Transformation And Strategist Card on Precision Dps

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  1. Careless Active Player

    Which precision dps powers benefit the most from running this artifact combination?
  2. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Nature and electric.
  3. Careless Active Player

    Do you have a prec nature loadout? And when i tested with elec running electrongenesis the numbers seemed average
  4. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    What artifacts are you currently using?
  5. Careless Active Player

    200 vwd,trans, and strat
  6. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Serpent call, carnage, voracious plant, harvest, briar, vine lash

    Alternatively you could use wolf (or bug form for raids where you have to be in the air) as poison carriers:

    Serpent call, carnage, voracious plant, harvest, robot sidekick, wolf/bug

    In wolf/bug:
    Serpent, briar, vine lash, harvest, robot sidekick, return to normal

    This one is a bit riskier because your extra poisons are locked behind a transformation so make sure you go into a raid with max sc. I don’t recommend replacing your serpent call from your main loadout just in case you get into a sticky situation and loose your poisons and sc.

    Range aoe:
    Once poisons are set:
    Harvest/carnage > explosive shot/voracious plant (do this combo 2x) > explosive shot/harvest > explosive shot/voracious plan (x2) > repeat

    When ever carnage is off cooldown use it to clip the next power in the rotation without breaking the rotation. For example if carnage goes off cooldown while you are using explosive shot and you are about to use harvest than you will wait until you use voracious plant to clip with carnage instead of clipping your weapon attack with carnage.

    For melee:
    After poisons are set up: harvest/carnage > doom spin/harvest > doom spin/harvest/carnage > repeat

    You’ll mainly be using melee on hallway adds so if the adds die quickly than replace harvest for serpent call since it will also build your SC. If adds are bulky than set up all poisons and use the regular rotation.

    After poisons are set up:
    Harvest/carnage > flurry shot till harvest is at 60%/harvest > flurry shot > harvest/carnage > repeat

    As you can see I do over use harvest. This is because I don’t want to risk loosing my poisons because of a stun or mechanic so I use harvest 2x the amount of times I need to.
  7. Kimone Devoted Player

    I'm using the pair at 160 on a pure precision DPS and I have to say, I enjoy the combination.
  8. gemii Dedicated Player

    What power?

    How much better is

    Transformation, strategist, venom


    Transformation, grim book, venom

    I use transformation, grim, venom and have out dps”d players who are using transformation, strategest, venom so I’m really curious to how much more beneficial it is.
  9. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    I’m personally having a hard time moving away from venom, transformation, Horus
  10. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    There's gonna be a debate over Grimorum Verum vs Strategist Card for a while. It comes down to several factors. (This is presuming you are using a Transformation Card (rank 80+) as well. Don't even bother using Strategist Card on its own as DPS without Transformation Card)

    1. Is your Strategist Card at rank 160 or higher? If it's lower stick with Grim if you already have that levelled at 120-160. If you have Strategist Card at rank 200 then definitely use Strategist Card over Grimorum Verum.
    2. How confident are you as a precision DPS with Dual Wield Flurry Shot Mastery? The more hits and crits you get in a rotation the better chance you have to proc Strategist Card. Aim for 45-55+ hits per 10 sec parser - and in raids. Grim damage can be more levelled and consistent, Strategist Card is worth it if you can hit and crit more. Note that if you can pull off Two Handed Doom Spin in content with Transformation/Strat Artis at a decent rank the damage can be incredibly high.
    3. What content are you running? Bare in mind if you have levelled your augments from Metal Part II the additional crits from those, which may make Strategist Card more viable in the most recent content, but lesser so in some older raids, even Metal Part I.
    4. Are you a player willing to level up the newer Strategist Card over the current/previous DPS meta Grimorum Verum which you have already levelled to a decent/high rank? If the answer is no then don't level Strategist Card.
    5. Are you a healer who might consider Strategist Card for healing as well as DPS? This may also sway your decision.

    For many players Grimorum Verum is the clear winner/keeper, but if you are a healer power/Prec DPS and are willing to level Strategist Card up to rank 160-200, and you are confident in your damage, the rewards can be truly worth it.

    Both are very viable options though, each with pros and cons. Depends on the player.
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  11. Kimone Devoted Player

    Prec / Mental, Galea's loadout is "NVB, Menace, RSK, and Lots Of Shields", so literally all of my damage output is weapon damage and RSK only.

    I did some reordering a couple of evenings ago; initially I tested Trans Venom Grim v. Trans Venom Strat while all involved were around 120, and at that point Grim v. Strat was an equal proposition.

