Trouble in the Tower!

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    I arrived in the Watch Tower and made my way to the Magic Wing to confer with Zatanna when I discovered a horrible sight. Sentinel John, apparently only one Sentinel is permitted to have a specific first name so if your name is Tony and they already have one you must change it legally o0r can not be accepted as a member, had some sort of break down and went on a killing spree. I found him at the entrance to the Wing surrounded by his five victims....


    When questioned "John" just kept mumbling incoherently and apparently he thought he was attacking the main cast of SpongeBob...


    In his mind he had attacked and defeated SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krab, and Sandy the squirrel. Further investigation revealed that he had spent an entire weekend watching a marathon of the show with his 5 year old son. Obviously iy was just too much and his mind had snapped. No charges were filed and he has been sent to a good mental facility where hopefully in 20 years or so he "may" regain his sanity and become a functioning member of society once more. :p

    LOL So okay I have run across a downed NPC in the Watch Tower before but never THAT many at one time and all in one place.... it was funny and I just HAD to share
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    Sometimes Titanic Trenton takes out his frustration on his fellow heroes that ignore/tease him when he makes a visit to the Watchtower. Note: fly by him as quickly as possible if you see him...:D
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    Johns a secret cult of blood member, trigons return will be eminent

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