them for years most of our players are in their 30s most have mics and most know what feats they want and its almost as if a group of friends of about 40 different players and 120 different toons
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  2. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Wouldn't it be better to just try to find a league that will let you run solo since all you want is the buffs?
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  3. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    No, put to much time and effort into the league and league hall.
    I started my own league because I didn't like the idea of donating rate base items and earning lots of prestige while in the back of my mind I knew the person in charge could disband the league, kick me out, the league could die or the league leader could stop playing causing the league to die.

    At least having my own league I don't have to worry about that stuff. And if the league does die I still have a ton of free bank space the buffs and a cool base to play around with and customize.
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  4. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    I like making groups because i like helping people but on DC I have never bothered trying. It is hard finding people with the same level of interest. I bounce around alot of characters and now factions and sometimes i completely lose interest in the game,, like this stupid frustrating as hell anniversary event. Im a premium player so i dont try to max out my cr which makes me worthless to anyone who is lol.

    I made a good friend a year ago, and recentlty joined thier league on opposite faction. The all try to be bleeding edge and for the most part work on that but I do get help. I help get feats when i can for the big guys. A few times people have hung out with me and ran stuff how i do it lol. Theres usually 5-10+ people online during the day. The personalities are all good. The character I made to join them was 1 of my newest but it quickly jumped to being one of my strongest. Usually they all do thier own thing and if they need help they ask and if nobody answers they just do it anyways with random. For the most part they get help lol. The thing i notice about running as a group is it can waste alot of time. Alot of 2-5 min breaks for various people adds up. Or when u ask 4 help and they say 1 sec but are still 10-15 mins from the end of thier mission.

    I'd be happy with 3-7 active people in a league. The ability to control the pace of missions and not have to put up with morons is priceless.

    Politics/drama is an issue tho. What happens when some1 is added who you dont like? What happens if you share your feeling to leadership and nothing happens? Should you try to confront the person and possibly sour the group? Usually the new guy will have a friend so if they do get kicked the friend might leave also.
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  5. Pack_Mane Well-Known Player

    Some people may not even know what kind of effort has to go in League Management.

    I raise my glass to all Leaders.

    When the servers go up I think I'll change all league rankings to spell my name

    top to bottom
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  6. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    Yea I gotta say human drama can rip a league apart and trying to navigate the human drama is the most maddening part.

    All it takes is to people fighting and for sides to form in an argument for you to lose half your league
  7. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    Great suggestion
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  8. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I wouldn't think to start a league alone. My league is successful (at least in my opinion) and we have about 18 online on weekdays and we can go up to 25-30 on weekends. We started with 8 leaders (less stress on each of us and we get along well) and anyone who starts drama will be kicked without hesitation. Especially if it's for no good reason.
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  9. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    Today may or may not have been a good day for my league.
    With the explosion of level 100 players I made sure to scoop up a bunch of them.
    Should make hitting prestige cap that much easier.

    Plus with the fact they are all level 100 they can grow together.
    Just gotta hope a few of them last more than a week
  10. Kontakt Active Player

    You have a great point, i just hate league drama and that's what keeps me away from leagues.
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  11. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    I used to run a league. It was okay for a while, but ended less than successfully. I had multiple "wall flowers" in that league that 1) were skilled 2) that had people's backs if they needed help finishing an instance and 3) were active, contributing members. Those people just didn't have mics or wanted to bother typing much. Being a wall flower is NOT an indication of an inferior member.
  12. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    Indeed. And I raise my glass to you, sir- a spectacular league leader of a spectacular league.
  13. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    You're not describing a wallflower. A wallflower in league terms is somebody that joins the league (possibly actually being communicative with the recruiter during recruitment), but then goes entirely radio silent, doesn't respond when being spoken to directly or when addressing the league, or doesn't even ask for help. They're 'ghosts', if you will. While they may contribute to league prestige, they are otherwise an absentee.
  14. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    As a solo league guy, I have almost no problems pulling 75k+ prestige a month for three buffs. The last few months have been tough because lack of play time, but for the two and a half years I have been solo league man - two years I have pulled minimum average of 75k prestige. I go for 3% damage, the might and precision buff and the role stats buff.
  15. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    I think one of the under rated things about running a league is that it's also a source of income.

    I try to run my league like I'm the kingpin in charge of a vast criminal empire.

    When you have a big upgraded league bank people will just randomly donate stuff to it. Sometimes that stuff has good value. Now in a sense if you think of it like other single player games. Like the elder scrolls or suikoden series even gta.

    You take control of some enterprise and you get random rewards.

    As a league leader o can go in the league bank and it's basically just free stuff if I want it.

    I started off like you wanting just a one man league but I was too lazy and a anted all the buffs.

    Truthfully I want the ability without even playing.
    In the sense I want the league to be strong enough that even without me that it earns max prestige every week
  16. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    Some people are crazy. Like some people are actually nasty and kind of psycho.
    Also some people are kind of rude.
    Had a person quit today and before they quit felt the need to type in league chat that the league was weak cause they were cr 168 and beat me in a duel like a week ago.

    In a game with such a large population it's tough to sift through and find solid people.
  17. The peoples Badguy Committed Player

    The Bad One could never be a league leader because he would kick anyone who did not kiss his feet and pay tribute to the most evil, selfish and vain villain ever to play this great game. The People lead by example on the battle field but to control all those ego's and make decisions that will affect a league is not a problem The Iron Bull needs. He has a hard enough time controlling his fan base and all the women that love him.
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  18. xD25x Dedicated Player

    As a league leader you should never take from the league bank. Never put yourself in a position to take from your soldiers.
  19. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    When I say source Of income it's not much.
    I'm talking about when I clean out the league bank of stuff like fe3s or level 8 weapons and sell it to the vendor. Or if someone puts the grey trash in there.
    If anything I put the most "useful" items in like excess collections and what not
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  20. Pack_Mane Well-Known Player

    The best thing about running a league

    Is finding a player you know can handle the responsibilities of being the leader

    And passing it to them
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