Trick or Teekl Bucket - Confirmed Drops

Discussion in 'Oracle’s Database (Guides)' started by Anak Panah, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    Please keep them coming. :cool:

    I have updated the wiki page in the meantime...
  2. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Opened 4 buckets, got 4 auras. :eek:
    New ones:

    Gray Smoke - Head, Hands
    Black Vapor - Head, Hands

    P.S. All styles dropped from buckets are also account bound.
  3. Dragonnes Committed Player

    + Dark Green Nimbus Aura - Head, Hands.


    Purple Vapor - Head, Hands.


    Dark Blue Vapor - Head, Hands.
  4. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    The list on the wiki has been updated, though I suspect it to be far from complete at least as far as the auras are concerned.

    Please add items not listed here or directly on the wiki page. Thx.

  5. AV Loyal Player

    Red vapour aura
    Ghostly aura
  6. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    Thanks, but do you perhaps mean ''Red Vapour Aura - Head, Hands''?
    Plus I assume the Ghostly Aura dropped in its regular form?

  7. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    I don't think that's true. My first time I placed too much candy in... 750, by mistake, and got a fried spider consumable. Since then I've been putting just 150 and have gotten, on average, better drops. Auras etc...
  8. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Purple Vapor - Head, Hands.
    Pink Nimbus - Head, Hands.
    [IMG] [IMG]
  9. tinoman Dedicated Player

    Black Vapor head and hands. Barely can see its visible though. I was stoked to obtain it. I thought it would be more towards a black smoke. It wasn't :(. Edit: seen it was already posted.
  10. Kimone Devoted Player

    Light Purple Nimbus Aura - Head Hands
    Orange Nimbus Aura - Head Hands
    Blue Aura - Head Hands (yes, just straight up old-school basic blue
  11. stärnbock Devoted Player

    got the teekl base item.
    it SUCKS that the partial auras don´t include the feets aswell...
  12. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    very happy to say I got this yesterday from a bucket:

  13. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Not a comprehensive list of stuff from this year, but some notable items so far.

    Werewolf hands
    Steaming Cauldron
    Hellbeast Jawbone
    White Vapor Aura-Head, Hands
    Rising Evil Tree Branch
  14. Dragonnes Committed Player

    Red Vapor - Head, Hands.


    Orange Vapor - Head, Hands.
  15. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    Light Purple Plasmic Aura - Head, Hands
  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Dark Blue Smoke Aura-Head, Hands
  17. tinoman Dedicated Player

    Orange smoke aura- head and hands
    Dark yellow plasmic aura- head and hands
    Light blue plasmic aura- head and hands
  18. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    Dark Yellow Nimbus Aura - Head, Hands
  19. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    I got a bunch of ms boos boxes, boo junior boxes, 1 babh boo a bunch of partial auras and some base items and 2 of each currency
  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Red Smoke Aura-Head, Hands
    Green Aura-Head, Hands

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