Troller Proper Skill Point Allocation!?

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  1. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    What's up guys, today I respecd my skill points which I haven't done in awhile. I'm a quantam troll cr 99 and I am confusing myself on where to put my skill points, obviously vitalization but I'm not sure which vit inates to get first to get the best vit increase i can with my skill points I have 88 sp. Thank you. If you'd like to screen shot your skill point allocations for others to see, you'd probably be helping more people.
  2. Milutin Mujovic Well-Known Player

    I am interested in this topic too.
  3. Duragon Committed Player

    #1) spend the 46 points on the weapons mastery for your weapon so you can save power when you hit abilities. Grab the bottom vit bonus points, obviously.
    #2) spend the rest on all of the power crit points. Each weapon tree has either a "Vitalization, with 1% crit increase with all 3" or a "domination, with 1% crit increase with all 3" or lastly a "power, with 1% crit increase with all 3". They're on the first full row of skill points in the weapon tree after the weapon combos.
    #3) get more skill points, go feat hunting. :)
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  4. Duragon Committed Player

    #4) after all the power crit chance are taken, grab the 6 dominance points from the weapon mastery trees you selected in the beginning (3 in each WM tree) .
    #5) any extra points should now get dumped into dominance, which are in each weapon (most) in the second row available underneath the crit chances yiu picked earlier.
    #6) now grab vit from that second row.
    #7) damage crit chance
    #8) damage crit percent
    ..... I normally skip power.

    Good luck, hope that sums it up.
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  5. Ghaladh Dedicated Player

    What Duragon wrote. Don't bother trying to increase your damage score with precision or might. Your puny 600k damage will do very little compared with the 10mil dealt by those insane DpS out there. ;)

    I used to deal 1/4 of the damage dealt by a DpS, but once AM was implemented, I feel like I am going at war in team with the Marines, armed only with a blowgun. :D
  6. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    Sound advice from the previous posters. I however do not mess with the DPS stuff on my trolls, I'm there to troll not dps. If I have extra sp I will spend them on things to make me more durable, (health, defense, or resto for shields) not dps innates. Primarily I always grab my WM of choice, crits, vitalization, and dominance pretty much in that order. As far as weapons go Brawling/Martial Arts Enhanced Shuriken WM is by far the fastest at power regen followed by Two Handed/Bow Arrow Storm WM. If you are trying to conserve SP the Pulse Beam attack on the hand blasters is about the third fastest at power regen and only takes around 78 SP to unlock HB Pulse Beam and all troll related crits. That's just my 2¢ worth :)
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  7. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    at 88 sp I think you will get the most out of following this part of Klaus' advice - crits are prime concern, as you get more sp you can start doing full sp as many weapons as you can to get bottom tier vit
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  8. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Depends on your weapon of choice.

    I would do something not suggested, figure out what type of Troll I wanted to be first.

    A sidekick(battery) or a hero(controller).

    Or better yet, health to stay a live longer or somebody that can stand alone for a shorter period of time dealing more damage to an add that you have controlled before the tank pulls it.

    All roles can contribute in damage so I go with what Duragon posted myself, though I never specced into resto on my build seems interesting though to do it.

    But really strange though cause always felt that speccing like a healer with resto was the same as speccing as a tank or dps, but players will get upset that your trying to dps when going crit damage/chance, but not when your trying to be a tank cause your speccing Defense and toughness or your trying to be a healer speccing into resto.

    None are going to put you over the top, yet all of them can be very helpful.

  9. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    Right or wrong that's just how I do it. If you want to pretend to be a dps or a "battle troll", hey to each there own. As far as assuming that someone is trying to be a healer by specing into resto on a troll that is laughable, as resto increases the strength of your shields. Had I suggested crit heal chance/mag then you could have tried to be witty with it. As far as the defense goes well that's pretty self explanatory a little extra survivability never hurts anyone. As far as your insinuation of grabbing a little defense being only for the tanks, tanks top priorities are dom, health, and resto (with exception of rage who get little to no benefit from added resto). All of those attributes greatly contribute to being a controller, dps crits/innates not so much. But like I said to each their own.

    But I will digress as we are veering off track as to the usefulness off this post. To the op at your current SP level going with the HB Pulse Beam and all troll related crits is your best choice. Best of luck and if you need any help feel free to send me a pm.
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  10. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Ok, where did I say it was right or wrong.

    Being said, pretending to be a battle troll/tank is good as well?
  11. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Duragon pretty much summed it up. I almost completely agree with him regarding a controller SP spec.