    I went with Strat for Precision setup because I still have RSK for "stuff that I need a pet to do" and "character theme"; since then I boosted the Strat and Trans up to 160 (which produced Arguably Noticeable results and I'll let that sit where it sits until I do a little extra testing) - I'll be boosting the Grim next (because my next attempt is a modernized Mental might loadout after seeing a very well-performing Mental close range LO first-hand) - I'll do a direct side-by-side then if you want an actual numeric / percentile based difference.

    Honestly? I think the main difference at 120 is "do you need a PI to do what you're doing right now"; if the answer is "no" Strat is nice because no extra pet to get caught on, if you're fighting at range? You don't care about getting caught on pets, and if you're using Might? You probably want PI, so Grim.
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  12. gemii Dedicated Player

    Haven’t seen anyone use this Horus thus far. How’s it going for u
  13. gemii Dedicated Player

    Ahh ok I see. Whenever you do level the grim up to 160 I’d like to see a couple parses of the strategist/trans/venom vs grim/trans/venom if possible. In my case I do switch from prec to might if I get bored but not that often so grim is something that will always beneficial to me but if theirs a big difference in numbers big enough to influence me to level the strategist then I wouldn’t mind doing that at all if worth it. I main troll and I am quantum. Quantum prec isn’t anything special like a rage prec or gadgets prec. I’m in the same boat as you I just use tornado pull, weapon buff, phase dodge, RSK, and neo venom boost and throw a shield somewhere in there as a last power.
  14. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Get this figured out and then you need to get the OMAC trinket, an ultra rare vault drop which gives you: (As of 2016. Not sure if they changed it since.)

    For 30 seconds...
    5% Critical Weapon Attack Chance
    25 Dodge
    125% Base Health
    125% Toughness (which is odd since it's not allowed in PvP)
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  15. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Personally I love it.

    Currently I use the 3 mentioned above all at 200. I have the grim at 160 and strat at 120. The Horus is hard for me to move away from because it gives an ability that scales off precision instead of might. On single target it gives a great burst that pairs well with your recasting your weapon buff. On aoe I use it for the bleed proc which is nothing to take lightly either. I am contemplating leveling either my strat to 160 or my grim to 200 while we have the sale going on but not to sure yet.
  16. Kimone Devoted Player

    that is definitely left-field, but hey, experimentation is the name of the game.
  17. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Another great power for those 2 arts is Rage. Infuriate is a SC that focuses in adding crit dmg and dmg chance to you for a short time. It thus helps you get even more crits and makes your strat art even more useful in putting up more DoTs. I currently run the Grim Book as my third art for the 4% prec and the extra passive pet dmg.

    I currently have Brawling > MA / the quick tap > hold combo

    SC Generator (forget name)>Bloodlust> Iconic Batarangs> rage shield(forgot name)> Infuriate (50% SC)> Robot Sidekick

    I clip the SC generator with bloodlust and use the batarangs when they come off cooldown. Rinse and repeat. This is a MULTI target prec build and you have to be mid range for the batarangs to work but its worth it (they can hit about 3-8k for initial hit and 6-9k for secondary hit PER target). With more targets you parse like crazy. With 1 target you can parse an average of 250k per 10 sec and with 8 targets you can get an easy 600k per 10 secs.
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  18. Kimone Devoted Player

    Probably this weekend or next week : Christmas = spent hundreds of dollars on Family Glee in the last two weeks, but I've still got a present or two to buy myself and I think I can make space for a 160 Grim.
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  19. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    For those using the strat. Have you noticed it getting multiple procs? As in can it tick on 2 different adds at the same time. I might just be extremely unlucky but I have yet to see it proc on multiple adds at the same time. Still deciding whether to update my grim to 200 (currently 160) or my start to 160 (currently 120). I switch powers often to test thing so I understand that different powers benefit from different artifacts differently
  20. Kimone Devoted Player

    The short answer is "I'm pretty sure it's multi-proccing", the long answer is "it's very hard to test for individual proc because of the irregularity of the additional DOT proc" and the fact that my primary rotations on Galea are based around Doom Spin and Hammer Throw / Arrow Storm, so the only things I see are ALL 4-5 digit white numbers anyway.

    If you're gonna test it, test it using a might-only rotation - pretty sure the numbers on Strat's proc show up white even if it procs on an Ability hit (at least that's how it was reading last night when I was testing it). Maybe between that and testing in a situation where there's a variety of targets you can catch it redhanded?

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