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  1. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Then I really don't know how you play. When I was fire, there was no such thing as "being constantly interrupted" in raids.
    Maybe talk to your tank(s) if that happens. Usually, there are no adds and bosses near me and all I have to do is avoid some damage once in a while. Seriously, I played full munitions channel loadouts in elite and never really have been interrupted.
  2. AV Loyal Player

    Really depends on the fight. Some fights are pure tank & spank and you can get away with that but other more mechanics heavy fights will punish it. For me though, I'm not seeing results that line up with those reported for the aforementioned rotation and my current rotation performs extremely well for both adds and single targets so I'm not about to switch.
  3. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Can you be more specific? I can't really remember any elite content that was harmful to my performance with a channeled loaf out

  4. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Take for example the seabeast fight in Throne. You have the pools that can spawn at any moment to knock you out of a channel, his skull slam even if you don't block the push back will knock you out of a channel. His phase towards the end where he sucks in the group to spit will constantly knock you out of a channel. The adds jumping on the group which are scripted sometimes can knock you out of a channel as well. You've got King Shark where his tornado initial spawns will pull you towards him and knock you out of it. Any sort of dpsing the adds during the middle phases with the current is obviously impossible to use a channel power there. Moving while in a channelled ability in the tunnels you can hit a jellyfish spawn and get stunned out of channel. Murk's charge, coral's pull in regular, war mungus skull stun field all will knock you out of channels. This DLC was just not designed with powers like Frost Blast, Fire Burst and Mass Det in mind.
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  5. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Video? I would like to your loadouts in action. Your comments seem more "corrective, versus constructive. I guess its all in the wording. I'm sure your intent was to help, as is mine. I see far too many under performing Fire DPS versus Fire DPS's actually doing really well. Good Fire players ( Like Ice ) are few and far in between. The good ones all share a common trait, they all use their channeled abilities optimally, and not just a 1-2-3-4...rotation and repeat. If Fire and Ice had their long casts shortened they would be more of a top tier powerset.

    I'm all for improving from what I got. Yours may be more "optimal" but there is rarely ever an occasion I find a Fire DPS out damaging me. Not saying I'm the best, or my loadouts are the best, its only from my experience. The loadouts in my video are what have worked best for me "in content" not just parsing. The loadouts I showed are my "go to" loadouts...I have numerous other loadouts (11 Armories, both Might and Prec based) only 3 out of those 11 are not DPS loadouts. Fire is diverse and I like to change loadouts to fit situations.

    I'm personally not a fan of RSK when I melee, especially in elite content. It always seems to be a loss of an ability bc of RSK going down so often.

    I will re-examine using stoke flames in place of Wildfire or Flashpoint. I have tried it before, but since using my melee loadout I havent looked back because of the damage in content. Flashpoint and Wildfire do more damage on average versus using Stoke Flames in place of one of them.
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  6. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Also, I dont understand at all about cooldowns not lining up? Need a rotation for single target? That's nonsense. Meter Strike is only about utilizing SC regent, Spon Comb is a much better ability in place of it. Inferno is a stronger DoT, but "in content" Bosses that move a lot more make Overheat a decent solution.

    The biggest problem I see overall is, people are inclined to go to YouTube an find loadouts versus actually testing Bob parsing, taking suggestions, correlating with other people what the same power set, and actually using what they've gained in content successfully and at a high level. Too many fire DPS Loadout videos on YouTube that underperform. So if you have something that could help the majority of the community that likes to use the fire power set, then why not make a video showing fire DPS potential? My only goal what's the show what has worked for me and in my experience, giving something not overly complicated, and a good place to start from. Majority of players don't come to the forms like we do. So make a video for YouTube and share your knowledge. We should all have the same goal is to help the community be better. The majority of the community are casual players minimal experience and or knowledge. And if we people, the players with experience, can help the community be a little better it makes the experience better for us knowing we're helping improve the players around us.
  7. AV Loyal Player

    As mentioned above, anything that either demands constant movement or dishes out constant CC/knockback. I'll give your loadout another shot since it does have strong DPS potential, I've just never enjoyed trying to get it to work properly in current endgame.
  8. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Hmm I'm not a native speaker so let me clarify, because I have the feeling that my question wasn't quite understood.

    As I stated above I said I really can't remember a single boss fight in elite content that was punishing a channeled-playstyle.
    To be more specific: I can remember all boss fights since elite raids exist.

    With "be more specific" I ment : please name me the exact bosses and combat situations that were present over the whole course of a fight where using multiple channeled abilities was totally harmful to the executing player and it's group.

    Like "boss so and so in instance such and such". What you wrote is too general a statement to me. I can't work with that knowing that I never had an encounter that was hard. And every new elite content I was either ice, fire or munitions with one of my toons or I was using combos plus channels in ST situations.
  9. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Well at least I can work with that. I know what you mean but it never affected me personally. Mostly because I use ST rotations in said situations and such I rarely take AoE channels into Account because usually there are better instant abilities for these situations. Though I used to be munitions not long ago with a toon in Atlants content and I had no issues. The named mechanics usually not only affect you.

