Trailblazing Guide to Fire

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    Which is why Absorb Heat is great with The Transformation Card Artifact.

    "Gain 20% critical chance and 30% critical magnitude on your attacks and heals. Reduce your total damage and healing done by (21/19/17/15)% "

    So you get buffed twice at the same time.
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    Sup guys, Idk how many people are still here from a couple years ago. Name was Primary Burn back in the day. What’s the chances anyone remembers that name and still plays haha
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    EP 38 Artifact: Lernaea's Amulet - One person commented...

    "Edit 2: This at even 120 gives Fire tank permanent, potent af self-healing with 99% channeling uptime and essentially no downside. It's basically what I already do but with this arti I'd have a good chunk more healing and no healing gap. It shouldn't be broken, just pointing it out. Might prove even more potent on other tanks who traditionally lacked extreme self-healing."
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    Might have to make one then. I doubt the op is still around.
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    yeah I haven't updated things in a while due to time restrictions and the fact that everyone seems to prefer videos.
    soulburn passed things off to me a few years ago. Feel free to create your own guide if you like. Let me know if you need any info about how things work or how much healing/damage things do.
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    Just coming back after an extended break. Like when solar artifact was new and fire was still trashed.
    Glad to finally be able to play it again.
    Just making my way back through the comments.
    What is the guide up to date to?
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    Good link! Made some minor contributions there, and AV's guide is five-star if you want to might-dps.
    Not for Fire. The trick with Freezing Breath is the second tick of damage comes really quick-- quicker than 90% of 2 ability combinations. So you wait for the second tick of damage and jump cancel it and move on to the next ability in your rotation.
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    What I'm doing with: Transformation-Strategist-Solar Amplifier
    Boss Fights:
    Inferno -> Overheat -> Heat Vision -> Fireburst -> Freezing Breath / Fireball Barrage Supercharge

    The idea is to get as many ticks going and let Strategist do its job.

    Mobs: (I use the same thing for solo/open world stuff)
    Inferno clipped by Stoke Flames -> Heat Vision -> Fireburst -> Freezing Breath
    I also have Flashpoint if I know I can juggle them around. Or if the tank has a bunch around so I can do a quick hit on all of them.

    Remember, even if you're a DPS Strategist will give you a heal. Which makes Stoke Flames really good during bounty fights.
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    You are right about the videos. I still prefer reading due to the depth of explanation. The “update needed” was a placeholder for me. I posted a significant amount of tank info, but wanted to update it for the new dlc....just haven’t gotten around to it.
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    Been using ieddy's builds and having a blast as dps
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    it is not outdated??
    esa guia no esta caducada?? muchas de esas habilidades iconicas ya ni existen como la Cura empatica
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    This entire guide is more or less outdated. Neither Soulburn nor I have touched it in years.
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    It's from 2013 of course it's outdated.
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    I love the fact that the question needed to be asked when it sports this section....

    Dominance requirements for each raid:
    Khandaq : 350
    Batcave 123 : 350
    FOS 123 : 400
    Gates & Prime : 550
    Operations : 550

    My tank has underwear that provides more dom than that.
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