Truth be told, RIT Elite it just too easy

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Juiceman936, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Plain & Simple... RIT Elite is too EASY
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  2. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    a big fat...YUP!!!!! the second boss is good. but the rest...we waited this long for this...??? give me a break...
  3. ZeusShock Well-Known Player

    Try pugging the 2nd boss... i still have an headache
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  4. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    Lol here we go
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  5. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    If anyone of you guys that feel the same about this would like to carry a 166 troll through one of these " easy " runs feel free to add DEADLY MERCENARY ingame on ps4 lol
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  6. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    I pugged it and happened to find a good group. We beat it 4 or 5 times in a row
  7. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Second boss is the hardest part of the alert, still tho 2nd boss iss very beatable in 1 or 2 wipes
  8. light FX Steadfast Player

    Did 2nd boss multiple times w/out anyone dying. The 2nd boss is the best boss imo. It has some issues but i think the difficulty is fine for the way the fight works. Did elite 5 times today and all 5 runs no tank on 1st or last boss. PZe imo was more of an elite alert then this 1 is. The episode is very easy overall imo. I finished every feat today except the 2 elite ones. But i will have the no death 1 2mor because i got half of it already and i cant even try the dodging the fire in elite because we are having issues seeing it. But i expected this episode to be easy because of DWF.

    Also i saw people saying drops are awful. My atomic has 3 of 4 pieces already in just 2 runs. N then E. My main got 2 purple today and all my other toons got at least 1 purple drop. Only elite piece i got in 5 runs across 5 toons was the hands. Really want that elite head for my atomic toon.
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  9. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    Already got all the regular drops and will now work on Elite this weekend.

    Also got full vendor style and I'm 120 scraps off of the face mask.
  10. Scrub Well-Known Player

    Yea that RAID..was so easy we can 4 man it..
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  11. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    I agree pze was a better alert
  12. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Dude u know what I meant
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  13. Scrub Well-Known Player

    I know that if someone who confuses raid with alert is calling something too easy devs need to step up....
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  14. comrade sonya Committed Player

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  15. light FX Steadfast Player

    I know i saw u shouting 171cr for BBS/BN at like 5pm my time :p I got the face on 2 toons but only because 1 got 132 scraps from a green and another got a 264 scrap from a blue :p
  16. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    What!!!!!! I've only been getting 2 and 4 per salvage. But I made sure I was maxed on marks before this DLC dropped.
  17. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    The only thing elite about this alert is the RNG.
    Seriously, Devs I know you rig the RNG or have some sort of system set in place besides the luck counter.
    Why is that after 10 plus runs, I have not received the head style, but gotten the rest of the pieces multiple times and even twice in a row in several runs?

    I ran with a group seven times straight, one player needed feet, yet gotten the head six times, another player wanted hands but gotten the head twice and fourth player got greens and the elite feet.
  18. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    It's very easy. The second boss is the only threat if people aren't trying to dodge the fire or if heals aren't on point. Other then that it's very disappointing to call it an elite alert.
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  19. C0de Well-Known Player

    I only ran elite once and couldn't beat the second boss as the group kept wiping to the dot damage. I was tanking close to the water streams too but still group kept going down. We did it about 10 times too and we got about little past half way health. I would also say that I ran regular about close to 10 times today and only got 1 drop for all my runs. Meanwhile i'm being grouped with people from left right and centre that are all 171 cr already. I feel i'm somehow being "pushed" more so everyday to leave when i see BS like this happen to me on a regular.
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  20. Saami Loyal Player

    Sounds good.

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