Truth about dominance?

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  1. spizzlespee New Player

    So after reading online that gear doesn't matter in pvp and finding out that it absolutely does. I'm curious about the info I found out about dominance being useless in pvp. Is it useful or not? Thanks in advance!
  2. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    It isn't "useless" but speccing into it or modding for it is a waste.

    Dominance does 2 things in PVP:

    1.) It increases the strength of your shields, but since shields are poop and normally not worth the power in PVP, don't spec into it thinking you'll see a difference in your survivability.

    2.) It factors into Healing, but since Healers are buffed to the point where speccing into Dominance is pointless as you'll never reach the amount you get buffed to, don't spec or mod for it.

    And there you go.

    So while Dominance is borderline useless it isn't technically useless as it does do things but not enough to matter.

    Lastly, if anyone comes in here and tells you Dominance increases the duration or potency of their stuns in PVP respond with the following gif:

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  3. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    But but but my mental 35% can permastun ppl if i spec for dom
  4. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    Probably a good question for the development team. There's not enough information to the players to really know what's it about dominance and resistances.

    Oh you.
  5. Brother Allen Loyal Player


    But seriously we did test in the past and Dominance had zero, ziltch, nada, effect on stuns or CC in PVP. Now, I will give you. This was a while long ago I don't even remember when so who knows. Maybe the Devs slipped in a ninja change to Dominance in PVP. It wouldn't be the first time or probably the last that they will do such "ninja nerfs/alterations" to stuff in the game without letting us know. Either their communication with Mepps is horrible or they just simply don't care enough to insure we get all the information regarding changes that effect our game play so they don't even bother telling him. Who knows.
  6. Delta796th Loyal Player

    Good luck, I was in a PM chat with 2 green names and posed a basic question. The answer was "Let me check & get back with you"
    That was almost 4 weeks ago!
  7. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Only thing I have noticed with dom, you can tell when there is a tank on the other team. You seem to get a dom boost when thereading is a tank on the other team. Not sure why.
  8. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

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  9. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    I would have bowed out of this debate long ago if a straight dom spec for my troll wasn't so effective at one point. There's no way to get back to 0 dom anymore thanks to agnostic gear to measure cc effectiveness. I was 50/50 against tanks only because I could knock them around with my CC effects until they were starved for power.

    Remember when CC was outta hand right when everyone and their dog got a dom boost thanks to the new gear?
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  10. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Pretty sure the Dom never effected the CC. It was all in your head. :p But you know what...if it did or didn't doesn't matter. You enjoyed it and you felt it was worth speccing into so that's all that matters in the end. No reason to try and convince you otherwise.
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  11. Knightmare Active Player

    There has been confusion about how Dominance works in game since the game was launched, some of it has been cleared up , some of it is still a mystery. I tend to agree with Ivy, I don't know how effective adding Dom is to PvP , but I did see a change in how annoying juggles and Impulse control could be when everyone got a huge boost to the stat with the "role neutral PvP gear" maybe nothing got a boost to it's impulse ability, maybe just certain broken powers/abilities were coded wrong and adding that much Dom made them worse, IDK. This could just be conjecture, or hyperbole, and a flat out error on my part but who knows, that's how it felt to me. I have done some Dom testing over the years to see how it plays with adds in PvE content, but since I don't PvP as much as I used to ( I have been queuing up more lately , however) nor do I scrimmage people very often, I haven't done a controlled study of it in PvP.

    As I have stated in other threads about combat I personally I believe there is too much CC in game already, why don't the devs give us a way to boost our will power stat? I think you can have a fun interactive experience without almost every power/ weapon hold having a crowd control effect attached to it. This goes for both game modes PvE and PvP, I'd risk a few armories and builds trying to spec into will power if the devs gave us the ability to spec into it :p.

    TLDR: Give me more willpower or give me, ya know cuz it's going to happen eventually, death( or in this game, unconsciousness, no one dies)
  12. Absolix Loyal Player

    Players don't have Will Power at all, which is why Dominance doesn't affect CC effects in PvP to begin with.

    However players can gain CC resistance through a few avenues. The movement trees offer 10% resistance through 3 different innates towards the bottom of the tree. Having WM unlocked for your equipped weapon or having a melee weapon equipped will give you higher CC resistance. Also, in addition to the short 100% CC resistance you get when you breakout, there is 25% CC resistance that lasts for 20 seconds after you breakout that can stack with itself.

    There is a bit of a luck factor to CC in PvP as sometimes a player's CC resistance will trigger every time and sometimes the effects can be applied over and over if the percentage isn't triggered. What can seem to be a radically different behavior for CC can at times just be random chance.
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  13. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    There's no stat line for it but I can only assume that the resistances we do get work as though we did have willpower, albeit briefly when flashing white.
  14. Knightmare Active Player

    I am aware of resistances and immunity etc.,I guess that my issue is the last part of your post about random chance. In an artificial world with so much randomness , it would be nice to have a solid stat in addition to the resistance percentages to help negate the randomness and annoyance said randomness generates.
    I do fully realize why Dev teams build randomness in to simulate real life immersion, It's just my opinion that in certain aspects of this game it goes to far. Also as a side note why does breakout still have issues 5 years into this game, I thought Dev dirt fixed this? Sure enough yesterday I had almost a quarter of my power bar and was being CC'd by multiple attackers ( Not hard stunned by a counter) and I was unable to breakout. Is it unreasonable to be able to breakout of crowd control effects if you have minimal power EVERYTIME that you aren't countered on a hard stun ?

    Isn't it kind of funny that a game has a power set based on will power and yet no character outside of an npc has any , lol.
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  15. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    My league mates will attest what kind of animal I was in 1's and 2's as a troll. Never before or after did I come across another troll who could do the same.

    Sage had a similar experience with a dom spec, he'll attest.
  16. Absolix Loyal Player

    Will Power has no random chance to it like CC resistance does. Either you have enough Dominance that the CC effect is applied or you don't.

    CC immunity can't be over come with Dominance, the same way that a PvE enemy can't have a CC effect applied to them after they breakout from a CC effect from a similar source, powers or weapons. No matter how high a player's Dominance is the enemies won't be affected by the corresponding CC effects till the CC immunity wears off.
  17. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    What the ability to rotate CC effects? I made may name that way.
  18. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    If it doesn't do enough than what's the point it's useless.
  19. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Unlike other games Dominance effect in this game is trash. And needs a serious overhaul.