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  1. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    A based SUperpowers Fire Tank can Interrupt the enemy attacks... block the enemy attacks.. and breack BOSS guard same efectively than the Hybrid setup based ?

    un Tanke FUego basado en superpoderes cura igual que uno basado en Hybrido? y tiene la misma eficacia rompiendo ataque del enemigo o rompiendo su BLOCK?? y tiene la misma eficacia bloqueando el ataque de un BOSS?

    a lo mejor el melee como me estoy imaginando tiene mucha relevancia en los tankes controladores?
  2. L T Devoted Player

    Weapon attacks can Interrupt or Block Break no matter what you choose. But none of your abilities can do that anymore-- so if you want to somehow tank using only your powers and no weapon attacks, that's not going to work.

    For Fire, I'd suggest hybrid rather than super powered. The extra power regeneration never seemed to matter much to me as a fire tank.
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Hybrid sucks for fire when you're juggling adds.
  4. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    for that i saw.. if you select hybrid or Superpowers Fire focus... that not matter for damage on the melee attacks + combos or enemy broken attacks???
    First let me ask you that i am looking for the BEST fire tank to copy his build xD... then i have a few little and repeateds but really compressed questions that i need to start my FIRE TANK Journey...
    the hybrid or SuperPowers Focus only affect the Power regeneration and the stats that the game said in the info ingame... ?
    also to put more Melee Damage just need a lot MIGHT and to make best habilities damage that not matter if superpowers or Hybrid?
    and too that not affect to the healing service?? that deppends about your Healt power +restoration + crit healing=?
    if all those questions are RIGHTS... i preffer SuperPowers because the power never go Down...
    i Think that is my last post before to start to training the timming ingame. THANKS YOU FOR ALL THE INFO PEOPLE.
  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    How many SP do you have?
  6. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    150 atm ... like 2 months playing... im going good ?
  7. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    can you tell me tell me how to distribute it to tank all HIGH flashpoint bosses instances?
    i love Flying movements.
  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    For your weapon, the best two options are going to be One-Handed or Shield because they have the best lunge. Any weapon is fine though.

    Flying and Skimming are the worst movements for Tank because they are the slowest movement while in combat. You need to be fast and stay ahead of the group. Once you get some more SP there is a movement supercharge shield and some innate abilities you should consider taking.

    Pick up Hard Light Shield because Fire's Immolation only absorbs 35% of incoming damage.

    Take Superpowered Focus for better Power regen or take Hybrid Focus for improved Tank stats. Take ALL of the Critical healing Chance and Critical Healing Magnitude. Put 5 points into Restoration and 5 points into Dominance to start with. Put everything else in Health. Health is the most important stat for a Fire tank. Only when you max out your Health, put any extra points in Restoration first. Your gear should give you more than enough Dominance so do not worry about investing a lot of points into Dominance.

    Standard loadout is Engulf (long distance pull), Backdraft (short distance pull and a heal), Stoke Flames and Burning Determination (heals), Hard Light Shield and Immolation (shields). You could also drop Immolation and use Absorb Heat instead for an additional heal.
  9. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    and now to finish... can you tell me BEST layouts or Loadouts or 8 Players group instances MOBS and Bosses??
    and then another perfect other loadout to Farm solo for the world map...
    and then the last one and too lot important for me Best loadout for PVP xD
    PRE THANKS... i dont know how to change Fly for SPEED ingame.. maybe i will need remake another character and destroy my ****** cool Hero called Nº4... thanks you TheLorax...
  10. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    also Max healt ... you refering to 295/295 full points allocateds to healt?
  11. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Or very close to the 295. And if you want to change movement, they sell movement Respec tokens in the Marketplace.
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  12. Nº4 Level 30

    last info please... need perfect loadouts for Group 8 players instances... + Loadout for solo instances.... + Loadout to use sometimes DPS Role with same gear ... just to farm misions kills.
    and the best important for me.. perfect loadouts for PVP please... fire tank all...
  13. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It doesn't matter what size content, the tank loadout is the same. There is no loadout specific for 8-man or 4-man, it's the same general loadout.

    PvP is the same.
  14. Nº4 Level 30

    Too for farm like DPS same loadouts table?? the one that you show in the picture with hard light shield? thanks.. tanking it worth... but i supossed that for 4 and 8 players instances.. the tank need the group dodge skill... and the super charge one the other one with group effect ... not remember the name... pre THANKS... i am ussing this picture Loadout atm
    I am AruEdu.. i dont know why the hell the Forum dont let me join with my old username.. it is another Profile created with same Email account... =_= so confused for me..
  15. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You're going to have to use a different loadout for DPS but that's going to vary depending on what artifacts you have.
  16. Nº4 Level 30

    got gemini Eye for both transformation card... for dps and Robe of soul, too have mystic simbol of the sevens and lesra .. but i ussualy not use them...

    for Tank i have everyman prototype ... manacles of forces... and gemini eye.. too i have Circe Mask but i ussualy not use it...
  17. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Take off Gemini and use Manacles for your tank.

    I don't have a DPS loadout for flyers.
  18. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Does someone know or can someone test out Absorb Heat if you cancel out of it and still get the heals?
  19. L T Devoted Player

    The heals stop when you cancel it.
  20. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Well that's a shame lol saved me the trouble. Thanks.