Triggers need to be installed in instances to keep players from skipping content

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Phill, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Phill Committed Player

    Triggers need to be installed in all the instances to keep players from skipping content and jumping straight to bosses and sub bosses. Being able to skip content just enables selfish players to screw team mates and perpetuates all about me play and not teamwork like DCUO was designed to be played. For all of you guys that do not know. Triggers are actions that need to be done in order for the next spawn or action to take place in a game.
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  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    Then kick skippers or run with a team on your own terms. Why you should care about what other people do?
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  3. Phill Committed Player

    You cannot kick a skipper from duos or kick a pair that intentionally try to jump ahead in an alert so that others will die. I do not care about what other people do. Its the fact that these players are skipping content that the developers put in place for a reason. This content is being bypassed by self absorbed jerks that have Q'd for these instances to group up as a team. They are totally screwing new or lower/weaker players. I run into this issue everyday and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Skipping the 50% or more of the content that is put in these instance trivializes the instances and the work/time that the devs put into them.

    With this line of thinking... ( I'm going to skip all this content/garbage. It does nothing for me anyway. I just want the loot. Who cares about this weaker guy that I'm grouped with--- not me).......Why not just have instances with just bosses and sub bosses that drop loot? Why not make all the 2/4/8 man instances solo missions? (not a bad idea but I am talking about the 2/4/8 man instances that are suppose to develop, support and nurture teamwork) Why waste the time to pay the devs to develop these instances with all the extra content?

    These instances take allot of time and thought to develop. Just skipping the content and to jumping to bosses and sub bosses while leaving your team behind is not how these instances are designed to be run. If it were, then the content would not be there in the first place. The triggers are already there for the sub bosses and bosses to spawn. They just need to have a couple things added to them to fix this issue that turns new and weaker players away from this game. I have made more than a couple instances in a few other games and you do not sit there and develop this stuff just to have some douchebags screw their buddy and skip the content just to get some loot. Those types of players are the ones that you do not want to begin with. They run your player base away and drive off new players. DCUO needs all the new players it can grab ATM. There will always be jerks in the world but if you can put things in place to keep them in check. These things must be done.
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  4. Hraesvelg Always Right

    People have different play styles. You apparently like to wander around and kill all of the red dots. Which, hey, have fun. I suggest finding some like-minded people and forming a group or even a leauge.

    I value my time. I also want loot. The less time I'm spending on one instance means I get more shots at more loot.
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  5. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    If I want to play an alt I play however I want, and if I want to skip some content I already did, its my choice not yours.
    The only "self absorbed jerk" here is you, people should play however they want. We don't NEED to do anything, we have the freedom to do it and taking away that freedom to choose is the most unamerican thing anybody can do.

    Is it better to not skip content and get more rewards, feats, and styles for doing this old content? Yeah. Should it be mandatory? **** no.
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  6. Phill Committed Player

    hraesvelg....You having I or my stated 5 times in the last three sentences just adds fuel to the fire. I, my, I, I, I..... That is my point exactly.
    Galil Ace...... I must have hit a nerve. Are you one of the players that leaves your team mates at the drop of a hat and jumps most of the content just for loot? If you are not. I would not think this would be an issue.
    This does not have anything to do with freedom o_O.... This is about running the content that was programmed. The NPC's and spawn points were put there for a reason. This content was designed to be run not skipped. This is about stopping the type of play that hurts DCUO as a whole. I have had numbers of players get mad, leave an instance or just quit the game because of poor team play like this. I have caught myself jumping ahead or moving to fast many times and had to slow down for the sake of the group. Did I want to? Not really but I did. Why? Because when you go into these instances you are agreeing to group up with other players (new, weak or old) and run these instances as a group not an individual.
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  7. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I never agreed to that. Once we get our teleporter to any instance installed, trust me...I won't be bothering anyone in the PUG world again.
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  8. ErnieB Loyal Player

    And yet you have taken all this time trying to go against people playing their way, devs have made it clear, content can be played however you want, you can take times wasting it on endless waves of adds, or go to the actual goal of the instance which is the boss. Everyone has the choice, there is no "why do they keep screwing my game", you have the choice to leave a duo, ask to be excused from an alert or raid, or just make your own group. We are in no way going against the devs by skipping content, since we're not skipping anything important, the point of instances aren't killing 100 adds, it's completing objectives, again killing adds isn't one of them so if you can skip that, then do it, as it I no way affects the outcome of the instance.
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  9. Askarod Active Player

    I think i have the point of Phil, the things bother him its by skipping every new player or lower CR player than the skipper are disgusted. Im 131 and when i skip i explain why, how and when to the other player. I saw some skippers who just go to boss, and the 2-3 other members are dying and dying and dying. Thats the point Phil lighting up : you can be a skippers, but you canot be an ****** by just ruining the fun of all the other membres of a group because your fun by speeding up is more important than the others. I saw so many ppl skipping lpve and on the end we just die all because of trashes i barely asking me sometimes if skipping is really effective :/
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  10. Galil ACE Well-Known Player

    I prefer to kill everyone in a single room, its more fun.
  11. PsychoMantis521 Loyal Player

    Might as well put my thoughts here on the whole content skipping thing in group missions. Most people who insist on running ahead of people, skipping the adds along the way and not killing them claim that they want the mission to be finished as quickly as possible. This is called speed running and can be even worse in certain lpve missions such as LOA, Ace Chemicals, and the new event which is Hall of Doom Armory. Not to mention that roles are absent in lpve and that you're pretty much dependant on skill and survivability rather overpowering one another. At least with Trigon's Prison the group will never be locked out of the fight so long as they are close enough to the player who triggered the boss fight. At least in most operations you won't have to worry about players rush into a room and intentionally lock out those who don't make into the encounter.

    Yes i know hate it when people do this to me on a numerous amount of occasions but i learn to deal with it sometimes. If anything there should be an objective for every group mission where you are required to kill a certain amount of adds destroy this many turrets press alot of switches etc. At least missions like area 51 smallville and gorilla island don't lock you out of boss fights. That being said i have nothing more to say.
  12. Yochanan32 Well-Known Player

    I have this happen to me on duos and lpve. In some cases they die or I die and they don't care. Some think they are so OP the don't need partners. In LPVE the mechanic of staying and working together is defeated by this. It started with TD and maybe earlier once they feel the only need the bosses and skipp the mobs. I think the way to stop this is like the reapers in CC. A random drop that is dropped by the mob like a style or base item to encourage the risk/reward of fighting through the instance.