    But I'd like to point out that in some cases Restoration might be favoured before speccing many points in Dominance.

    Even though Dominance now not only increases our shield strength but also our CC durations I feel that doesn't always come in handy. AFAIK enough damage can also break CC effects which is why most adds will always break free before our CC timer runs out. Besides that adds that have to be controlled often don't even have a Immunity Pattern (or whatever one should call it) which means they can be stunned as long as we want to. Those adds are Neophytes or V-Lanterns for example. We don't really need increased CC duration on them, if you ask me.

    Having said that I often only spec Dominance where it will be specced anyways (fifth row with %powercrit, sixth to reach WM) and then fill it up to the Dominance minimum required for certain instances. When AFII was released I needed to spec a few more points into Dom to reach the 3k. But above that, even though our Dominance is doubled, a point in Resto (7) is three higher than a point in Dominance (2x2) in the sixth row of the weapon trees.

    In the end it might be only a drop in the bucked since the numbers are pretty small but I'd like to spec the numbers to the most benefit. And that's Restoration in some points.

    What I find more interesting would be how different controller classes should be spend their skill points since there are differences regarding their defensive capabilities.

    For example the most defensive Controllers are Mental and Quantum. They have three shields based on their Dominance and Restoration (Tele Shield/Time Bubble, Grandeur/Tunneling, Bastion/Event Horizon). A really defensive Controller an use all of them in one loadout by using only one debuff.

    The next in line is Hard Light. It has Light Barrier and Group Shielding as skills that are based on Resto/Dom. I haven't played Munitions yet but it appears that they have Survival and APS and MAYBE Rocket for this formula.

    The last one is Gadgets which really only has Distract that uses 100% Resto and 100% Dominance. (Wouldn't recommend to use Anesthetic or Neural Neutralizer).

    Now looking at this it appears that Gadget's benefits the least from the formula of 100% Restoration + 100% Dominance + 10 (Base). But it can benefit from 50% to 100% Dodge on the first 2-2,5 seconds while in stealth (with or without HT Mod).

    What I'd like to ask now is whether there can or should be changes to the SP allocation between the different controller classes judging by their usage of defensive formulas or not. (that's the tl;dr btw)
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  12. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    My apologies if I read misread the tone of your post. The fact is at 88 sp as a troll it takes 78sp to get your troll related inates and your fast movement mode, leaving 10sp to put wherever you choose (dom/vit/etc). Without WM the HB Pulse Beam attack will give you the best power regen as well. So for the purpose of the op that would be the best way to go. As far as the rest with more sp involved that could be debated until the cows come home. Best of luck to the op.
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  13. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Given the history of these forums I understand.

  14. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    I'd open up a WM tree for the power saving. THEN make sure to get all your power healing crits on the first row of any tree that has them. Then go after the VIT. You have good skill points for 99CR but I would suggest trying to have your SP at least matching your CR as it allows you to go deeper into your trees.
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  15. VillNess Well-Known Player

    What I do is I master my weapons (brawling and martial arts) to get the tap hold range wmcombo and from those trees I get the last tier vita innates (also gives power was it?). Then I get the first tier troll innates from every weapon tree (power, dom, vita) and with the rest of sp I get as many last tier vita innates as possible (so spending 20 sp and 3 in last tier).
  16. DrTyme Well-Known Player

    My advice especially if just starting out as a troll focus primarily on vit and power healing crits. Learn the importance of giving power since that is primary job of a troll. Then start tossing in debuffs (honestly I only use defense debuffs most others seem useless). When you get comfortable with giving power and debuffs toss in the damage specing. It has been my observation that too often new trolls try to instantly jump into battle trolling and spend too much time attacking and debugging they forget to ever toss power. I support anyone playing their way making this role their own but in doing so you can't neglect the primary jobs of this role.

    Also to whoever said trolls damage won't help at 600 k I agree the 600k wouldn't be much but normally when I'm trolling in current raids I'm between 3-8 mil in dmg
  17. Duragon Committed Player

    I go for Dom first seeing as it solves a few issues... cc being one, and shields being another. I go into crit damage because my shields are strong enough without the resto. Now, if you are shield heavy or don't trust the healer, yiu can definitely spec into resto rather than go for the crit damage stuff, absolutely. And to answer someone else's post, the specing of the skill points will always change depending on not only the power but how you play it. It will never be one solid spec. You can argue that after you get all the power crits, you can do what you want depending on the role you fill, the league mates you run with, the playstyle, the loadout, etc. The possibilities are endless, and tbh, they should be. It is an MMO for a reason. Good luck, happy playing ^^
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