    You of all players should know that potential DPS losses do not usually mean effective losses. Nobody's refraining from playing melee because you receive more potential damage or being knocked around by pbAoEs .
  10. Dannyro19 Active Player

    Ok so if I am working with about 260 sp, what is the recommended allocation? Do I invest anything in crit healing, and what point level after 100 health do I start adding to resto and a little to dom? Do I go full health before adding anything to resto?
  11. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Yea I get that a lot. Yes my intention is to help thou I can see how they come off the wrong way lol. I tend to be straight to the point lol.

    And idk how to post videos lol. I am on PS4 and have no video recording software or any way to upload them to a pc as I use a laptop for everything lol.

    When I test loadouts I make sure I get them to be the most optimal possible. And this is for raids of course. I also have loadouts meant for tankless alerts. When I test powers I will test every possible combination I can get and that includes using iconics. Heck, my main atomic loadouts uses a lot of iconics lol. And my suggestion on rsk was just a suggestion. My main loadout uses stoke flame instead since it flows just fine with less downtime. For those that use robot thou, when I do use robot sidekick I will clip inferno with robot and clip robot with either a cola or a trinket or even another power. Many people try to just summon him right away which is a dps loss due to its cast time. But people forget that it can clip damaging moves and be clipped.

    As for my suggestion on rotation (for both the aoe and single target). What I meant is that when using 2 12 second cooldowns abilities like inferno and overheat you can for 2 absorb heats and 1 heavy vision between each each one making it more on rotation. That’s why I emphasize rotations.
  12. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    While its true that they can be disrupting you act like you are always getting CCed. I haven’t had any issue with dpsing I’m throne elite while using chancel abilities. Yes this dlc has more things with push backs and other CCs but this doesn’t mean that you should stop using your best damaging powers.
  13. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    As Ice you don't have a choice. Ice Boulder Strike doesn't hit the seabeast because of the ceiling bug so scrap that power, Ice Boulder Throw continually hits Shark, Mera and Ocean Master, Aquaman who follow along the npcs the entire time so scrap that power. For Frost Blast you have the jellyfish stun, murk charge, and everything else I mentioned that happens in throne seabeast fight. Does it happen throughout the entire raid? no, but enough that you can't reliably use it all all in some fights because if it gets interrupted thats 40-110k damage gone. In the seabeast fight alone in Throne you can't use Ice's 3 highest damaging powers so you are left scrambling for some sub-par rotation or you stay precision and don't bother with might. Or you need to continually switch loadouts or amories out of combat which most groups don't want for you to do that so you are behind after changing powers around.

    Fire I haven't been yet so I don't know how impacted they are but this DLC in general just serves to highlight how ineffective channel abilities can be.
  14. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Like I said, I’ve been ice and fire along with every other power in order to test things. Even using frost blast, fire burst, mass det and other channel abilities I haven’t had an issue dpsing. If I get stunned out of a channel I will just follow my rotation and go back to frost blast when I can. The only annoying part about frost blast and fire burst is that when I get stunned out of it it will stay on cooldown for a few seconds. However that is easily fixed if you know how. I would not go to a subpar loadout just cause I “could” get CCed out of it. The sea beast does not keep popping up every every 3 seconds. On celestial I wouldn’t stop using plaque just cause I could get CCed out of it.
  15. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I use Share factory on my PS4 to record and edit video to YouTube. Just google how to use it. Works great for me.

    Also I do the same as far as testing. Endless hours smacking dummies, finding fluid, high damage potential, then throwing them in content to see how they perform. I utilize 8 Armories with my Fire toon to take the 4 best suited loadouts into content to fit the situations. The ones I uploaded in the video are just a few of them. I'm always open to new ideas and sharing knowledge. I'm a pretty humble person. Find me in game, I'd love to chat and share what I know, and hear what you know.
  16. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    That’s like riding your bike up a hill and you stick in 6th gear the entire time up the hill even though you get stuck and have to keep starting again where other dps will drop down a gear and easily make it up the hill. If you are losing even 6-7 Frost Blasts during the course of a fight you can’t just chalk it up to oh well it happens but still going to use this rotation. You’d have fallen well behind in any dps competition at that point and would have gotten destroyed in damage in the past reductions of the game with that attitude.
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  17. L T Devoted Player

    Fortunately Fire's channel animations are quite a bit faster than Frost Blast.

    Also, friendly reminder that you should probably debate the pro's and con's of various Ice load outs in a different thread than this one.
  18. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Same philosophy applies considering Fire and Ice are essentially mirrors of themselves when it comes to loadout creation and with Fire not having all its channels included in the empowered channelling mod and the fact that the ice guide on the forums has 2 replies in the past 7 months and one of those being yourself who comments on every Guide.
  19. AV Loyal Player

    Also, any knockback or grounding interrupts the channel. Not a huge dealbreaker since non-flyers can turn movement off with really no harm done but there are fights where you see a lot of unavoidable interruption spam coupled with the standard need to stop drop and roll from time to time. It's a great loadout but not the end-all-be-all for everything, of course. After giving it a second chance I've gone back to using it a lot and it's wonderful for specific boss fights and lagsbehind in others.
  20. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    Obsidian I feel ya man. I was ice for 6 years and since revamp I was very active in the ice communityin finding ways to maximize its damage. I have even posted ideas on ways to fix ice, but they have fallen on deaf ears. Ice and fire dpsing is frustrating because you have to have perfect conditions to maximize you damage (.i.e. instances with minimal cc). I have since switched powers because it was frustrating to enter raids and lose damage on mechanics that were unavoidable. Good luck with your testing with ice