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  1. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    If you decide to play controlling is it a absolute must to have amulet of rao, scrap and harness? Even with nearly 500sp. Obviously the scrap will allow you to pop SC at a much faster rate but for the other is it a must to have those leveled to 140+? Realistically?
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I was doing very good with them at 120. They're at 160-200 now.
    Edit: and I forgot to say those three Artifacts are the optimal setup.
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  3. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    You don’t “need” scrap. I don’t run it and I complete runs just fine. If you have a strat leveled already you can just use that
  4. High Troller Loyal Player

    Might sound very strange, but I run with Rao and Power Harness at Rank 80 on the EU server with about 100 sp. All that with tactical mods, this is a very viable option for controllers. I am able to troll at 287 in the newer raids and dumping enough SP into dom to be able to do things to adds.

    Given that, anything higher than this is icing on the cake.

    The 3rd slot I consider a wildcard slot. Specter, Phil's Stone, Eye of Gem (OP at 200), Strat are examples and many are useful at rank 120.
  5. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I know is why I gave those 3 choices xD
  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Well you did ask if it was an absolute choice.
  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I don’t run any of those artifacts on my troll lol.

    I run BoP, grim, strat. I’ve never had any issues with power at all. Unlike the traditional set up this set up does require high artifact levels thou.

    My loadouts is:
    Bop ability, group power dump, robot sidekick, shield, sc shield.
    Last slot depend on power. On gadgets I use decoy, on mental I use the sc generator because it is also an amazing cc. On HL I use the SC generator since it’s a knockdown. For quantum I use sc generator since it’s also an amazing CC. I haven’t tried it with munitions yet.

    This is a weird set up but I explain in detail why I use what I use in the gadgets guide thread
  8. Isif Committed Player

    Been running BoP, Rao, and Scrap with equal or better numbers. Play the way that nets you the best results. (...if it maaakes you happy...)
  9. Hellclown127! Well-Known Player

    I'd say if using a supercharge shield then Scrap of the soul Cloak, Amulet of Rao and the parasite power harness are an optimal setup. But with all the artifacts out now there are more options now. You don't even have to be a battery troll at this point. You could run buff arts instead. (Claw, Tetrahedron, Cog, and Rao).
    But like was said above try your own things, test combinations and have fun.
  10. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Currently I’m using Strategist instead of the Power Harness but only because I wanted to take advantage of the last double xp week and get my Soul Cloak to 200 quickly so I fused the Power Harness in to it. I am now leveling the Power Harness again and once it is at 160 I’ll start using it instead of the Strategist. My goal is to get it there before the new DLC as prec DPS are gonna need that extra precision with the changes to DWFS.
  11. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    I use Rao,power harness and Bop Artifact all at 200 .
  12. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Anyone know if the drone for gadgets scales off your vit, iirc it was changed to but with age comes bad memory lol so figured I'd ask here.
  13. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    It should. I had not issues with it when I was gadgets
  14. nawanda Loyal Player

    If you have 200 soul cloak, the appropriate head mod and the company of a healer with 160+ Gemini, you can operate your controller supercharge on a 12 seconds on/12 seconds off basis.

    I wouldn’t swap that capability for anything else out there.

    Soul cloak rocks.

    Regarding the buff artifacts, for fun or for SM, sure, why not, but I don’t think the day has arrived where a controller who provides extra damage for the group is preferable to power, stunning, debuffing and shielding the group.

    I saw a recent CTe walkthrough video from a well known YouTuber where he uses cog in the corridors. Meanwhile the group of OP players are dying “because no solo healer could keep them up”, and I thought that was a laughable trade off for someone to be making. What’s the point in buffing DPSes in that situation if they haven’t got the survivability? How much damage is lost while group members are KOed and group members are picking them up? Bang a shield on them.

    So my attitude is - do the fundamentals to the absolute limit.
  15. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Imo number 1 no matter wut I use the Rao

    The other 2 depends on wut I'm doing.

    My set up is
    1 Tetra or scrap n both r 200 depends on if a dps is using Tetra or if someone is tac swapping.
    If ur light u can use la mort for trash adds in hallway cuz def debuff is the 35%er n take it out on bosses. Overall which of these you use depends on wut power n wut other people have. My la more is 180

    2nd slot Rao mines 200

    3rd slot I run
    Harness and Claw both 200.

    Tac swapping.Harnesses power mechanic isn't constant. So when I have full supers thats when I swap it out for claw n that's the way to get around no instant. I use 4 arts a a troll pretty much constantly tac swapping is different for a troll n certain. Bosses u can't do it.
    Ex cat n ivy I can tac swap in cte but orcl bot I can't.

    When I have a full super Thats when I swap it out n I use the claw for like 8 to 10 secs use the super n I look at there power n I swap it back to harness around when they have 70% to 65 power then when I get full super again I swap the claw back in that's how I time it.

    I have 11 200 arts n 2 180 n most of them to get to 200 I used nth metal detector n I guess when double nth is coming. Started dead kings scepter yester from 0 and it's at 179 rite now.

    I used detectors a week ago n saved all my nth figuring it was coming. I'll have this up to 200 n I spent 1500 mk cash total.

    There's many things u can do tactically to be better n u get the most by just researching a few times a week.