Transition Period for Time Capsule to Promethium Boxes..

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by SigmaAtom, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. SigmaAtom Committed Player


    I would like suggest an idea I have had for a couple of years, but feel now is a good time to share..

    Firstly.. I already have everything.. *everything* from the early Time Capsules. However.. that said.. I can see a benefit for members who haven't and so adding value to membership and the much deprecated Promethium Boxes..

    My suggestion is once a year (the opposite time of the year to the mega-resurgence, 6 months after the first one of the year) cap-styles that are not included in the mega-resurgence are included in the Promethium Boxes.

    For yearly and Lifetime members also including collections and other items from 'out of service' time capsules; a unlocked TC dropping once a week during the vault weekly refresh for nth metal. (Currently Wednesday iirc)

    I have everything from the Promethium Boxes.. *everything*. Short of including beta and limited edition items, I cannot see any other way of increasing the value of membership via the promethium boxes.. I have been playing since 2011.. and Vet players will undoubtedly have what I have.

    I would like to see the Iconic (and rare) vendors updated to all in game content (below the three DLC).. but since Time Capsules are separate we will never see them in the Iconic and Rare vendor.. so..


    Currently, 'Time Capsule' and Amazon are definitely 'out of service'. So come say September.. these two styles are added to PB's for all members and the unlocked capsules are added random TC's to drop during vault weekly refresh for yearly and lifetime members.

    2 new PB TC's per year. To reach this year would take 10 years.
    Also it doesn't have a creep as we get 3 to 5 new caps per year, so 2 is fine.

    It would be fair handed to members, keeping PB drop rates as they are now, but enabling dedicated players to have access to out of service TCs, while rewarding those who believe and support the game the most with at least one unlocked TC per week.. just as a trial as I would like to see this expanded to one a day out of service unlocked TCs.

    For Devs.. it would relieve any guilt/pressure they felt to include the older TC in any mega-resurgence, worried players had missed items. If you missed it.. either get membership for styles, or for everything, get yearly membership. Potential reduced backlash when a TC is released. Reward those who believe in the game the most. Give non-yearly members another reason to sub yearly other than saving a few monies.

    Those are my thoughts..


    Full disclosure: I am a Lifetime member.
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  2. nawanda Dedicated Player

    A well thought-out suggestion that will gain absolutely no interest or acknowledgement from the developers.

    Leave their cash cow alone.
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  3. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    I get *pretty much* ignored by the Devs anyway man*.. so I was/am expecting this. But one thing they did say.. upvotes show what the community cares about. So if my suggestion got enough upvotes.. they would have to take it seriously. Rem Proxy's threat? Yeah.. they were ignoring what the community was saying until Proxy's Perception thread.

    Thanks for any encouragement man.

    I *think* Mepps doesn't like me.. I tend to go in pretty hard *with facts* to anything that is hurting the community. Either that or they/he has no idea I exist.
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  4. Balton hero Committed Player

    This is similar to what I was thinking. Every day, people make threads offering or requesting game improvements. Ok, some of them are pretty bad, but not all of them, I'd say not even the majority. Yet things don't seem to get any better; they seemingly fall on deaf ears, so honestly, what even is the point of making threads like this anymore?
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  5. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Items from older TCs that are not in a resurgence capsule are added to the Booster Gold second chance vendor for quarks. Also, the promethium lock boxes are over stuffed with styles as is. Per this post, there are already over 800 styles in promethium lock boxes. They actually need to remove styles from the promethium lock boxes and make them available elsewhere (like a vendor that sells the cross faction styles for source marks), especially if they are going to put other styles in there.

    For reference, over 2018 and 2019 we've had a total of 7 new TCs and 4 resurgences (also 4 booster bundles). At each resurgence, any TC beyond the most recent 9 gets added to the second chance vendor (this is usually 2 TCs at a time).
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  6. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    I like this idea.
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  7. Brit Dedicated Player

    I do wish Promethamphetamine Lunchboxes would get some new styles added to them. I don't particularly care what; I've just completed literally everything that comes out of them, and have 30+ of each of the base items in the Lunchboxes as well.

    Considering that the keys to open those boxes are considered part of the value of the Legendary Subscription, and they haven't seen an update in a long, long time, many of those long-term Legendary Subscribers are in the same boat as me: paying for a feature that actually gives them nothing at all.
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  8. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Seems like an ok idea- except for adding this value for only yearly and lifetime members. I pay for a legendary membership- whether it's by the month or every three months or by the year shouldn't matter.
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  9. The Doctor Time Lord Well-Known Player

    Excellent idea. I'm not sure how many data tables would need to be updated or what the resources would have to be, but it seems to me that an update every 18 to 24 months might be a realistic goal.
  10. Lord Of 5 Active Player

    The Lord says people make threads like this because they think their opinion matters. They type and watch the words form on their computer screen thinking they are going to be the one to save the world. If you want to change the game get a job with the creative team. Playing this great game is a choice. It is video game and a business first.
  11. Littlejaytee16 Well-Known Player

    Yes, please. I need somewhere other than the PVP vendor to be able to buy the Gotham Knights back piece. With the current state of PVP, there's no way to get that the natural way. I know players who have gotten it via the Promethium lock-boxes, but I am not one of them.
  12. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    What does 'The Lord' say about people who refer to themselves in the third person? Most of us think it's because they're pompous twits.
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  13. Lord Of 5 Active Player

    The Holy One asks is it even possible to be pompous and a twit at the same time?
  14. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Politicians do it professionally.
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  15. ALB Committed Player

    The devs don't make any improvements to the game unless there is a way to make money.
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  16. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    I am 99% sure you are The People's Bad Guy.
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  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    At this point, any update to Prom Boxes would be a positive benefit for paying subscribers. As it is, Time Cap$ules were essentially the same thing only sticking it to the subs. Because no one was paying for the keys, they were like, I know how we can get the money.
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  18. SkullGang Devoted Player

    I like this but the issue with Prom boxes is there is a good amount of bloat and im sure certain items drop more than others.
  19. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    I also thought.. rare items from early TC could be sold on broker, giving the yearly members even more value for money, as they gain in game cash from sales, without the Devs needing to give away in game cash for members. I have seen that point raised before which I *somewhat* agreed with.

    All the systems are already in place.

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