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  1. Little MD Well-Known Player

    Hi all,

    I just started to solo-troll the end-game raids lately, and am having a LOT of trouble keeping the healers (mostly 2 healers per raid) powered. My vit isn't low (7400 or so) and I am hitting all the WM for the reduced power use. How can I determine whether the healers are wasting the power by healing when it's not needed from the scoreboard? Along that line, is there a way to determine if there is a DPS that's soaking up the heals more than others from the scoreboard? Is there a ratio I can use to determine this?
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  2. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Set up POTs to make your life easier.
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  3. KodyDerp Dedicated Player

    What raid is it? If you're talking about DWF specifically, it requires more work on your end because restrictor drones will suck your group dry occasionally. But sometimes, healers are just straight up power hungry because some are not capable of healing when necessary. Make sure you aren't overriding your pot prematurely, if it helps, count out the ticks so that you repot on the last tick. Make sure you aren't using debuffs on adds, as it's pointless and could be a waste of power. Make sure you aren't recharging at the wrong times (when people are full power), only recharge when people actually need your power. You don't have to recharge after every combo, some combos you can just focus on regen.

    Check players damage in, healing in, and power in. This will point you close to who is the most power hungry and where the problem might be.
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  4. Little MD Well-Known Player

    I count the ticks to make sure I get the double tick. At this point, I can't even debuff on the bosses b/c healers just soak up the power. I have to recharge on every combo b/c healers are close to 50% power every ffreaking time. Only time I can WM to regen combo is in the beginning of the fight and when I pop my SC.

    I will check those stats to ID where the problem is next time. Hopefully they'll actually listen to reason this time around instead of blaming the solo troll for not keeping the party full powered.
  5. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Keep an eye on the HP bars continuously and see how much the healers drop their powerbars whenever they heal. Many healers LOVE to set up all their stuff at once like madmen.
  6. Entrust Committed Player

    Healers have one of the largest power pools in the game. Especially if they have reserve tank equipped. So even if a healer's power (blue) bar is lower than everyone else they still technically have more power (numerically) than the rest of the party. Which means your burst restore won't go to them.

    Trolling end game raids can be difficult. There is a lot to manage. Too bad most groups opt for more dps & only 1 troller. IMO, 2 trollers makes things so much smoother (just like having 2 healers).
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  7. Controller Loyal Player

    Welcome to End Game and Solo Trolling - where if you DON'T keep those power bars filled you're not doing a good job...

    Welcome to End Game and Solo Trolling - where that 2nd Controller is supposedly NOT required and is often replaced with the 4th or 5th Dps (which - by the way - damage output is most of the time SO ABYSMALLY LOW that it's a shame, compared to the other Dps's......)

    ......and is REALLY not NEEDED...

    I can see BOTH sides of Solo Trolling - it can be a badge of honor to be the Solo Troller and get stuff done faster with an extra Dps, BUT I really don't believe that most end gamers understand what the Solo Troller has to deal with - especially in raids like DWF.

    Kody mentions to "check damage in, healing in and power in." I think this is a great place to look, BUT - even "IF" you see an issue with a player or two in your raid party the Controller will STILL be the one who is kicked...being that it's the Controller's Job "To keep the group POWERED".......not "point fingers at those who are MISUSING power".......

    I really don't believe that there is oftentimes "reason" to be discussed if / when you may noticed an extreme case of misuse of power. Most of the time for players it's as black and white as "keeping the power bars filled" which we all know is there is more to it than just that......

    My best advice to OP, though, is -

    "IF" you are unmodded - at LEAST get ALPHAS in your colored slots to be able to make use of your Power Bonuses...we can get up to 25% extra Power Out from Legs (10%), Chest (10%), Head (2.5%) and Shoulders (2.5%)....those help a lot.

    Try to get your White TACTICAL MODS, if you don't have them already. For my CHEST tact mod specifically, I use Reserve Tank which gives an extra 25% more power OR you can use the extra Supercharge one. I switched to Reserve Tank mostly because of DWF...

    Work on your SPs too. I'm not sure where you're at with SPs, but for Healers, Tanks and Controllers specifically SPs can REALLY boost Resto, Dom and Vitality....

    Finally - try to familiarize yourself with the MECHANICS of the end-game stuff - especially DWF. I think those Restrictor Drones come out at EVERY boss Stage and can be a PAIN being that they suck the group's power. I've beaten DWF numerous times so far and I'm still not sure if they can be burned or not. If they can be, I'd LOVE it if they were.

    Once you've gotten use to the FLOW of the end-game raids it isn't too'll know the best times to dump power and whatnot.

    And always - HAVE FUN MAN (or Woman). It's a thrill to go up against Darkseid and his minions. This raid is EVERYTHING I've hoped for, in that it will keep us entertained for quite a while.
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  8. Controller Loyal Player

    Also - which POWER are you using, if I may ask?

    I really believe that even with Controller Powers there is an inequality....

    I doubt that there are many End Game Hard Light Controllers.....but I'm certain there are MANY Mental, Gadgets or Munitions Controllers......
  9. it_was_Friday Dedicated Player

    You can view damage in and compare it to healing in for any toon.

    You can see healing out versus damage in. If healing out for a healer is greater than the total dam in for the group, it is definitely overhealing eating power.
  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    If you see healers using powers when no-one is hurt, they are wasting power. They also waste power if they only use one heal power.
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  11. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    My friend... welcome to the world of trolling
  12. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    Two healers can sometimes mean (usually does) that one or both of them are competing for heals, essentially scoreboard chasing for heals.

    If you're having this issue constantly with two healers in the group than thats probably the case, you're just the unlucky S.O.B who gets to fund their ego trip.

    One thing to consider, healers power pools are massive, because of this even though their power pools are lower than everyone else in the group they'll get the short end of your power dumps more often than not. If you can manage it try to time your power dumps when the rest up the group is already full to ensure that the healer will receive a good portion of it.

    And the best way to tell if its a spamming healer is simply to watch them their power bar and the heals going out, there are too many variables to trust what the scoreboard says.
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  13. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    If there is nothing to heal it doesn't register on the scoreboard, a healer can only heal what damage has been done, they can't "overheal".
    The only discrepancy you'll see in the numbers are from heals to npc's which can simply be a by-product of the Hots (heals over time) set for the group, and supply drops/sodas.
  14. light FX Steadfast Player

    Watch the healers power bars compared the groups health bar. If everyone has full health but the healer(s) power bars keep going down then its the healers and not u. Way too many healers in this game spam heals when no1 is taking dmg. I call em spam&hope healers. They dont know how to heal. They just spam heals hoping the heals hit the group at the right time. This is bad healing. A good healer knows when the big attacks are gonna hit the group and will anticipate it and heal accordingly or heal only when people take dmg and manage their power correctly.

    I just solo trolled DWF an hour ago with 2 healers. I say DWF cause that raid has a power drain. And there were no power issues in our run. Because the group knew what they were doing. Also rotating your sodas and SC+supply really helps too. Having the group drop a supply for u too really helps. Sadly pugs usually wont do this to help the troll. They drop a supply for the dps buff.

    And a lot of dps want to stand 2ft from the boss and take a ton of dmg or die or in KTC they stand in the fire aoes and dont move. This stuff affects the heal which in turn affects the troll. U have to spam power cause the healer has to spam to keep the dumb dps alive who wont move. That is not your fault as a troll.
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  15. it_was_Friday Dedicated Player

    Is it the same for power out and trolls?
  16. Abadeer Well-Known Player

    You say that as if its a bad thing :rolleyes:
  17. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    In DWF, inexperienced/nervous healers spam - no real way to prevent it cause they are concerned about keeping the team alive and justifying their place in the raid.

    All you can really do is maximize your power output:

    - keep PoT up, double tick if you can as often as you can
    - recharge on WM timing to reduce your power usage which leaves you with more power to give out
    - forget about debuffing adds, and if you are really struggling, intermittently debuff bosses
    - drop supply drops near healers &/or announce to team so you can get a breather (forget about giving drops for DPS damage out unless they go get it)
    - get team to coordinate rotating supply drops to assist
    - use sodas frequently, i prefer to use them before i get to zero power, usually around 30-40%
    - use power out SC when you need to get the team' s power up (versus waiting to use as shield for damage prevention, let healers worry about that). When you pop the power SC, get your weapon attack count as high as you can to get to max power regen tier before you have to start recharging, etc. again.
    - if power is a real issue, get DPS to help with rezzes, having to stop and rezz someone uses valuable time that could be spent powering struggling healers
    - get the healers/team to use sodas (give them some if you can afford). Each person, including healers should be managing their own power not just relying on the troll - especially when they know you're soloing.
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  18. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    You forgot Quantum. There are many quantum Contorllers. ;)
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  19. VV Dedicated Player

    If you're talking about DWF, save your super charges for Zeta Bursts. Especially the ones that remove 60% of the power from targets. Pop it at right times, you'll be fine. It should actually be the healers' duty to pop their soder but w/e. The first stomp takes around 30% and the second stomp takes around 60%. As soon as you see their power go to 0, wait for a few seconds whether they'd pop a soder. If the did not, then pop your super charge.
  20. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    Yea, pretty much. Any sodas or supply drops they use will be credited to their power out/healed, and in gadgets case their BD supercharge will also heal any npc's power bars, namely fury and crystal.